Nadia is one of the Remnants. She is the granddaughter of a former guard at the soviet Gulag named Ivan, and a biochemist named Serafima.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nadia was born into the Remnant village. Ivan, her grandfather and mother joined the Remnants after they fought the Soviets who had invaded the valley. Despite being a former guard, Ivan was granted residence since he had shown his moral unease with the way the prisoners were treated, and attempted to help them, which resulted in him being imprisoned.

Her grandfather taught her how to read Russian as well as how to operate a gun. He told her the story of how her grandmother was taken to the WIcked Vale by the Soviets and killed by the witch, Baba Yaga.

The Temple of the Witch Edit

After her grandfather didn't return home, she suspected her grandfather had went to the Wicked Vale to finally seek revenge for the death of his lover, Serafima. When she nearly reached the path to the Wicked Vale she ran into Trinity soldiers. She killed several, but was wounded. With her gun broken and without ammo, she had no way of defending herself. She hid herself into a metal storage cupboard.

Lara meets Nadia

Lara notices Nadia's empty cylinder

Trapped, defenceless and hearing commotion outside, Nadia prepared to bluff for her life. As the door was pried open she pointed her gun at the person who discovered her, which luckily was Lara Croft, who explained that she wasn't with Trinity, before also noting that Nadia's gun wasn't loaded as she could see the exposed cylinder. Relieved that she wasn't in danger. Nadia took a moment to rest, before explaining to Lara that she was looking for her grandfather, who she believed had gone after the witch, Baba Yaga. Injured and unable to go herself, Nadia asks Lara to go. Lara who doesn't believe the witch exists, agrees to go.

Lara calls Nadia when she arrives in the Wicked Vale, saying something about flowers and pollen before the line goes dead, Nadia tries frantically to contact Lara again, when Lara doesn't answer she begins to believe that Lara was killed by Baba Yaga. Lara finally answers and says that she thinks she was hallucinating. Nadia tells her of a flower that grows in the valley that can bring on visions, when Lara comes across a massive distillery. Lara deduces that the witch is merely a person who has been refining the pollen to create a powerful weaponized hallucinogenic compound. Lara then realises that there must be a way to resist the effects of the pollen, finding some lab notes, from Nadia's grandmother, she tells Nadia that there is a way to resist the pollen, Nadia is overjoyed, believing that her grandmother has once again saved her grandmother. Lara however expresses doubt.

Lara and Nadia tend to Ivan

Nadia gives her grandfather the antidote.

Nadia gathers the ingredients to distill the antidote, and meets with Lara in the Wicked Vale. They see that Baba Yaga's moving house is nothing more than a cable care that has been cosmetically altered to look like it had legs. Nadia and Lara take the cable car up to the ruins, where they find Ivan outside. They give him the antidote though he promptly passes out. Nadia tends to her grandfather while Lara heads inside to face Baba Yaga.

Some time later, Ivan wakes and informs Nadia that he was wrong and that Baba Yaga had not killed Serafima, but was Serafima, who took the mantle to kill those who had wronged her, and to frighten off others who would come to her. She begs Lara not to kill her.

After the fight is over, Nadia and Ivan come by to witness Lara standing over the unmasked Serafima, who is in disbelief that Ivan is alive, as the Soviets had told her she was dead. He rushes over to comfort her. Lara and Nadia leave them alone. Nadia shuts down the boilers containing Serafima's toxin. She realises that Lara had figured out Serafima was Baba Yaga all along, and thanks her for her help before Lara leaves the Wiked Vale.

The Cold Darkness Edit

Lara And Nadia

A relieved Nadia rests on Lara's shoulder.

After Lara had interrupted the plans of Trinity in the valley, Nadia assisted her in shutting down the Soviet Weapons Research Facility which produces a mutating gas that threatened to envelope the valley of the remnants.

Nadia stayed in the helicopter, and provided Lara with radio support by telling her when the infected were began swarming her position in mass, and by giving her instructions, on how to shut down the towers producing the toxin. She also relayed Lara the plan to destroy the central core which would result in a fireball that would incinerate the toxin and stop it spreading into the air.

Personality Edit

Nadia has quite an upbeat and bubbly personality, and is quick to befriend Lara. She seems to be quite optimistic and tries looking on the bright side. Though this seems to annoy Lara at times, such as when she tried to suggest they form a group name when they try to shut down the Soviet Weapons facility, leading Lara to temporarily turn off her radio.

She seems to panic under pressure, as seen when Lara berates her for not being focused during their attempt to shut down the Soviet Weapons facility, and when she worriedly attempts to resume contact with Lara after she had ventured into the Wicked Vale and gone radio silent.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nadia wears an identical tunic to the Herbalist in the ruins of the Geothermal Valley.
  • Nadia is used in the Endurance co-op mode for the second player. Though the mode is set that each player sees them self as Lara, with their companion being represented by Nadia.
    • This is only the case when neither player selects an outfit. If one player picks an outfit, they will see two Laras.
  • If the player does not accept Nadia's request to look for her grandfather, and leave the area, upon returning to the Hunting grounds, Nadia may be found walking around the area looking for Lara.