Tomb Raider III levels

Nevada Desert is the first level of Nevada in Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara attempts to break into a prison in order to find clues about the Element 115...



Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Nevada Desert
  • High Security Compound exterior


  • 1 - 1x Save/Power-up Crystal, 1x Flares, 1x Small Medipack and 1x Shotgun Shells
  • 2 - 1x Desert Eagle Clips and 1x MP5 Clips
  • 3 - 1x Dual Uzis or 1x Uzi Clips


As you slide into the open area, draw your Pistols and shoot the two vultures. There is a new enemy, a Rattlesnake, hiding in the bushes nearby. Move forward, avoiding the quicksand to the left. Go right, shoot the rattlesnake, and take the Rocket behind it. Move past the small pool and go into the corridor. In here, push the block aside to reveal some Shotgun Shells. Climb up the blocks and you will find a pit. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the middle ledge.

Secret 1Edit

When you reach the middle ledge, hang over the other side and shimmy to the right. You will drop into the pit without harm from the barbed wire. Shoot the two rattlesnakes. Your rewards are a Small Medipack, some Flares, and a Save Crystal. Shoot the third rattlesnake and push the block aside to return to the ledges.

At the end, climb up into the area and out in the open. A jet will fly by. Use a running jump to reach the thin platform to the right and follow it to the end. Shoot the rattlesnake and jump to the next platform. At the end, jump into the slope to Lara’s right, slide backwards, and let go. Follow the platform to the end and take the Large Medipack. Stand on the higher part of this platform and use a running jump with a grab to reach the left side of the rock formation.

Climb to the top of it, make your way across, shoot the rattlesnake, and reach the large metal structure. Jump down the hole and swim through the tunnel. At the end, surface, and run forward to reach a canyon.

Turn right and use a running jump with a grab to reach the triangular ledge. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the next ledge. Pull up and shoot the vulture, then run and jump to the ledge ahead. Follow it to the end, and climb to the top ledge. Turn around and use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge with some Uzi Clips. Return to the previous platform and use another running jump with a grab to reach the climbable wall in the other side.

Secret 2Edit

Climb down the wall until you see an opening. Let go of the wall and quickly grab it again just beneath the horizontal crack. Climb up into the opening. Your rewards are some Desert Eagle Clips and some MP5 Clips.

As you most likely have gotten Secret 2, dive into the water and search the canyon floor for two sets of Uzi Clips, some Flares, and two packs of Shotgun Shells. Make sure you check the niches beneath the waterfalls as well. When you have the supplies, climb out on the low red ledge. Climb on the block and use a running jump with no grab to reach the yellow ledge across the water. Use another running jump to reach the next ledge. Grab the Shotgun Shells from the left and then jump back out. From here, use a running jump with a grab to reach the red ledge on the other side, and then climb back to the canyon entrance. Repeat the process you made to reach the climbable wall in the other side again.

This time, climb into the white ledge, jump to the bush and quickly shoot the rattlesnake. Two jets will fly by. Jump the slope in front of you, and you will land on another, nearly always backwards. Grab the edge of the slope and shimmy left. Pull up to find a Save Crystal. Take it and a Small Medipack next to a detonator box, which you will use later. Follow the wires down to a cave with a TNT box. In front of the box is a small cave with some Flares. Leave the caves and return to the canyon. To the right, jump into the slope, grab the edge, and shimmy left until you can pull up. From here, use a standing jump with a grab to reach the slope between the falls. Pull up, slide down, and jump to the ledge ahead.

Take the Small Medi-pack from atop the block and use a standing jump with a grab to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right and drop down on the slope. Jump off from the slope and you will land on another ledge. Use a series of running jumps across the ledges until you reach the left bank of a waterwheel. If you ever fall in the water, the current will take you away over the falls, you will fall to the canyon floor, and you have to backtrack all the way back to the waterwheel. Absolutely not fun.

Secret 3Edit

After reaching the left bank, crawl under the rock structure to your left. Climb up the ladder and shoot the rattlesnake. Your reward is the Uzis. If you already have them, you will find some Uzi Clips instead. Return to the left bank.

To the left is a large rock formation with a rattlesnake behind it. Go behind the waterwheel and kill the Worker that appears. Continue on and climb up the ladder on the side of the structure. At the top, turn right and run down the path to the open.

Shoot the two vultures and move over the yellow blocks to the bushes beyond. Shoot the rattlesnake and take the Grenades. To the left of the yellow blocks, dive into the water and pull the lever, which opens a door behind you with some Desert Eagle Clips. Swim back beneath the yellow blocks. When you see two yellow ramps underwater, swim past them and go to the corner near the rocks. Pull the lever, resurface if you are low on oxygen, and swim down the trapdoor between the two yellow ramps. As you enter, swim up and pull the lever. Continue down the tunnel and pull the next lever. Surface in the hallway and pull the lever at the end. This will call an elevator in the previous area and divert the river to the waterwheel.

Slide down the slope to return to the area with the yellow blocks. Climb out of the water, go forward past the blocks, and jump into the now dry area. Move forward to the stream ahead. Take the Large Medipack to your left and use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge above with a Small Medipack. Drop down to the square ledge to your right and use a standing jump with a grab to reach the alcove behind the fall; in it is a Rocket. Return to the square ledge and use another standing jump to reach the ledge down near the stream. Use a running jump to the next ledge, and repeat to reach the last ledge. Climb down on the left and use a running jump over the stream to return to the waterwheel.

Go behind the waterwheel and down the passageway near the rock formation. In here, shoot the Worker and take the Save Crystal near the elevator, as well as the Detonator Key from inside it. With the Detonator Key in hand, find a way to return to the TNT cave.

When you return to the TNT cave, use the Detonator Key. Immediately after the explosion, jump sideways to avoid the boulder. Go down the cave to find the place wrecked. Climb up the ledges to the top to reach the next area.

Do not touch the fence by any means or you will be burned by an electric current. Take the Grenades from the bushes and then go around the crawlspace next to the fence. Crawl through and follow the passage to a small pit. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the ledge above. Dive into the water and pull the two levers. Return to the electric fence area.

This time, go down the slope near the fence and shoot the two rattlesnakes. Go inside the open door and throw the switch. Return to the small pit next to the electric fence area and jump into it. Follow this outside and shoot the two Workers. Climb up the ladder into a water-filled tower. Jump and swim to the ledge with an open door. Use a running jump to clear the fence; you will land on a box. Lara will take some damage from the fall, so use a Medipack if you need to.

Inside the compound, go around the corner and deal with the two Workers. Ignore the office to your left and move forward to a storage shed. Two more Workers will appear; one of them drops a Small Medipack. There are some Uzi Clips in the corner. Get on the quad bike and drive it up the long metal ramp to the top of the office, where you will find the Generator Access Card.

Dismount the bike and go inside the office. A Worker will attack from behind when you enter. Use the Generator Access Card to open the door at the end. Another Worker will come out, so deal with him. Throw the switch inside to cut off the electric fence. Run to the front gate and throw the switch to open it. Return to the quad bike and drive to the area with the two rattlesnakes you fought earlier. Drive down the slope, and you will notice a large rock ramp. Use a turbo jump at full speed to get over the fence and finish the level.

Lara manages to make the jump, but it ends in a disaster: she crashes the quad bike and falls to the ground below, unconscious. Two MPs arrive, and after an exchange of words, they drag her into the prison.