Natla Technologies

Natla Technologies is the company that Natla founded at some point after her release in 1945.

Natla adopted the name Jacqueline Natla and set out to recover the three pieces of the Atlantean Scion. Natla discovered Qualopec's tomb location and sent Lara Croft followed by Larson to find it. She discovered Tihocan's tomb by reading the prayer journal of Brother Herbert, a monk from St. Francis' Folly. Natla may have already known about the location of her Scion piece, she sent Larson to collect that piece. Natla travelled to Egypt herself to await Larson's return or to ambush Lara.


  • It is unknown what exactly Natla Technologies does but it's obvious that Natla set it up so that she could achieve what is mentioned above. Maybe with Natla's technologically advanced knowledge she set Natla Technologies up as a cover for her intentions above.