Nikolai is a high ranking member of the Solarii Brotherhood, he was in charge of the Solarii fortress. He was also the writer of the Confessions of Solarii.

He appears in Tomb Raider (2013).


Nothing is known about Nikolai's life before he came to Yamatai.

Geothermal CavernsEdit

Nikolai was seen with Dmitri in the Geothermal Caverns. When they spotted Lara attempted to rescue Samantha Nishimura, he and Dmitri violently attacked her for killing Vladimir until Mathias told them to stop.

When Nikolai attempted to kill Lara with a heavy machine gun, she sneaked around to avoid heavy gun fire and use a rope to zip-slide into where he was. After she kicked him off the gun, she attempted to use it on him, but Nikolai pushed her and the gun off the building. He attempted to finished Lara with the pistol, but Lara grabbed a nearby grenade launcher and fired a round at him, killing Nikolai.


His tactics are mainly the gun turret he uses. The rounds can rip through structures and objects used as cover for Lara. Lara must move up close to his position and use the zip line to knock him away. Lara must then finish him off with a grenade.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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  • Nikolai tries to kill Lara for the murder of Vladimir, which is the real name of Nikolai's voice actor.
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