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Opera House is the fourth level of Tomb Raider 2. In it, Lara continues her search for the Seraph in an Opera House in Venice... This is the first level to have glass shard traps. The Opera House is abandoned and it's possible that it's very old. It's a little different from an ordinary opera house because it's flooded with water and there aren't any seats in the auditorium, just ledges and gaps and openings in the wall for boulders to roll down, it's also possible that it's under construction. In the auditorium there are four floors and three doors along with sandbags. When Lara enters the auditorium on the fourth floor, she'll confront a Fiamma Nera goon with a gun to the left and there's a door with glass shards behind it (where the Gold Dragon lies). On the other side, there are double doors that open when Lara reaches a certain distance from it. Only a gunman and his doberman wait in there and rush out when the double doors open and when Lara explores the room, it'll be empty. Another gunman patrols the third floor. Many more goons appear on the stage and at the other ends of the auditorium. When Lara's on the stage, a dog rushes out from the left wing of the stage. On the first floor, there are double doors that open when Lara's nearby and a club wielding goon rushes out with his two dogs. There's only a boulder trap in the room he came from.


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Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Canals of Venice


  • 1 - Jade Dragon
  • 2 - Stone Dragon
  • 3 - Gold Dragon (if you get all secrets: 4x Uzi Ammo)


Here is the cutscene for this level: