Overview Edit

Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light features exactly 28 weapons through the course of the game, and all these weapons share the same three statistics: Power, Rate of fire and Ammo consumption. These stat's are measured against each other using stars as a sort of bar graph, with a minimum rating of one star and a maximum rating of ten stars. Any weapons where the power and/or rate of fire are lower than three stars are considered to be the least effective in combat, whereas, weapons that have a power and/or rate of fire equal to or exceeding three stars are considered most effective in combat. The contrary applies to ammo consumption, as the more stars a weapon has for the said statistic, the quicker Lara's ammo pool drains.

You will find that the further you progress through the game, the better the weapons become. When you first start out, you are already equipped with the Dual Handguns that poses a power rating of only two stars. Towards the later levels you will come across weapons that poses power ratings higher than nine stars!

Ammunition Edit

You will acquire quite a few different types of weapons as you venture through the many tombs scattered throughout the game, including flamethrowers, rifles, and grenade launchers. Unlike in real life where different guns use different types of ammunition, in Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light, these weapons all drain ammo from the same ammunition pool, which is represented by a thin blue bar at the bottom left of your screen. The ammo pool is automatically replenished at the end of every mission, but there are many ways you can top up the pool during gameplay also.

Ammo power-up's Edit

Ammunition power-up's are scattered throughout the game in often secret locations, or earned by solving puzzles and completing objectives. They appear as bright blue wrings with a set of four bullets in the centre, and are picked up when the player moves over them. Once collected, the power up will instantly replenish the players ammunition pool and slightly increase it's capacity for the remainder of the game.

Ammo pick-up's Edit

Often dropped by enemies or found by destroying urns, these glowing blue boxes of ammunition will restore a small bit of the ammo pool once picked up. One ammunition box alone isn't nearly enough to restore the entire pool (especially during later levels), however, they are generally found close together and have great affect in numbers.

Ammo stashes Edit

Ammo stashes are occasionally found throughout the game, generally appearing in the larger or more challenging missions. Ammo stashes appear as a collection of large wooden crates overflowing with different kinds of ammunition. Once the player moves close enough, their ammo pool will completely replenish, as if the player never fired a single shot. Besides the ammo stash refilling all spent ammunition, it also has the added benefit of never running out, so the player can return for a refill whenever they feel it's required.

List of weapons Edit

Note: Weapons are listed in the order they appear in the weapons section of the inventory.