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Moctezuma I (c. 1398-1469), also known as Motecuhzoma Ilhuicamina, Huehuemotecuhzoma or Montezuma I, was the second Aztec emperor and fifth king of Tenochtitlan. During his reign, the Aztec Empire was consolidated, major expansion was undertaken, and Tenochtitlan started becoming the dominant partner of the Aztec Triple Alliance.[1]

RE\Visioned: Tomb Raider Animated SeriesEdit

Moctezuma I was once a ruler of Aztecs, who was after his death mummified and locked into a tomb. And the tomb branded with the Scarlet Scarab.

In the present, Lara Croft found his tomb and was after the Scarlet Scarab, but she was beaten to it by Zolton and his assistant Rodrigo. After a struggle on who gets the Scarlet Scarab, Rodrigo managed to get it and place on Moctezuma, resurrecting him. Rodrigo then revealed that he is part of Aztec Resurrection Association, an organization intent on restoring the Aztec sacrificial ways, thus bringing order to the universe. Rodrigo presented the first sacrifice to Moctezuma, Zolton. Moctezuma started the chase, but Lara managed to lead him back to his sarcophagus. Rodrigo tried to stop her, but Lara kicked them both into the sarcophagus without the Scarlet Scarab, and let them fall into a ravine.