The Meteorite Artefacts are a group of five artefacts that originate from a meteorite that landed on Earth millions of years ago in Antarctica which was then dense with jungles.


Meteorite artefacts

The Infada Stone, Element 115, Eye of Isis & Ora Dagger(l-r)

Many years later, despite the freezing conditions, a tribe of Polynesians settled in Antarctica and discovered the remains of the meteorite in the form of a material completely alien to the planet. They used this alien substance to fashion five meteorite artefacts named the Infada Stone, Element 115, the Ora Dagger, the Eye of Isis, and the Hand of Rathmore. However, mutations started occurring in the Polynesians' newborn and they fled the island in terror, leaving all of the artefacts behind.



Paul Caulfield, holding the Infada Stone.

On August 14th 1834, Charles Darwin's expedition traveling in the HMS Beagle arrived at Antarctica in search of meat. However, they discovered four of the meteorite artefacts instead. The sailors took these artefacts and left the island. They continued their sampling across the world. However, one sailor died at each continent they visited and an artefact was lost to those continents. One sailor, Smythe, lost his life and the Ora Dagger to the descendants of the Polynesians that now inhabit Kuru in the South Pacific Islands. The Infada Stone was lost to India and Element 115 to Nevada. Only one sailor, Stephen Barr, survived to return to England with the Eye of Isis.

New OwnersEdit

In India, the Infada Stone fell into the hands of the Infada Tribe and the artefact ended up in a temple dedicated to the god Shiva. Element 115 ended up in the hands of the Military Police (MP) which they stored in Area 51 in Nevada. The Ora Dagger now belonged to the god of the Polynesian descendants, Puna and the Eye of Isis fell into the hands of Sophia Leigh. The fifth meteorite artefact, The Hand of Rathmore, remains mysterious in that it was not amongst the artefacts looted by the sailors but eventually ended up being sent to Dr. Mark Willard which was intercepted by Sophia Leigh and it fell into her hands instead. It is unknown if the Hand of Rathmore was fashioned by the Polynesians or not.

Artefacts ReunitedEdit

In 1998, Rock Technology (RX-Tech) discovered traces of the mysterious substance in Antarctica, traces of the Polynesian settlement and the grave of one of Darwin's sailors, Paul Caulfield. They used this information to trace the other artefacts' locations. Their journey started in India where their hired team of researchers were to locate the Infada Stone. However, Tony became insane after discovering the stone and eventually plunging it into his torso. Lara Croft, who was also searching for the stone, defeated Tony and recovered the artefact then met Dr. Willard on the River Ganges. He told Lara the story behind the artefacts and thereafter hired her to locate and recover the other three that the sailors once possessed. Lara successfully recovered these artefacts from Nevada, the South Pacific and London then met with Willard in Antarctica. However, Willard revealed his true desires for the artefacts and literally turned the tables on Lara and made off with the artefacts. The artefacts were later placed in midair at four corners within the meteorite cavern at the lost city of Tinnos. Willard let himself fall into the centre of the chamber which was full of the alien substance and he transformed into a spider-like creature. Lara defeated him and took back the artefacts and made her escape.

Lara learned of the Hand of Rathmore after Willard transformed back to his human form. She searched him and found a message that a fifth artefact was being sent to his Loch Ness estate in Scotland. However, Lara learns that the artefact was intercepted by Sophia Leigh and she travels from Scotland, through England and finally to France to deal with Sophia once and for all and take the final artefact.



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