Leticia Cortez

Leticia Cortez is the leader of Las Serpientes Que Caminan, a bandit group located in Mexico.

She was once involved in environmental causes, attempting to stop the draining of a swamp. This is where she met Richard Croft, who was looking for a local guide to find some ruins.

Initially she was indifferent towards Croft, though she grew more and more fond of him the more time they spent together. He told her about his daughter, Lara Croft, whom expressed tremendous pride. Eventually Croft left Mexico to return home. Cortez knew she would never see him again.

At some point, she became the leader of Las Serpientes Que Caminan, after her optimism left her.

Her group came across Cuddy Grimaldi, who they mistook for his brother. Leticia tried to ransom Cuddy to Lara Croft, for five million dollars. However she was unaware that Lara had declined her inheritance.

After Lara had opted instead for a rescue mission, and been captured. Leticia, told Lara that she knew her father. She expressed admiration, for Lara's principles in declining her parents' money. However still wanting the money she expressed interest in using, Sam, to leverage a ransom from her parents. She then had Lara locked up with Cuddy.

Lara escaped from captivity along with Cuddy, and they made their way to where Leticia's men were holding Lara's friends, and used Grim's boat to destroy the barricade.

She is impressed by Lara's resourcefulness, though she admits to not knowing if her father would be proud or horrified at what his daughter had become. She decides to not pursue Lara any further.

She described herself as a "Businesswoman" who made people realize what was important to them.

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