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Nepal is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia.


Original Timeline[]

Lara Croft survived a plane crash in Nepal at the age of 21, and survived there alone for two weeks, until she came upon Tokakeriby and was saved.

Legend Timeline[]

As a child Lara Croft and her mother survived a plane crash in the Nepal, Himalayas. Lara then traveled ten days and reached Kathmandu. As an adult, Lara returned to the plane wreck to retrieve Ghalali Key.

After defeating Natla in Helheim, Lara and Amanda Evert used the portal to escape that place and ended up back in Nepal in the same place Amelia disappeared.

Survivor Timeline[]

Amelia Croft was in a plane crash in Nepal part of the Himalayas, all passengers and crew died.


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