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"It was you, you were the Queen of Atlantis?"
―Lara Croft and Jacqueline Natla[src]

Natla (also known as Jacqueline Natla) is the former ruler of Atlantis. She is the CEO and owner of Natla Technologies. She appears as the main antagonist of both Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld.


Tomb Raider: Anniversary[]

Jacqueline Natla returns in Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a remake of the original Tomb Raider game, developed by Tomb Raider: Legend developer Crystal Dynamics. In Tomb Raider: Anniversary, her role remains the same. However, Natla is visually depicted as having a much skinnier body frame as well as sharp and almost alien-like facial features, and also unusually long hair, pale skin and long fingers with long, sharp nails. Natla has also lost her Texan Accent. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Tomb Raider: Underworld[]

In Tomb Raider: Underworld, Natla is a prisoner of Amanda Evert's, held prisoner on Amanda's boat in a stasis capsule after being dug out of the Lost Island. (ANN: "Lost City - Final Conflict") (UND: "God of Thunder", "Protected by the Dead", "Rituals Old") Early in the game she tells Lara about Helheim and Avalon being one and the same and informs Lara that she needs Thor's relics to gain access. After visiting Jan Mayen Island to retrieve Thor's Hammer, she sets off to the Andaman Sea on the coast of Thailand to find Amanda's ship again. Lara confronts and threatens to kill Natla, but is stopped when Natla explains that a ritual is also needed to open the gates of Helheim; a ritual that only Natla knows. Realizing she has no choice if she wants to enter Helheim/Avalon, Lara then smashes the capsule open, allowing Natla to escape. (UND: "Rituals Old") After arriving at Avalon, Natla reveals that she was manipulating Lara to reach an ancient device called the Midgard Serpent to bring about the 'Seventh Age.' Lara manages to destroy the device and strike Natla with the thrown Thor's hammer, which causes an explosion that throws Natla into the Eitr surrounding the mechanism as it collapses. (UND: "Helheim", "Yggdrasil", "Out of Time")

Tomb Raider: Underworld: Lara's Shadow[]

Natla thrall

Natla in Lara's Shadow

In Lara's Shadow, shortly after the events of Underworld, Natla is found to be alive and having escaped from the Eitr. Although appearing somewhat thrall-like, she retains her mind. The Doppelgänger drags Natla to a machine which was used to create it. The Doppelgänger is instructed to activate the machine, which it does. It is then given one final order: to kill Lara Croft, and to take its own life once it is finished. After being released from Natla's control by Lara, the Doppelgänger destroys the machine, which causes Natla to be pinned down by the debris. Natla is last seen trapped in a rising pool of eitr, pleading for help as the Doppelgänger looks on. (LS: "Yggdrasil Remains")

Natla TRU Render

Jacqueline Natla


Natla is given a more mystical air with an extremely feminine demeanor, emphasized by her fantasy-style ceremonial robes that she wears later on in the game, and how she was frozen in magical red crystals by Tihocan rather than the cryogenics tube from TR1. She is interested in the Seventh Age and the Wheels of Kathar, whatever the latter may be. (Tomb Raider: Underworld only explained the Seventh Age, which turned out to be Ragnarrök.) She makes no reference at all to any of the experiments that had been discussed in TR1. Instead, she tries to overcome Lara's moral objections to killing and she attempts to convince Lara to join her as a ruler of Atlantis because it takes three to rule (she does not mention who the third person is meant to be, but some thinks it is Amanda Evert, though she was not mentioned at all in the game).

TRA presented Atlans with a more traditional fantasy style (more human appearance, magical crystals, ceremonial robes, the Seventh Age, etc.). Natla's powers seem to include superstrength, supernatural firepower, the ability to fly and the ability to teleport. She can also apparently shapeshift and is able to change from human to Atlantean form.

Anniversary Biography[]

Jacqueline Natla is the owner and CEO of Natla Technologies, one of the world's largest electronics companies. She is the holder of several key computer hardware patents, and her research and development is one of the industry's most secretive and prolific innovators. Little is known about Miss Natla's private life other than she never gives interviews and rarely makes public appearances. Colleagues and business rivals alike say she is intimidatingly intelligent and a demanding perfectionist.

Atlantis was ruled by a triumvirate that consisted of two God-Kings and one God-Queen:


Part of the Atlan race, Natla is seemingly able to change her form at will. It would appear that the default Atlantean form is human-like, but it is unknown whether the other two members of the Triumvirate possess Natla's shape-shifting ability.

Natla can assume a Demonic form, which usually happens after she is harmed. Her skin adopts a deep red scale-like quality, and wings unfold from her shoulders. Her skull drastically changes shape, displaying a row of horns that resemble a crown upon her head.

Powers and Abilities[]


Atlantean Physiology: As an Atlan, Natla is stronger and faster than all but the most peak condition humans who are able to hold their own against her.

  • Longevity: Natla is incredibly old. Despite being released from captivity in the 1950s. she remains youthful in appearance as though she is only in her mid to late 40s despite being thousands of years old.
  • Flight: Natla has wings which offer her the ability to fly at incredible speeds.
  • Teleportation: Natla can instantly teleport short distances.
  • Shapeshifting: Natla can change her appearance, from something as simple as hiding her wings, to taking on a more human visage than her true form, which is demonic in nature.
  • Pyrokinesis: Natla can shoot fireballs from her hands. She use it as her main attack.
  • Superhuman Strength: She is stronger than normal human beings.


  • Ancient Knowledge: Natla is well versed with ancient technology, legends and rituals of old.
  • Cunning Strategist: Natla was able to work her way to the top of the business world by way of her company Natla Technologies.
  • Master Manipulator: Natla was able to trick both Lara Croft and Amanda Evert (both of whom are highly intelligent individuals.) into doing exactly what she wanted.



  • In Tomb Raider: Legend another variant seeing, several crates containing the "Natla Industries" logo can be seen throughout the final level. It is now understood that this implied the connection between Amanda Evert and Natla in Tomb Raider: Underworld.
  • The scorched version of Natla appears as a costume for Lara in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.
  • This version of Natla is partially used as the inspiration for the Natla that appears as an event boss in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius during the Tomb Raider collaboration. This also makes Natla the first Tomb Raider character who isn't Lara Croft to appear in an official collaboration.