"Mutilation! Da sixth leader, Mauki wa born widout face."
―South Pacific Tribesman[src]

Mauki was a Polynesian born on the island of Antarctica when the Polynesian tribe was settled there.



"Terrible storms. Men afraid. Ran! Set curse of Mauki on da land."
―South Pacific Tribesman[src]

When Mauki was born he was mutilated and became the sixth leader. He was born without a face. This was no rare occurrence. Mutilations were occurring in many Polynesian newborns. The Polynesians were terrified by this development. They fled their homeland and settlements on the Antarctic island leaving the meteorite artefacts at the city of Tinnos as they were responsible for these mutilations. Mauki eventually underwent a transformation into a terrible monster.


"Fascinating, isn't it?"
―Dr. Mark Willard[src]
Tinnos Mutant

A creature that may have been Mauki.

In 1998, Lara Croft had recovered all four meteorite artefacts and brought them to her employer, Dr. Mark Willard of Rock Technology. However, Willard revealed his true motives and took the artefacts with him to the lost city of Tinnos where he would unleash the full extent of the meteorite artefacts' power. Lara was on his trail and she entered the lost city, encountering many monstrous mutants that were once the Polynesians that were born mutated by the powers of the meteorite artefacts. Lara battled her way through all the mutants, also killing a mutant that was once Mauki.