Matsu's Daughter - Human

One of Matsu's daughters; sans disguise.

Matsu's Daughters were members of the Cult of Solarii Worshipers. They acted as assassin's for the group, and were hypnotized, to believe they were Makara. One of them was sent to Dublin to retrieve one of the four relics needed to resurrect Mathias, which was in the possession of Professor Cahalane, whom she killed by breaking his neck. They later ambushed Lara, after she returned to Yamatai, by threatening to kill Danny, which lead to Lara willingly surrendering. They captured Lara, and tied her up along with Danny, taunting her about how Mathias would be resurrected, and over Cahalane's death.

Both of them were killed by their own father, who was possessed by the spirit, of Mathias.

Matsu's Daughters - Makara