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Lu Ren is a character in Tomb Raider movie.


Lu Ren is the son of an unnamed mother and father, who he shares a name with. His father is presumed to have had a friendly relationship with Richard Croft, seeing as they are both brave adventurers who love their family. It is unknown when Lu Ren's father has died.

We first hear about Lu Ren, when Lara is looking through her father's old documents on the Himiko project, he tirelessly worked on. On the document it says that he has sold her father a boat. After she sells the necklace she travels to Hong Kong in search for him. She asks around for him, but in the process her bag is stolen. She chases after the thieves and gets her bag back, just for them to pull out a knife. She stumbles upon the Endurance, which is owned by Lu.

In his drunken state he shoots a warning shot with a shotgun, scaring the thieves away. He then proceeds to make Lara leave as well, but falls over the railing he was standing near to. As he wakes up, he is shot in the face with water by Lara as she demands answers about the document. He tells her that the document was between their father's, not by him. Lara proceeds to thinker with her father's diary as she asks about some scribbles at the bottom of the page. She says that those are coordinates, with Lu cutting her off and saying that those are clock hands. With that, they find out exactly where the island is. Hesitant at first, he later agrees on helping her reach the island of Yamatai in exchange for cash.

The trip is mostly calm, until they reach the island. A storm wrecks the ship and Lara and Lu are separated until she wakes up in a tent. There she is greeted by Mathias Vogel, who reveals his plans. She leaves the tent and sees that Lu has been captured by Mathias' men as well. Later as they are working, Lu hits one of the guards with a shovel, which helps Lara escape. After that he is taken out my Mathias.

After regrouping with Lara later on in the movie, she tells him to save the others and that she will be following. But she gets caught up with Mathias and enters Himiko's tomb. He insists on waiting for her and so do all the survivors that he managed to free.

Lara escapes the tomb, just barely just in time for Vogel's men to arrive with a helicopter. They point their weapons at them and Lu asks: "So... are you going to take us home?" and the plane is shown to leave the island peacefully. It is unknown what Lu is up to these days.


Lu Ren is firstly shown as a drunken sailor, who is hostile against any human that gets on his ship. But he quickly bonds with Lara, presumably because of the death of their parents at the hands of Mathias Vogel.