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London is the largest city of England and of the United Kingdom and one of the many locations visited in the Tomb Raider series.


Original Timeline[]

Lara Croft visited London in search of one of the meteorite artifacts. She started near the Thames Wharf where she ran into John, and learned of Sophia Leigh, who had lived an abnormally long time. Lara used to old Aldwych tunnels to gain access to Sophia Leigh Incorporated, and chased Sophia to the roof, and obtained the Eye of Isis.

Lara Croft later visited London at the request of Peter Stothard, who informed her of a new discovery near the Tutankhamun's tomb. Lara looked though The Times archives before leaving.

Animated Timeline[]

Lara Croft visited British Museum in London two times. Once for a presentation by Professor Heinrich about Pleroma. Another Professor later asked her to find some more Angel Spit and offered museum's resources to her disposal.


Tomb Raider III[]

Tomb Raider: The Times[]

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