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Lara Croft on her motorcycle in Egypt.

Motorcycle is usually two-wheeled motor vehicle. According to Lara's own biography, a Triumph Speed Triple and a Harley V-Rod are among her favorite machines.


Original Timeline[]

Lara rides to Egypt in a Norton Streetfighter and sacrifices it so that she can get onto Natla's yacht and stowaway aboard.

Legend Timeline[]

Lara Croft uses a blue Ducati Monster in Egypt, whilst searching the the final piece of the Atlantean Scion. She drowns one with a jump into the sea, to reach Natla's Yacht. A black Ducati Monster S2R is also ridden in Peru, Ghana, Kazakhstan and England.

A Ducati Superbike 999 is found by Lara in Tokyo, Japan on the roof of Toru Nishimura's building. She uses it to breach the gap between two skyscrapers.

Lara uses custom-made All-Terrain Motorbike motorcycle to traverse the jungles of Mexico and Jan Mayen island.

Survivor Timeline[]

Lara Croft flees from the Trinity forces via a motorcycle, and gives them a wild chase. Once Lara used a motorcycle to chase Samantha Nishimura, who is possessed by Himiko.

Lara Croft mentions having a motorcycle she used to drive before the Yamatai expedition when she and Jonah Maiava notice a similar type of bike in Cozumel.

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft[]

Comic Timeline[]

Lara Croft owns a red dirt bike with number 7 and uses it to partake in dirt races. While in New York, Lara steals a motorcycle to chase a ball of light from the villain Tarsem Vox to a subway where she crashed it into an old gate[1]. Lara uses a red Benelli racer when she went after Lord Vymes[2].

When Lara was informed of a new discovery near the Stonehenge, she used her motorcycle to get there. It was her preferred mode of transportation throughout the events with the Crystal Dagger[3].

While searching for the Rapture and meeting Magdalena, Lara drives a light colored motorcycle[4]. According to the holographic guide in Croft Museum, Lara used a motorcycle in Hong Kong while escaping her pursuers after stealing a vase from Shang-Ti Dynasty, she drove to the docks where she jumped onto a flag and let the bike drop into the water.[5].

Movie Timeline[]

Lara Croft has at least two bikes in her Croft Manor garage: a black one, and a red dirt bike with number 7 on it. She uses the black bike to visit Wilson in an auction house, she later uses the same one to fight the intruders in her own manor's garage[6].

Years later Lara uses her bike in China, plus one extra to track down the Shay Ling with Terry Sheridan[7].


Original Timeline[]

Tomb Raider[]

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation[]

Legend Timeline[]

Tomb Raider: Anniversary[]

Tomb Raider: Legend[]

Tomb Raider: Underworld[]

Lara Croft: Relic Run[]

Survivor Timeline[]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider[]


  • Although the motorbike doesn't return in Tomb Raider II, there are renders which show Lara riding with it.
  • A red dirt bike with number 7 can also be seen in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which might be an easteregg for the one that appeared in Tomb Raider #16.
  • In 2018 Tomb Raider movie a motorcycle is hinted in behind the scenes videos, but no bike appeared in film.
  • Although the bike Lara rides throughout Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a Ducati Monster, it´s logo does not appear, unlike in Legend where it is clearly visible. This is due to a sponsorship deal Ducati had with Crystal Dynamics for the development of Tomb Raider: Legend that did not continue into Tomb Raider: Anniversary.