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Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen is a 5 issue mini series, also published by Dark Horse Comics, based on Legend Timeline. It follows Lara Croft and Carter Bell, who are attempting to stop a cult from bringing cataclysmic devastation to the world.

All five issues have been collected in a Trade Paperback with the same name, and has 120 pages total.


Issue #1[]

Lara Croft helps her friend Carter Bell retrieve his new pet hawk that flew too close to the mountain in Turkey.

Later, while Lara is working at the British Museum, she is notified of a missing "Croswell Reindeer", a prehistoric ivory figure. After the workers, who worked in that wing, have gone through the security check, Lara follows the professors, Jon. He tries to evade her and drives off, and Lara follows him to the airport in a taxi.

Meanwhile, the villain is revealed in Gorski Kotar, in Croatia, and mysterious man named Andro Green, who is possessed by the Unnameable. He is informed that a first piece is on it's way.

Lara takes the same flight to Belize as Jon did, and follows his car to the jungle. There Lara confronts Jon, but he doesn't remember anything since London. They are then attacked by vines, coming from a shack floor.

Issue #2[]

Lara tries to fight off the vines, but is tossed away from the shack. A random person enters to check on the commotion and is possessed. He kills Jon and takes the ivory piece with him. Lara goes after that man, but is unable to catch him. Carter Bell then calls Lara and asked her to come to Turkey. After Lara has arrived to Istanbul, she meets with Carter and he tells her a story how he worked on a ivory piece and was attacked by a guard who seemed possessed. Carter had taken the ivory piece with him, when he escaped the museum. They run away from a man who is following them, but he turns out to be just a police officer, who wants to arrest Carter for a theft. The policeman however is shot by the possessed security guard. Lara and Carter start running again.

Meanwhile in Belize, near Caye Caulker, the possessed man finds another ivory piece in an underwater cave.

At Gorski Kotar, a woman observes her friend going into Mr. Greens property. That man is revealed to be Mr. Green's servant, who informs him, that now two have awoken and are on the move.

Back at Turkey, Lara and Carter are running from the gun-toting possessed security guard. The shadow possessing the security guard jumps to another victim on a scooter, and resumes the chase. After reaching a dead end, Lara and Carter try to fight the possesses pedestrian, but she grabs the ivory piece and drives away.

At Gorski Kotar, the woman, Chloe, is confronting her friend Dee, after he returns from Mr. Green's shack. Chloe is concerned by Mr. Green's sudden departure, but Dee insures her that Mr. Green is done with politics and is going through some changes. As they speak, Mr. Green in his cave transforms further away from human.

Issue #3[]

The possessed man from the shack has reached Arizona, and is confronted by the police, shadow jumps for the man to policeman, and another shadow jumps from the ivory to the second policeman. They both then shoot the previously possessed man, and then turn and shoot their third partner. They then take the man's car and police car, and drive off.

Lara Croft and Carter Bell arrive in a private plane to Arizona, they are greeted by unmanned vehicle and they are then driven to a private museum of Stan Grus. Grus then invites them to see the ivory piece in his possession, sealed away in a vault and frozen to keep it dormant. It turns out that Grus has studied where the piece came from. A shadow creature that took on a corporeal form, which then after shedding left behind ivory like material, which then was over the course of year, carved into figurines and effigies. The creature was worshiped in the old times, but that was not what it wanted, it wanted to burn the world and start anew. They are interrupted by a alarm. Two police officers are at the gate. The shadows possessing them leaves, and then possesses some stones creating golems. The golems attacked Lara, Carter and Grus with the intent on getting the ivory piece. During the fight, one of the shadows possessed Carter's hawk, and another possessed Stan Grus. Grus' personal guards enter, and possessed Grus ordered them to lock Lara and carter into the vault. Grus himself boarded the plane and used the third ivory piece to possess the pilot, and they flew to Croatia. Mr. Green was using his magic flames to keep an eye on the events as they unfolded.

Issue #4[]

Back at Arizona, Grus' security guards were arguing about the situation they were in, Lara and Carter were freezing in the vault, two of them wanted to follow Grus' orders, one seemed reluctant. Lara tried to escape the vault through the ventilation, only to discover that the ventilation crate hid only an small opening behind it. Fortunately one security guard had a conscious and didn't want to cause the death of Lara and Carter, and released them into a desert, but left them there, to fend for themselves.

At Gorski Kotar, in Croatia, Chloe has found help from Antun to investigate Mr. Green's property, and they break into his house, seeing all the weird drawings on the wall. They try to access Mr. Green computer. While the "drawings" downstairs come to life and start moving towards the intruders.

Back at Arizona, Lara and Carter trek through the desert, occasionally quenching their thirst with cactus fruit. They eventually reach a Outlet Mall, where they ask for a phone.

Stan Grus arrives to Croatia, and is stopped by a security guard. Mr. Green's servant however is there waiting and informs the guard, that Grus has special invitation from Mr. Green. Mr. Green assembles all the ivory pieces and they wait for the dawn.

Twelve hours later Lara and Carter have also arrived to Croatia and follow Carter's hawk GPS, They arrive at Mr. Green's mansion and enter, only to find the dead body of Antun. They are then attacked by the shadowy demons. Lara and Carter are relieved when the dawn destroys the demons. However the relief turns to worry when a giant monster rises up.

Issue #5[]

The giant monster punches the ground, which then cracks and demons spill out from the fiery below. The possessed people are released from the control and Grus tries to appeal Mr. Green's human side. Mr. Green however is fully committed to the apocalypse and orders his servant Dee to shoot them all.

Outside, Lara and Carter try to fight the demons, but are quickly overwhelmed. They climb into the house through a window and find Chloe still to be alive.

In the cave Stan Grus fights Dee for the gun and get his pilot shot accidentally. Dee proclaiming that this was not what he wanted.

Chloe reveals that he had an affair with Andro Green, and worried that he might of been killed, since she haven't heard directly from him, tried to destroy the evidence of the affair. Lara, Carter and Chloe then escape the house just as it is destroyed by the giant demon. They move towards the cave with the help of Carter's hawk. Dee tries to stop Mr. Green but is killed. Lara, Carter and Chloe barely reach the cave, Chloe is burned by some lava on the way in. Chloe tries to reason with Mr. Green, but is attacked by him. Stan Grus warns Lara that they have to hurry and find away to stop the destruction before it spreads worldwide. Lara then jumps onto Mr. Green and snaps his horns, which seemed to be the source of his power. The fires stopped, and Grus orders to destroy the ivory pieces.

Some time later, at Croft manor, Carter is flying his pet hawk, who is still healing her wing. Lara secretly checks on the last ivory piece she hid in her vault.

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  • Unlike other comic continuities, The Dark Horse Comics are canon to the games, and do not exist in their own universe.