The Maria Doria was a famous luxury ship that was owned by Gianni Bartoli, the former leader of the Fiamma Nera. The ship was sunk to the bottom of the sea by the Barkhang Monks after Bartoli aquired the Seraph. The Maria Doria wreck site serves as an excavation site later for Lara in Tomb Raider II when trying to retrieve the Seraph.


Tomb Raider IIEdit

Lara and Sharks Near Maria Doria

Lara first learns about the Maria Doria from Brother Chan where she learns how the ship sank to the bottom of the sea when the Barkhang Monks bombed it. She also learns that the Maria Doria holds the Seraph, a key item that is needed to reach the Talion. Learning that Bartoli and his men are after the Seraph too, Lara decides to delve into the wreck and find it before they do. She must travel across the shark-infested waters and the Fiamma Nera members first before reaching the wreck site.

Once Lara reaches the Maria Doria wreck site, she will notice that the ship is upside down and will often travel on the ceiling of it. Since the ship has been in ruins for over half a century, many different traps and hazards are present, including fires and glass shards. Lara will be searching different parts of the ship including the boiler room, the main lobby, the living quarters, the theater, and the deck of the ship itself. There are also areas of the ship she can only access while swimming. While on board the ship, she will be battling Bartoli's henchmen, who are also seeking the Seraph. Once she finds the storage key on the deck of the Maria Doria, she will then find the elusive Seraph and leave the wreck site.


Wreck of Maria Doria Location

There are a total of four levels associated with the Maria Doria wreck site. The first part involves Lara exploring the depths of the sea to find the wreck site. The second portion involves Lara exploring parts of the Maria Doria in order to find clues about the Seraph. The final portion involves Lara exploring the deck of the ship itself in order to finally find the Seraph.


  • The Maria Doria is mentioned by Lara in Tomb Raider: Anniversary when reading one of her books at Croft Manor.
  • The Maria Doria was at first going to be The Titanic, but the idea was scrapped.
  • The name 'Maria Doria' is based on the name of a real ocean liner that sank in 1956, the SS Andrea Doria.