Machine Guns are high caliber automatic weapons, that appear in Tomb Raider.

Legend Timeline Edit


Tomb Raider Legend Edit

Lara Croft can hi-jack Machine gun Turrets that were placed by James Rutland mercenaries.

They can tear through cover and have unlimited ammo.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Edit

Lara can unlock an M134 Minigun, known in game as the "Chaingun." Has high power and fate of fire, and medium ammo consumption.

It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game,

Survivor Timeline Edit

Commando Rifle

Tomb Raider Edit

After collecting all Rifle Parts, Lara's Guerrilla Rifle will be upgraded to the Commando Rifle Which despite it's name is a Light Machine Gun. It is based of the Ultimax 100.

It can be upgraded, and all previously crafted upgrades carry over to the Commando Rifle. and it has several unique upgrades of it's own.

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Grenade Launcher Story - Makeshift grenade launcher removed from an enemy turret and attached to the rifle.
High Capacity Mag WWII Submachine Gun 225 Longer magazine holds 15 more rounds.
Padded Stock WWII Submachine Gun 300 Rifle butt and grip padding helps steady the weapon while firing.
Muzzle Brake WWII Submachine Gun 350 Padded Stock required. Effectively dispels the gas from bullet firing to reduce recoil.
Taped Double Mag WWII Submachine Gun 300 Two magazines taped together increases reload speed.
Polished Ejector WWII Submachine Gun 250 Polished ejector increases firing rate.
Barrel Shroud Assault Rifle 350 Barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.
Frag Grenades Commando Rifle 500 Grenade Launcher required. Grenades spray shrapnel upon detonation, incapacitating enemies within a wide blast radius.
Match Grade Barrel Commando Rifle 400 Barrel Shroud required. Custom barrel rifling increases bullet speed for increased damage.
Scope Commando Rifle 250 Increases zoom magnification for improved accuracy at long range.
Silencer Commando Rifle 500 Shots are quieted at the cost of slightly reduced damage. Press [Rifle] to cycle silenced shots.

Multiplayer Edit

A Type 1 Machine Gun appears in Multiplayer, both the a survivor weapon, and the turret. As a turret it has unlimited ammo, and can kill enemies in just a few hits, however sustained fire will cause it too overheat, and using it leaves the player stationary and vulnerable to enemies.

A Mini-gun also appears as one of the "Super Weapons" in Multiplayer. It offers massive Damage and Boasts a a 500 round Magazine, though it cannot be reloaded, and it useless once ammunition is gone. It must be retrieved from one of the designated spawn points.

Trivia Edit

  • In Tomb Raider, when Lara returns to the beach after the realization that the Himiko's soul is the cause of the storms, in the alpha version of the game, Lara and Joslin Reyes had to fend off Solarii Brotherhood using the PT boat's machine guns.