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Lara Croft on her motorbike in Egypt.

Motorcycle is usually two-wheeled motor vehicle.


Original TimelineEdit

Lara rides to Egypt in a Norton Streetfighter and sacrifices it so that she can get onto Natla's yacht and stowaway aboard.

Legend TimelineEdit

Lara Croft uses Ducati Monster in Egypt, whilst searching the the final piece of the Atlantean Scion. She drowns one with a jump into the sea, to reach Natla's Yacht. Ducati Monster is also ridden in Ghana, England, Kazakhstan, and Peru.

Ducati Superbike 999 is found by Lara in Tokyo, Japan on the roof of Toru Nishimura's building, she uses it to breach the gap between two skyscrapers.

Lara uses custom-made A.T.V. motorcycle to traverse the jungles of Mexico and Jan Mayen island.

Survivor TimelineEdit

Lara Croft mentions having a motorcycle she used to drive before the Yamatai expedition when she and Jonah Maiava notice a similar type of bike in Cozumel.

Comic TimelineEdit

Lara Croft owns a red dirt bike with number 7, she uses it to partake in dirt races.

Movie TimelineEdit

Lara Croft has at least two bikes in her Croft Manor garage: a black one, and a red dirt bike with number 7 on it. She uses the black bike to visit Wilson in an auction house, she later uses the same one to fight the intruders in her own manor's garage.

Years later Lara uses her bike in China, plus one extra to track down the Shay Ling with Terry Sheridan.


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  • Although the motorbike doesn't return in Tomb Raider II, there are renders which show Lara with it during the time of Tomb Raider II.
  • A red dirt bike with number 7 can also be seen in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which might be an easteregg for the one that appeared in Tomb Raider #16.
  • In 2018 Tomb Raider movie a motorcycle is hinted in behind the scenes videos, but no bike appeared in film.


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