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"A famous explorer once said that 'The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.' "
―Lara Croft[src]

Lara Croft is an English archaeologist and the protagonist of Crystal Dynamics' second reboot timeline.

Unlike other timelines, Lara is in the formative years of her career, expanding her already extensive knowledge and skill set and becoming a hardened survivalist and deadly combatant.


Early Life[]

Amelia and baby Lara

Lara as a baby with her mother Amelia.

Lara was born on February 14th, 1992, the only child of Lord Richard and Lady Amelia Croft. Lara's birth was difficult and both of her parents worried that they might lose her before she was born. However, Lara was ultimately delivered successfully, much to her parents' relief.

Lara's early years were spent in the company of her doting parents. Her mother, who was an artist, worked from home and spent much of her time with her daughter, playing with her and giving her piano lessons.

Lady Croft died in a plane crash when Lara was very young. Her death inspired Lord Croft's obsession with finding the key to immortality, which in turn resulted in him becoming somewhat neglectful of Lara. Lara began to act out in order to get attention, even locking the family butler Winston in the large walk-in freezer.

One of Lara's earliest memories was her fifth[2] birthday, when her father, Winston, and the rest of the staff put a lot of preparation into a treasure hunt to keep her entertained.

Lara found solace in books, which fueled a lust for adventure. Though her father would occasionally take her along on his expeditions, he was often too busy to pay attention to his daughter. On one such trip, Lara was working on a small patch late one night, and uncovered a jade trinket. Overcome with joy, Lara rushed to her father to show him, still wearing her penguin print pyjamas, though he was taking an important phone call and told her to wait. Too excited to wait, Lara rushed to Conrad Roth to show him the trinket. Roth was more than happy to dote on Lara, and seemed genuinely impressed by her find. He used one of his shoelaces to turn the pendant into a necklace for her. She continued to wear the pendant as a mark of pride.

Lara was an intelligent child, and early on was placed in classes with students a year older to compensate. Nevertheless, Lara was often bored at school, which led to her getting in trouble for daydreaming and not paying attention in class. She often asked her father to take her with him when he went on digs, to alleviate her boredom.

Lara didn't relate to other girls very well, which Winston theorized could be the result of Lara not having any female role models, as she spent the majority of her time with her father. Upon Winston's suggestion, Lara was introduced to her father's girlfriend, Ana.

Lord Croft's obsession with discovering the secrets of immortality began to cause strain between Lara and her father. This strain came to a breaking point when Lara confronted him after overhearing her father become enraged on a phone call, and he insisted that one day she would later understand. Lara yelled at him that she didn't want to understand, and just wanted him to be her father again before storming off. Later, the sound of a gunshot brought her to her father's study, where she found him having apparently taken his own life, leaving Lara an orphan, and her last encounter with her father having been a fight.

Lara was left in the care of Roth, with whom she formed a surrogate father-daughter relationship. Roth's job kept him away for extended periods of time, leaving Lara to be alone for much of her adolescence. As a result, Lara became quite introverted.

When the time came for Lara to attend university, she decided that she wanted to earn her own way and would apply to the University College London (UCL). This decision required her to pay her tuition and rent by working multiple jobs. Although this was a tougher choice, it helped Lara become more grounded, down-to-earth, and level-headed than she might otherwise have been.

Lara and Sam first meeting

Lara's first meeting with Sam.

Shortly after starting university, Lara met Samantha Nishimura. Lara was initially taken aback by Sam's outgoing personality, though she soon became her best friend [3]. It was because of Sam's free spirit and a wild streak that Lara was able to experience much more of London than just the universities and museums that she loved so much, and started coming out of her shell and making more friends.

Expedition to find Yamatai[]

After Roth was commissioned to be part of the crew for Whitman's World, a reality/archaeology TV show hosted by James Whitman, whom Lara admired.

As part of his agreement that he could use his own crew, Roth selected Lara, knowing she could be a great asset. Although Lara was excited to meet someone as accomplished in archaeology as Whitman and was eager to offer assistance to him, she also wanted to stay out of the way of the filming crew.

Lara greeted Joslin Reyes, the ship's mechanic, and her daughter Alisha after engine failure led to Roth calling Reyes to the ship early. Lara tended to Alisha while Reyes set to work on fixing the engine.

Lara grew suspicious of Whitman's behavior. Roth sent Jonah Maiava, his cook, and dogsbody, to keep an eye on him. It was revealed that Whitman's show had been canceled and he was trying to gain funding through other means.

Meanwhile, Alex Weiss arrived, seeking sanctuary for illicit activities. He offered his expertise with machines to Roth, for free if need be. He and Lara had a brief exchange, with Lara berating him on his childish theories on Yamatai. He offered a potential source of funding through a computer program he had created to hack gambling sites to make them pay out more often. Lara didn't like the sounds of it, and though the rest of the crew were more optimistic, it didn't last. Alex's hack was detected, leaving them still without funding.

As a last resort to try and get funding, Lara turned to Sam, whom she called from the ship, to see if her uncle would be interested in financing the voyage. Sam spoke to him and he agreed, under the condition he receives 60% of the overall profit made from the sale of anything recovered.

The Voyage Begins[]

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"In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something. Something that keeps us going."
―Lara Croft[src]

With funding secured, the expedition was ready to begin. Whitman asked Lara to act as his research assistant, though he simply made her do all the research. In addition, Lara operated the camera for behind the scenes sections of the documentary. At some point, Alex fell overboard and Lara dived in after him to save him, Sam playfully pushed him back into the ocean, leading Lara to go after him once again.

Lara suggests route

Lara suggests that Yamatai may be in the Dragon's Triangle.

Eager to prove herself, Lara repeatedly studied the charts and texts relating to Yamatai. Her research leads her to believe that Yamatai was possibly located somewhere within the Dragon's Triangle. She brought her theories to Whitman, who was dismissive of her theories and didn't want to risk his reputation on them. The rest of the crew were split on whether or not they should risk it. Sam reasoned that anyone who had written about Yamatai had never found it. Alex showed them a satellite image of the Dragon's Triangle, though he seemed fairly supportive of the idea of going in. Roth states that their funding and therefore their time to find Yamatai is limited, with no other ideas on the table Roth decides that they're going with Lara's plan and orders the ship to change course, much to Whitman's chagrin.

Lara before Shipwreck

Lara realizes something is wrong as the ship is hit by the storm.

One night, Lara was attempting to relax in her cabin. A massive storm surrounded the ship, launching her from her bed. Lara attempted to get to safety, but a torrent of water flooded the corridor and trapped her, causing her to nearly drown. She was rescued by Jonah, only to see Roth on the other half of the torn ship. Roth encouraged her to leap across the gap, but was unable to hold onto her, and she fell into the ocean below. Lara managed to swim to shore and spotted several other crew members. She tried to call out to them, but was knocked unconscious by an unknown man.

Shipwrecked on an Uncharted Island[]

Lara coccooned

Lara wakes up trapped in a cloth cocoon.

Lara awakens, to find herself hanging upside down and wrapped in a cocoon made of cloth. Lara is able to swing herself enough to ignite the cloth and free herself, though she falls from a great height, and is impaled with a rusted metal bar, which she pulls out herself. Lara moves through the caves, horrified by what she sees. The man who initially captured her tries to catch her again, though she evades him. Finding a source of daylight, Lara is able to open the passageway, but inadvertently causes the caves to collapse. The man returns again, but Lara kicks him in the head, stunning him, he is then killed when the boulder above him falls, crushing him.

Coast of Yamatai

Lara emerges from the smuggler's den and surveys the coastline.

Lara manages to escape before she is entombed within the cave. Surveying the coast, Lara sees numerous shipwrecks as well as one of the Endurance's lifeboats. Lara heads inland across several treacherous obstacles like an unstable log and a crashed plane. She attempts to find shelter, and comes across Sam's bag. Inside she finds a Two Way Radio, Sam's camcorder, and a box of matches, though there is only one left. Lara manages, however, to make a fire. She watches some of the footage on the camcorder, before leaving the radio in hopes of getting a transmission.

GamesCom Screen 5

Lara reaching for a bow.

The following morning, Lara tries to find something to eat. She finds a body hanging from a nearby tree, she climbs up to retrieve the bow on him. Lara retrieves the weapon and spots a deer. Seeing no other option, Lara hunts and kills it to take some of its meat. Lara heads back to camp to cook her bounty. She finally receives a transmission from Roth, Lara admits that she is scared, and blames herself for the shipwreck. Roth tells her that the others are en route to his location. Lara begs him to come get her, though he tells her he has to stay put for the others to meet at his location as it is the designated rendezvous point. Roth offers her some words of encouragement, and reminds her of the mantra she used while they climbed Snowdon. Reassured in her ability to navigate her way to Roth, Lara heads out.

Lara hears music, strange chanting sounds coming from a shack near where she had hunted the deer, finding it open, despite being sealed earlier. She is locked inside, with no other choice she descends into a tunnel within the building. She comes across ritualistic carvings, along with further signs of habitation. There's also a lot of rotting meat. She finds the source of the music to be from a gramophone, playing chants. Near the gramophone, she finds a pickaxe stuck in a big chunk of meat. She pulls it out and uses it to unlock the door out of the bunker. Emerging on the other side, she finds Sam and a man called Mathias, who claims to be a survivor of the island from a previous wreck. As Sam tells Mathias the legend of Himiko, Lara falls asleep due to exhaustion and awakens to find both Mathias and Sam gone from the camp.

Lara sets off to search for them, but gets caught in a bear trap. She attempts to free herself, but she is swiftly set upon by several wolves. Lara manages to defend herself with her bow. Grim, Whitman, Alex, Reyes, and Jonah arrive and rush to her rescue, freeing her from the bear trap. Lara asks if they have seen Sam, though they state that they were here to meet Sam, who had radioed them earlier. Lara explains that she had been separated from Sam, who was with a man named Mathias. Whitman volunteers to accompany Lara to Roth's location while the others spread out to search for Sam. Whitman sits Lara down at a campfire and scouts ahead while Lara heals.

Once her leg is healed, Lara made her way to Whitman, who found an ancient-looking gate. After fighting off more wolves in the area, Lara catches up to Whitman and the both of them decide to open the gate. The mechanism is operated by two handles, which is a two-person job. One handle was missing. Lara tries using the axe she found in the bunker but it was too weak to pull the mechanism, putting them at an impasse. Lara searches around the area for salvage, which she uses to upgrade her ax. Once her axe is stronger, she and Whitman manage to pass the gate and move on.

The Island's Inhabitants[]

Lara and Whitman discover a gate with strange symbols painted on it, the most prominent being a female figure. The two manage to pry it open, open the gate. On the other side, Lara and Whitman come across a shrine of the same female figure. Realizing that they have found Yamatai, Lara questions why there are fresh candles, which imply Himiko is still being worshiped. Suddenly, the two are ambushed by a hostile, group of men. Whitman immediately surrenders, though Lara attempts to fight back, she is captured and separated from Whitman.

Vladimir and Lara

Vladimir and Lara, before her escape.

Lara is taken to other survivors of the Endurance, after being captured. Lara is set upon, by one of the men, named Vladimir, who begins to make suggestive comments and caressing her. Lara attempts to get away from him, though he stops her. However, the other crew members try to escape, with one of them being killed immediately. Vladimir knocks Lara to the ground and threatens her to stay put, while he goes to round up the others.

Lara escapes while avoiding getting spotted by the well-armed inhabitants of the island. After dodging past guards while her hands are still bound, she hides in one of the ruined huts to avoid them. Unfortunately, Vladimir finds her, and threatens her out with his pistol. Lara complies, and she resumes his earlier harassment of her. Lara knees him in the groin and bites him, before knocking his pistol to the ground. Lara manages to get free of her bonds and grab the pistol. The two brawl for their lives, with Lara emerging as the victor when she shoots Vladimir in the head after freeing herself of her bonds but is visibly scared and shaken by her act of carnage she watches as Vladimir dies, gurgling his own blood.

After his death, Lara decided to press on after retrieving her bow and keeping the pistol. She is soon attacked again and attempts to threaten the men away using her pistol, though they refuse, and she resorts to killing them. Lara receives a call from Roth and warns him about the men attacking her, and informs him that she has killed several of them. Roth is sympathetic and urges her to get to him safely. Lara eventually escapes the men through a burning building and climbs the cliff to higher ground.

Lara rushes through a tunnel hearing gunfire, she spots Roth, who is fending off a wolf attack with his pistols. Lara immediately comes to his aid and sees that his leg is badly injured. While he insists that they need to retrieve his pack from the wolves for a transmitter, Lara argues that he needs treatment for his leg, to which Roth replies that all his medical equipment (such as morphine and bandages) is also in his pack.

Lara Croft and Conrad Roth

Lara with Roth after he regains consciousness.

Roth promptly faints from blood loss, and Lara has to drag him into his makeshift camp before she gathers her resolve to pursue the wolves. After climbing the cliffs by the waterfall, Lara happens upon the wolf den. She lights her torch and immediately delves into the cave, murmuring hopelessly to the wolves that she was only there for the pack they had stolen. Following the beeping of the transmitter, Lara eventually finds the pack and grabs it, and turns to leave.

Suddenly, a wolf leaps out of the shadows and grabs hold of her leg with its jaws. Lara shakes the wolf off and then grabs an arrow from her quiver as it continues its assault, and then proceeds to stab it repeatedly in the heart until it falls on top of her, dead.

Sending an S.O.S.[]

Lara returns to Roth's side and applies her knowledge of first aid to his leg. He awakens some time later, praising her for pursuing the pack in his stead. He tells her that the best way to get a signal would be from the radio transmitter on top of the mountain, though he reminds Lara that he is in no condition to climb. He offers her words of encouragement, as well as his climbing axe.

She leaves him behind at his camp to begin the trek up to the tower. She makes it to a Japanese World War II-era military base and proceeds to kill the men guarding it. Finding herself unable to progress, Lara tries to use the gas in the area to cause an explosion in order to get out, just as she is attacked by a man with a submachine gun. Lara triggers the explosion and kills him, taking his gun for herself, she continues through the base.

Once Lara makes it through to the radio panel that Alex had told her about earlier, she discovers that it's too old and broken to work. After radioing Alex, she is told that she must climb the very tower itself to manually transmit the S.O.S. through the maintenance panel, which would likely be very high up. Lara realizes that the panel is at the top of the tower, and laments that there is more climbing to be done.

2452300-203160 screenshots 2013-03-05 00022

Lara climbs the radio tower.

Lara leaves the base to find that it has begun to snow, which is strange as it had been very warm out not long ago. She also encounters hostiles outside and kills them all before she climbs a near-horizontal rope to the radio tower. There, she begins to climb the withered metal of the structure until she reaches the top and the box to manually transmit the signal.

Lara calls Alex again and asks what she has to do. She successfully transmits an S.O.S., which is swiftly responded to. The pilot claims to asks her to provide visual confirmation of their position. Lara makes her way down, to make a signal fire. Which she does by igniting a trail of fuel, which causes an explosion.

Lara's triumph was short-lived, as she hears a disembodied voice speaking in Japanese, Lara's understanding of Japanese allowed her to understand what it said. "No one leaves." Suddenly a freak lightning storm brings down the plane, in Lara's direction. Lara flees the burning wreckage down the side of the mountain after escaping the wreck. Lara encounters the pilot, but she isn't fast enough to save him. She continues down, where she is ambushed by the Solarii. She manages to fend them off and continues back towards the mountain village.

Mystery of the Monastery[]

She finds Roth again and they observe the wreckage of the plane, which crashed where Roth had previously been sitting. Roth asks what happened. And Lara says that the storm came out of nowhere and downed the plane. Roth assures her that they will find another way off the island.

Lara intercepts a radio transmission from the co-pilot named Jessop, who asks for help. Lara, feeling responsible for him being on the island in the first place, goes to find and help him. Roth advises her against it, telling her she can't save everyone, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Lara stubbornly disregards his words, saying that she knows about sacrifice. Roth corrects her, saying that she only knows what loss is, that she's never had to make a costly choice. Lara ignores him and heads in the direction of a signal flare, towards an old monastery.

En route she receives a radio call from Alex. He informs her that they have tracked Sam to an old Japanese Palace, and tries to assure her that Sam is probably fine. Lara warns him to be careful.

Lara arrives at the Monastery and encounters the co-pilot, dying. Mathias reveals himself and demands Lara be killed. The Solarii blow up the bridge. Lara survives but is barely conscious. Before they can finish her, The Solarii are set upon, by something identified only as "The Oni." Lara hears their screams, and see several of them killed, before losing consciousness.

Kill room

Lara sees the Stormguard Stalker.

Lara awakens in a room full of corpses, hanging from the ceiling. After freeing herself, Lara continues through the Monastery. She spots a massive humanoid, wielding a Kanabō, making inhuman grunts. Lara continues through a cave and finds herself in a passageway at the side of the mountain. Lara claims a trench shotgun from the body of a dead soldier in order to progress.

Lara finds herself in a Tomb, which she suddenly realizes is the Burial chamber of Himiko. She finds a ritual of water being poured painted on the walls. Lara sees the pouring of the water as symbolic, of the passing of power from one Sun Queen to the next. Lara is attacked by several Solarii and fights her way out of the tomb and escapes the Monastery. As it's lower levels collapse, Lara falls into the chasm below, and finds herself in a small cave. She takes a moment to rest.

Distress Call[]

Lara receives a call from Sam, who stole a radio from a member of the Solarii, she voices her fear to Lara. Lara promises her friend that she will get her out. Sam is discovered by a member of the Solarii, and Lara demands him to leave her alone, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Lara makes her way to the Palace.

Whilst attempting to make her way to the Palace, Lara attempts to cross a river. However, the current is too strong and she is swept away. Lara manages to survive the rapids but is faced with a new threat, after landing on a window in a crashed plane. Lara reaches for a nearby parachute, barely putting it on in time, as the glass gives way beneath her, causing her to fall. The Parachute fails, but luckily the reserve works, Lara successfully navigates through the treeline.

One of the tethers breaks, and Lara is forced to abandon the chute and collides with a tree before falling to the ground. The impact causes Lara's stomach wound to open again. Lara realizes she needs to treat the wound, quickly, or she will bleed out and die. She heads to the nearby Shantytown to find medical supplies.

She spots a downed helicopter, thinking there might be something aboard she makes her way there. Unfortunately, it has been picked clean by the Solarii. Lara searches the pilot corpse, the only thing she is able to find is his Zippo lighter. Lara realizes she has no alternative but to cauterize her self, which she does with a heated arrowhead. She decides to fasten the zippo to her bow, allowing her to light arrows on fire.


Lara surveys the Shanty Town.

Lara fights her way through the shanty town and comes across Grim. He tells her that the others have been captured, but he knows where they are being held. She attempts to get to him, but he is held by some Solarii. They try to force Lara to surrender, which she attempts to do. Grim, however, is not willing to allow them to win, and fights them off, managing to kill two, and charging at the third, sending them both plummeting to a ravine below. Lara is deeply saddened and angered by Grim's death, and swears to make the Solarii pay.

While attempting to cross a gap, Lara is attacked by two Solarii, one of which cuts the rope she is on. Lara manages to get to the opposite wall, but has no way of defending herself. Roth takes out both of them, in the nick of time, with a sniper rifle. Lara informs Roth of Grim's demise. He is visibly saddened but tells Lara to make it count. Lara asks Roth to cover her while she crosses the bridge.

Roth takes out any Solarii in Lara's path, allowing her safe passage, but the bridge begins to collapse. Lara manages to get to a cave entrance. She heads in to find Sam and the others.

Geothermal Caverns[]

Pool of Blood

Lara emerges from the pool of blood.

Not long after entering the caves, Lara encounters a large group of Solarii, she is horrified to discover that they have Sam tied to a pyre to be burned. Lara manages to kill several of them, but two Russians, Dmitri, and Nikolai, overwhelm and mercilessly beat her, and strip her of her weapons. Lara tries to apologize to Sam, asking her to keep focused on her, as the fire begins to rise.

Suddenly a large gust of wind, extinguishes the flames, much to Mathias' delight. He orders Sam to be taken away and Lara to be disposed of. Dmitri and Nikolai take her to throw her into a ravine, Lara fights back, managing to retrieve her bow, before jumping from the ledge to escape.

After emerging from a pool of blood, Lara makes her way through the caves, encountering men trapped by the Solarii, who have gone mad and are almost feral. She continues on, using natural gas deposits to kill the overwhelming number of Solarii in the caves. Lara comes across Jonah, Reyes, and Alex in a suspended cage being harassed by several Solarii. Lara kills them, and proceeds to set about releasing them from the cage. However, Lara's actions cause the cave to begin to collapse, Lara manages to swing the cage so that they can escape, but stays behind to rescue Sam.

Inferno Palace[]

No One Leaves

Lara finds Mathias' research.

Lara makes her way through the palace which has started to burn down, due to the explosions in the caverns below. Lara finds herself in a room, full of photos and scribbled notes, written presumably by Mathias, in his attempts to understand the Island. Lara notices the phrase "NO ONE LEAVES" which she remembered hearing before the plane went down earlier. Lara encounters Whitman, who tells her where Sam is, though she seems distrustful of him. Lara finds Sam and Mathias. Mathias reasons with Sam that it is an honor for her to be chosen by the Sun Queen, but Sam pleads with him to let her go. Mathias refuses and leaves Sam, ordering Dmitri to guard her, though he is quickly dispatched by Lara. Overjoyed to see her friend safe, they embrace. As she takes back her weapons from Dmitri's body, Lara tries to lead Sam out, trying to find Whitman, but they are ambushed by Mathias. Sam escapes, but the corridor is blocked off, leaving Lara trapped with Solarii closing as she prepares for a fight. After dispatching them, Lara leaves heading for the small village outside, fighting her way through, encountering Nikolai who controlled a large turret. Lara attempts to gain control of it but is knocked to the ground. Lara manages to kill Nikolai by using a grenade launcher, which she decides to keep and attach to her rifle.

Lara finds Sam and encourages her to go without her, as a large gate is separating them. Lara scales a large tower, whilst she hears Roth flagging down a rescue helicopter which was dispatched after the plane went down.

En route to a large tower Lara frantically attempts to stop Roth from calling the chopper, knowing that the storms would knock them out of the sky, but fails and is forced aboard the helicopter due to the tower burning down. She then tries to convince the pilot to land, but he refuses due to the storms. Lara then forces him to land at gunpoint, but is too late, as lightning strikes the chopper, resulting in it crashing in the Summit Forest.

Loss of a Mentor[]

Lara loses consciousness and stops breathing due to the crash, but is revived when Roth performs CPR on her. When Roth tries to help Lara to her feet, Mathias and the Solarii catch up to them. Roth runs out of ammo fighting them off, and is unable to stop Mathias from throwing a hatchet at Lara, Roth puts himself in the hatchet's path, mortally injuring himself. Lara begs Roth not to die, saying she can't do this without him. Roth reassures Lara, saying that she can because she's a Croft, and he gives her his pistols before dying. Lara then weeps and cradles his body.

Roth's funeral

Lara and the others at Roth's funeral.

The others find Lara and Roth. Sam offers her comfort, though Reyes blames Lara, citing her being the reason they're even on the island. Jonah suggests they build a funeral pyre for Roth, to send him out like a warrior. Reyes suggests they return to the beach and attempt to fix a boat and leave. Lara argues saying something won't let them leave the island. Reyes says Lara is delusional, though Alex and Jonah agree that there is something wrong with the island. Reyes rebuts them and storms off. Lara tells Sam, Alex, and Jonah that she isn't ready to leave Roth yet, and they leave her to grieve. Sam stays behind and offers Lara a hug, and tells her to come to the beach whenever she is ready. Lara gives Sam one of Roth's pistols and tells her to keep it close. Sam departs and leaves Lara to grieve.

Lara sits and quietly wonders what to do. Thinking back on Roth's final words to her, she tries to figure out what Mathias' room meant. She realizes that the storms are linked to the power of the Sun Queen. She makes her way to the beach. She receives a call from Alex, who tells her that the boat is going to be hard to fix without the correct tools. Lara tells him to see what he can do and that she is on her way. She makes her way through the shanty town's cargo transport system.

Return to the Endurance[]

Arriving at the beach, Lara is greeted by Sam and Jonah with a hug. Lara asks where Alex is, and Jonah tells her that he has gone to the wreckage of the Endurance to find Reyes and some tools. Lara tries to help Jonah hoist the engine into place, but they are unsuccessful, Lara goes to one of the nearby wrecks to try and find some block and tackle for Jonah to try and make a pulley. Upon returning, Jonah expressed worry that Alex hasn't returned. However, Whitman's arrival cuts their conversation short. Lara blames Whitman for attempting to lead the Solarii to them, but Jonah and Reyes stop the argument from going on. Not willing to be near Whitman, Lara goes after Alex.

Lara says goodbye to Alex

Lara says goodbye to Alex.

Lara makes her way to the wreckage of the Endurance through an old Military Base. Lara reaches the Endurance, which is being stripped by the Solarii, overseen by a giant of a man, known as Boris, who is heavily armored. Lara manages to defeat him and takes his rope ascender. Lara makes her way into the ship, she takes a moment to stop in her room. She retrieves a photo of herself and Sam from her locker and sees her reflection in the mirror. She presses on and finds Alex pinned down by debris in the engine room with Reyes' tools. Lara tries to free him, but they are attacked by the Solarii. Not willing to let Lara die for him, Alex tells Lara to leave him and get the tools back to the others. Lara refuses, but Alex orders her to leave. Lara takes the tools from Alex wordlessly and kisses him on the cheek to say good-bye. Alex shoots a gas line killing the remaining Solarii and himself. Lara narrowly escapes the exploding back half of the Endurance. Horrified at the loss of another friend, Lara vows not to let anyone else from the crew die.

Lara makes her way back to the beach. By opening a room that she couldn't previously, she finds the journal of a Japanese soldier from the second world war. The journal talks of something that was found in the caves near the other bunker by the beach, which the soldiers believed would help them control the storms. Lara continues on and returns to the beach, giving the tools to Reyes. Sam expresses relief that Lara is still alive, but sadness when she realizes Alex is not with her. Reyes makes a jab about Lara reducing the likelihood of survival, to which Lara tells her to keep her distance. Jonah breaks up the fight and insists they eat.

After finishing their meal, Reyes informs the group that the boat is ready and they can leave at high tide. Lara reiterates that they can't leave, Reyes rebuts her, unwilling to argue. Lara leaves intent on checking the base for clues about the storms. Reyes warns her that if she's not back they'll leave without her, though Sam assures her she won't leave without Lara.

Uncovering the Truth[]

Lara and the Stormguard General

Lara reads the final words of the disgraced Stormguard General.

Lara makes her way through the base, finding the dead body of a Stormguard General who had committed Seppuku. Lara takes his sword and opens a secret compartment with the General's dying words. He states that due to the ritual being corrupted, "the first and last Queen lives a half-life, a soul in a decayed body." Her anger became the storms, forcing any who came near to be trapped, just as she was. Lara realizes that the body of the Sun Queen must be destroyed to free her soul.

Lara makes her way back to the beach, receiving a call from Reyes that they are under attack. Returning to the beach, Lara helps Reyes, and Jonah informs them that Whitman and Sam are gone. Lara realizes that Whitman has taken Sam back to the Solarii. Reyes insists they leave and get help, though Lara argues that they will die if they try to leave. Reyes and Jonah agree to Lara's plan.

Lara informs them that the storms are caused by the trapped soul of a Sun Queen, though she doesn't realize why they needed Sam. Arriving at the base of the Monastery, Lara tells Reyes and Jonah to stay with the boat and kill anyone who isn't her or Sam.

Lara sees Sam and Whitman, with Mathias. Mathias tells Whitman to introduce Sam to the Stormguard sentries as their new queen. Lara witnesses them cut Whitman down and follows them inside, she witnesses some kind of Stormguard ceremony, which she accidentally interrupts, causing them to attack her. Lara makes it to safety and reaches the burial chamber again. She sees the ritual inscribed on the walls, and remembers what the General had written, about the "first and last Sun Queen" Lara realizes that Himiko was the only Sun Queen, and extended her life by transferring her soul into her successors, and now Mathias is using Sam to resurrect her.

Showdown with the Sun Queen[]

Lara kills Mathias

Lara watches as Mathias falls to his death.

Not willing to let her friend be taken over by Himiko's malevolent spirit, Lara fights her way through hordes of Solarii and Stormguard to reach the top of the monastery. She arrives just as Mathias begins the ritual to transfer Himiko's soul into Sam. Lara is attacked by the Stormguard Stalker, after a brief fight, Lara manages to kill him and attack and makes her way to Sam. Lara attempts to kill Himiko with a flaming arrow, but Mathias shoots at her using one of Roth's pistols, which he took from Sam. Lara attacks Mathias with her ax, but he manages to pin her to the ground. Lara retrieves Roth's pistol from him and uses both pistols, shooting him repeatedly. Though Mathias tries to stay upright and kill Lara with a shotgun, he is forced over the edge by the hail of gunfire. He disappears into the ravine below, seemingly killed.

Himiko Destroyed

Lara destroys Himiko's body.

Lara rushes to Sam and steps between her friend and the sun queen. Lara ignites her torch and forces it into the decaying corpse that contains Himiko's soul. The cadaver begins to scream in pain as it burns, and summarily explodes, ceasing the ritual, releasing Himiko's soul from its confines, finally granting her freedom. Lara rushes to Sam and cradles her as she regains consciousness. Sam expresses joy that Lara saved her, and Lara reminds her that she made her a promise that she would get her out of there. Suddenly and the storm ends and the sky clears, with the sunlight illuminating the island, indicating that Himiko is gone and that the storms will no longer stop them from leaving the island.

Going Home[]

Sam rescued

Lara cradles Sam, as the storm clears.

Lara carries the exhausted Sam from the monastery back to the boat, where they are greeted by Jonah and Reyes. Jonah asks what happened, and Lara merely tells him that it's over, and they can leave and she joins them on the boat. Reyes accepts this and takes the helm of the boat, and drives out to sea, and freedom. Lara reflects on how many unsolved mysteries are still in the world, and how she used to be so dismissive of them, and of her father, who had believed so adamantly that they were true. Lara decides to try and find the truth about her own life and the things her father believed.

Lara rescued

A rescued Lara looks to the horizon.

Sometime later, Lara's boat is rescued by a passing freight ship. As the freighter sails away from the island, Sam, Jonah, and Reyes make small talk on the deck while Lara leans against a railing at the bow of the ship. One of the ship's crewmen approaches her and admits that he doesn't know what she's been through, and he's not sure he wants to give her a brutal appearance but assures her that they will soon reach the mainland and that she is almost home. Lara reads over her journal and concludes that she's not truly going home, because life at home will never be the same after her experiences on Yamatai.

After Yamatai[]

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Season of the Witch[]

Lara Nightmares

Lara plagued by nightmares.

After the events of The Ten Thousand Immortals, Lara is still suffering from survivor's guilt, coupled with nightmares and flashbacks. Her fellow survivors are also suffering. Several bizarre instances make her question her hold on reality, as to whether what she saw on Yamatai actually happened. Jonah calls Lara requesting she meet him. Lara heads to Devil's Pass to find Jonah, finding him to be nervous and fearing death speaking of several guardians' as well as their respective calamities showing her a relic he took from Yamatai, claiming they all took them. The pass floods and Jonah attempts to get Lara to safety whilst sacrificing himself, though Lara rescues him. Lara heads to Dublin in order to find out about Jonah's relics from Professor Cahalane, who asks to keep one of them for study. She receives a call from Reyes, asking to meet her. Reyes shows Lara the relic she stole and claims that Lara was the one who suggested they steal them, though Lara does not remember this happening. They are accosted by a man named Matsu, whose group claims to want the pieces, using Alisha Reyes as leverage. Escaping, thanks to the aid of an unidentified man, Reyes departs with her daughter, citing that trouble follows Lara. Lara is hurt but continues to move as she is hunted by the agents of Matsu. She incapacitates one, using a guitar she borrowed from a local busker, and escapes another, by using the local fans of Celtic F.C., whom she tells the agent is a fan of Aberdeen. She is knocked down and threatened by a third, who reveals that Sam has been captured by them. Before he has a chance to kill Lara, Reyes returns, after her daughter made her realize she had been unreasonable. Lara goes to retrieve the final artifact from Cahalane, though they arrive at his office to find it is now a crime scene and Cahalane dead. Lara concludes she must return to Yamatai to save Sam. Though initially hesitant, Reyes decides to accompany her, and Jonah discharges himself from the hospital to go as well. Reyes charters a boat, which they plan on using to get to Yamatai. Lara takes an attache case with her. En route, their vessel is attacked by Matsu's men and destroyed. Lara ends up in the sea. When she awakes, she is in a life raft and spots Yamatai. She rows to the island and gets to the beach. Lara opens the attache case, seeing that it is full of weapons. She gears up and sets off to find Sam.

Lara Dark Horse Comics

Lara returns to Yamatai.

Lara ambushes several agents in order to interrogate them for the location of Sam, however, a brief fight ensues, and Lara kills them. She comes across the wreckage of the Endurance, where she is forced into the water after a rockslide forces her to jump from the ledge. Under the surface of the water, she encounters an apparition of Alex, who asks her to stay with him. Lara refuses and apologizes for his death, but he understandingly tells her to go. Alex asks her to give his pocket watch to his sister, he then tells Lara that she is dying and needs to go.

Lara is rescued by the man from the pub in Dublin, who reveals his name to be Danny, who tells Lara they are being watched. They are ambushed by Matsu's men and daughters, who are dressed as Makara. They threaten to kill Danny in order to force Lara to surrender, which Lara does since he had saved her twice. Lara and Danny are bound in a chamber, where they are taunted by Matsu's daughters for a brief time before they depart. Danny and Lara talk about what they are planning, though Matsu arrives, and offers to take Lara to Sam, who is unharmed. Matsu reveals that Sam wasn't their target and that in fact they actually wanted Lara herself, whom they wished to sacrifice in order to resurrect Mathias, and by proxy, Himiko. They begin the ritual to resurrect Mathias, using Lara's blood.

Seeing that the ritual is working, Matsu tells the guard to take Lara's head off to speed up the process. However before he strikes her, Lara is rescued by Reyes and Jonah. Matsu threatens Lara, but Sam attacks him with the machete, and his blood completes the ritual, resulting in Mathias returning with Matsu as the new vessel for his soul. Mathias then kills Matsu's daughters. Though his return is short-lived as Lara destroys him with a grenade. Whilst trying to escape, Danny, reveals that he had hypnotized Lara's friends into believing they had stolen the relics, as a way to lure Matsu and his men out of hiding. He also reveals that he was formerly a member, as well as working for Lara's father prior to his death. He reveals his intention was to kill Lara in order to stop Mathias from ever being able to come back. He attempts to kill her, but Lara manages to kill him first with a grenade. Lara then rejoins the rest of the group and they head home once more.

Secrets and Lies[]

Lara VS Trinity Strike Team

Lara engages Trinity's forces.

Sometime later, Lara and Reyes are climbing Snowdon as an act of remembrance towards Roth. Whilst planting some daffodils Lara sees another apparition of Alex, who once again requests she save his sister. Lara heads to Pripyat in Ukraine to look for her. Whilst scouting the ruins of the city, Lara is attacked by a group of rabid dogs. Reluctant to kill them, Lara is held up by Alex's sister, Kaz Weiss. Kaz is initially cold towards Lara, blaming her for Alex's death. Lara gives Kaz Alex's watch, and tells her that Alex died a hero. Kaz's brothers in law arrive and threaten Lara, believing she is hunting Kaz. Kaz reveals that she is hiding from Trinity, who she used to work for after she disclosed their nature to her wife, who was previously murdered.

However one of Trinity's assassins, Mr. Cruz, arrives with the intention of killing Kaz, even mortally wounding one of Kaz's brothers-in-law. The dogs attack him and he flees. Lara pursues him and the two end up in a scuffle, resulting in Lara being stabbed, though she does manage to beat him. Lara is then brought on to the home of Kaz's in-laws to be stitched up by her mother in law, Varvara. Whilst Kaz takes the wounded brother to the hospital, Lara intends on leaving in order to hunt down Mr. Cruz, however, her hunt is no longer necessary, when Cruz returns with a squad of heavily armed Trinity soldiers and a helicopter gunship, which he uses to destroy the house. Lara and Varvara survive, however, while the others are killed in the explosion. Lara and Varvara kill many of the soldiers, and Kaz returns to kill the last in the squad. Lara dons a disguise in order to shoot down the helicopter. Lara then offers Kaz a place to live.

Lara - Elizabeth Bennet

Lara before her debut as Elizabeth Bennet.

However, Mr. Cruz survives, and Lara becomes a target of Trinity as well. Mr. Cruz seeks the aid of one of Trinity's top operatives, Auger Ramille, to do the job, Lara is in the midst of a production of Pride and Prejudice which she agreed to be in for Jonah, however, she is regretting agreeing to it. Her inability to remember her lines agitates the lead, Andrea, into quitting the production. Jonah asks her to try and get her back, Lara agrees and even hopes to get some acting tips from her, and invites her to dinner. After warming up to Lara, Andrea agrees to help, however, they are approached by two muggers, Lara quickly dispatches them. Horrified, Andrea leaves the production. Ramille witnesses Lara's fight with the attackers, and decides against killing her, instead of wishing to take her under his wing. Lara breaks the news to Jonah, who insists she take Andrea's place, as the lead much to Lara's dismay.

Lara is overcome with stage fright and offered comfort and encouragement from Sam. Lara accepts her role in the play and gets ready for the final rehearsal. While in make-up she receives flowers, with a note attached, from Cruz, saying that he has Kaz and will kill her if Lara doesn't come to him in the subways of London. Lara rushes to rescue Kaz, (whilst wearing her costume for the play, since she had no time to change.) Lara finds Cruz with two henchmen holding Kaz at gunpoint. However before Cruz can act, Ramille arrives and kills Cruz's two goons, and Kaz kicks Cruz himself onto the electrified rail line. Ramille requests Lara to come with him to hone her skills, she refuses and he allows himself to be hit by an oncoming train. The following night, Lara gets ready for the opening night of the play, with a new costume, she attempts to understand her character better, before the curtain opens.

Queen of Serpents[]

Lara training

Lara training, after hours at the British Museum.

Lara takes a temporary job working in a museum where she would train after hours, which she was thankful for the security guards for not reporting her. One night she was visited by Sam, who had been followed by a man, who had also headed to the Museum to leave a tape for Lara. Lara and Sam gave chase. However, he throws something at them, and Lara forces them both to the ground, believing that he had thrown a grenade, though it turns out to be a remote control. Lara and Sam go to the staff room and find that he had left a videotape, which much to her surprise is a ransom video for Grim, asking for $5,000,000, with a two-week deadline, and telling them that they are being watched. They bring the tape to Kaz, who analyzes it, and determines that the people in the tape were members of a Mexican bandit group, known as Las Serpientes Que Caminan. Seeing no choice but to pay the ransom, Lara goes to meet her uncle, to take control of the Croft Estate, which she had hoped to never do. However after he refuses to release her inheritance to her, Lara goes home. Sam suggests that they simply rescue Grim themselves, by going to Mexico under the cover of a documentary crew searching for the Chupacabra.

Sam sets up a pair of decoys to take their place while they go to Mexico. With the plan set, Lara drives a van with Sam, Kaz, and Jonah as passengers. They manage to shake their tail and cause them to follow the wrong van before escaping to the airport. Getting to Mexico, Sam charters a boat to take them to the island, captained by a man named Arturo, where Las Serpientes Que Caminan is based. Lara goes to Jonah, who is attempting to catch dinner. A storm rolls in, and Lara begins to worry, Jonah suggests they go inside and have a drink. Lara goes to check on Sam, who is acting cold and distant, demanding to be left alone. Lara goes to ask Arturo how long the storm will last but is interrupted when she spots Sam out on the deck. Lara is horrified as Sam dives into the water. Lara and Arturo, dive in after her. Confusingly, the storm disappears almost instantly, though, they are still in danger as a shark approaches and mauls the captain's leg. Lara manages to get him out of the water, but Sam attacks the shark by stabbing it in the eye with the Ankh necklace she was wearing. Sam has no recollection of these events immediately after they happened. After getting to shore Arturo tells them to take his boat as gratitude for saving him.

They take the boat arriving at the island a short time later. The group interviews locals for their documentary as a way to get the locals talking, in order to hopefully find out information on the bandits. Lara talks to a woman who tells her that her daughter, Mari, has gone missing. Lara manages to get information from the woman that Las Serpientes Que Caminan operates nearby. Lara promises to keep an eye out for the missing child. Sam tries to get footage of an elderly woman offering fruit to the spirits, but the woman snaps at Sam and causes her to pass out. They take Sam to the boat, Jonah suggests she probably just had a bad reaction to the burning herbs. Lara tells Sam that she's worried and that she should stay on the boat, causing Sam to snap at Lara for treating her like she's inferior. Lara sneaks off that night to try and find the bandits alone, with Kaz offering to cover for her. Lara stumbles across a pit where she finds the missing child. Lara tries to rescue her but ends up stuck in the pit as well. Lara leads Mari through a flooded cave to try and find another way out. They are attacked by a crocodile, though Lara manages to kill it. Lara returns Mari to her village the following morning after getting a map from her, who claims to have seen Grim.

Lara spares guard

Lara intentionally missed a guard, to scare him off.

Lara heads back into the jungle, though she loses the map, she still manages to find the bandit's camp. She is captured and interrogated by the "Queen," Leticia Cortez. Cortez informs Lara that she had known her father, whom she had met when he came to her village and managed to halt a swamp being drained for construction, even having a brief romantic fling with him. Though she still wanted the ransom and seeing how Lara couldn't pay it, decides to try and use Sam.

She has Lara thrown into the pit, and Lara recognizes her cellmate, or at least she believes she does, as the man reveals that he isn't Grim, but Grim's twin brother, Cuddy. Lara manages to break out of the cell with Cuddy in tow. They find Grim's boat and decide to use it as a way to distract the guards who have captured Lara's friends. Lara unties the others while the guards are distracted, though once Sam is untied, Sam kills the guards, and once again seems to not be able to recall what happened. The group manages to get to shore, though Lara is unable to shake Sam out of her vacant state.

Returning to London, Lara is fired from her position in the museum, though she does manage to get Cuddy a job there. Lara starts to realize that she is overly suspicious and constantly jumping at shadows. Returning home, she tries to talk to Sam, but Sam is hearing none of it, and goes for a run. Lara contemplates leaving, even going back to Yamatai, to study the lost kingdom, earning her a chastising from Kaz. Lara receives a call from the police, who reveal that Sam has been arrested. The following morning, Lara goes to visit her, only to find that she has been held for psychiatric evaluation. Lara is horrified at Sam referring to herself as "We", realizing that Himiko is still alive within Sam. Lara promises to help Sam. Lara decides to finally publicly talk about what happened to the crew of the Endurance during the search for Yamatai.

Search for Immortality[]

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Lara therapy

Lara attends therapy sessions to appease her uncle.

Lara's account of what happened is discredited, as no evidence can be found to verify her claims. Lara starts being harassed by tabloid papers and called crazy. Lara's uncle forces her to seek professional help if she wishes to take control of her inheritance. To appease him and show she is co-operating she begins to see a therapist. Lara is cold and distant to him, though she does admit to being negatively affected by the aftermath of Yamatai, blaming herself for the death of her friends, and Sam being imprisoned. She also reveals that she is relying on Jonah for emotional support.

Lara begins to look through her father's research on immortality, and is intent on proving that what she saw actually happened, and also restoring her father's reputation. Lara discovers that her father was searching for the tomb of the fabled Divine Source, which could apparently grant immortality to any who witnessed it, and Deathless Prophet, who had claimed to have used it and beaten death. Lara also discovers that her father was being watched by Trinity, the same organization she had encountered in Pripyat. Lara manages to track the location of the tomb in Northern Syria.

Lara explains to Ana

Lara attempts to convince Ana her father was right.

One night, Lara is heading home. From the street she spots a light on in her flat and she heads inside. Lara knows that someone was there, as they had left one of her father's tapes running and left the window open when they left. Hearing someone at the door, Lara readies her climbing axe to attack whoever it is. Lara sees that it's Ana a moment before she strikes. Lara tells Ana that she has found the tomb her father had been searching for, Ana is clearly distressed when Lara reveals that the tomb is in Syria and tells Lara that she needs to let go of this obsession as it is what killed her father. Lara ignores her and makes preparations for her trip.

The Prophet's Tomb[]


Lara becomes suspicious of an alleged Militia chopper.

Lara travels to Türkiye under the guise of being on a sightseeing trip. She hires a man to take her into the war torn Syria. When they get close to their destination, a helicopter flies overhead. The guide assures her it's just the local militia, though his evasive behavior makes Lara realize that he told someone where he was heading, and who with. The helicopter begins to open fire on them. The guide is killed, and the car crashes. Lara manages to crawl out of the wreckage and survive the ensuing explosion and a fall down the nearby cliff.

Lara syria tomb

Lara explores the Tomb of the Prophet.

She proceeds forward, finding a tunnel that leads her to a chamber with a monolith. She deciphers the text of the monolith, which speaks of the Prophet. Lara smashes a weak wall to get out, and discovers the ruins of the tomb of the Prophet. Seeing the helicopter from earlier fly overhead, Lara rushes across the unstable remains of a bridge. Lara travels through the tomb avoiding the many traps that had been set up to kill intruders. Lara arrives in the burial chamber, where the Prophet had been laid to rest.

Lara threatens Konstantin

Lara meets Konstantin.

Upon opening the sarcophagus Lara is shocked to find it empty, she desperately tries to think of what she could have missed. However, she is interrupted by incoming mercenaries. Lara hides within the coffin as they begin rigging the chamber with explosives. When she was discovered, she comes face to face with a man she would later come to know as Konstantin, Lara demands to know who they are. He tells her that she already knows, and Lara correctly identifies them as Trinity. He demands to know what she did with the artifact and the Prophet's body, Lara stands down and tells him the truth: the tomb was empty when she arrived. While Konstantin is distracted, Lara snatches the detonator and sets off the charges. She escapes the collapsing and flooding structure amidst the shooting of Trinity's soldiers. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she spots a familiar looking symbol of a cross that bears Byzantine design.

Return to Croft Manor[]

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Blood Ties, Eviction Notice

Lara reads the eviction notice from her Uncle.

Lara makes it out of Syria and returns to England, going back to her family home for the first time in years, to find the cross in her father's research. While there, she receives a letter from her uncle, Atlas, who as executor of the estate claims that there she has no legal claim over the manor, as no will was made, and since her mother had disappeared her death was not technically declared. As such, she must vacate the manor. Lara believes that her father left a will and that it is locked in his safe. Lara finds a note which gives clues to the combination. She searches the house in an attempt to find more clues to the combination, while reminiscing about her childhood.

Lara discovers that her mother's death was the catalyst that lead to her father becoming obsessed with immortality, and that he had found her body and brought it home. He searched for a way to resurrect her, though to no avail.

Lara finds her Mother

Lara finds her mothers final resting place.

Finding all the clues, Lara opens her father's safe and finds no will, however, she finds a sheet of paper which leads her to a secret passage, which brings her to a hidden lab, with her father's research. Lara finds a final clue, that leads her to a tomb hidden within the manor grounds, where her mother is interred. Lara finds a note from her mother, explaining that they will always be connected.

Lara has the grave verified, legally declaring her mother's death and granting her full control of the Croft family assets. She has the documentation sent to her uncle.

Two days later, Lara receives a letter from her Uncle. He informs her that with her mother's death verified, his claim for the Manor has been rendered null and void. He asks her to contact him if she requires assistance running the estate, hoping they can put the past behind them. Lara takes a moment to reflect on how she'd been so busy focusing on fighting her uncle she never realized how much the manor meant to her, feeling a connection with her family. Wanting to restore her family's reputation, she resolves to return the Croft family name to its former glory. Blood Ties actually takes place after the events in Syria because the atlas Sofia gives to Lara at the end of Rise of The Tomb Raider is there in her father's study.

Lara resumes her task of finding the cross she saw in Syria in one of her father's books, which she finds linked to the myth of Kitezh which had apparently sunk beneath a lake. She is visited by Jonah. Lara tells him about her theory of the city of Kitezh being linked to the Prophet, and that she had been attacked by Trinity. Jonah berates her for wanting to go after it since he doesn't want to lose any more friends and angrily storms out.

Intruder approcahes Lara

Lara realizes she's not alone.

Lara is suddenly attacked by a man who broke in, she tries to fight him off, but he pins Lara to the ground and begins strangling her. Jonah comes back to apologize for snapping at her, spotting the man choking Lara he grabs a lamp, as Lara finally pushes him off. She grabs his gun as he tries to escape, disarmed and outnumbered, he jumps out the window. Lara is horrified that she has lead Trinity to the city, and realizes she needs to find it first. Jonah agrees to accompany Lara after seeing that she is in much deeper than he thought.

Mountain Storm[]

Jonah Lara Siberia

Jonah and Lara prepare to scale the mountains.

Lara and Jonah hire a team to help them get to the mountains where ruins that had Byzantine designs were spotted. The guides however refuse to go into the mountains. Lara tells Jonah that she isn't going back, He tells her that he knows and the pair prepare to scale the mountains alone. As they ascend a storm begins to form, they make haste to reach a place where they can find shelter. Lara spots the ruins, believing them to be the lost city. However the storm arrives sooner than expected, which triggers an avalanche, Jonah severs the line between himself and Lara telling her to run. However, Lara is caught in the waves of snow.

When Lara emerges from the snow, she hears Jonah over the radio, and tries to respond though he can't seem to hear her. She says that if he can hear her, to turn back and not follow her. After gathering some wood and deer hide Lara builds a fire, a tent, as well as a makeshift bow, Lara hunkers down for the night. Later, she awakens to the sound of gunfire, She climbs a tree to see what is happening. She witnesses a man and a woman being chased by members of Trinity. The woman kills several of Trinity's goon with her bow, but runs out of arrows. The man is killed and the woman has no choice but to continues to run. One soldier spots Lara's fire and makes his way to her camp. Finding it abandoned, he goes to search. Lara jumps from the tree and knocks him out. Lara heads onwards

Lara vs Bear

Lara is attacked by a bear.

and tries to move on, but is forced backward after being attacked by a bear. Lara is forced to retreat being knocked over a cliff in the process, knocking her out, causing her to dream about her father.

Lara awakens, and on her way back she sees an old soviet installation where Trinity are setting up. She realizes that the bear is living in the cave that leads through. Lara gets the idea to make a poison from the mushrooms in the area. She finds resources to make a poison arrowhead. Lara heads back to the bear's cave and kills it using her poison arrows. She returns to the cave and engages the bear, managing to kill it. Lara heads into the cave finding a way through to the glacial caverns.

Lara meets Sofia

Lara accosted by one of the natives.

Lara arrives at a cove overlooking the facility Lara is confronted by the female archer she saw being chased by Trinity earlier. Lara lowers her bow and declares herself as not a threat. She reasons that Lara had killed several men on her way there, to which Lara retorts that she had killed them to protect herself and that she had done the same. The archer lowers her bow and tells Lara that Trinity have captured many of her people, and tells Lara to leave. Lara tells her she has come for something important, She raises her bow once more saying that Trinity had also come for something important and warns her that, if she sees Lara again, she will put an arrow through her throat. Lara is distracted by an explosion, turning back the archer is gone.

Lara revolver

Lara travels through the soviet installation, discovering that Trinity have established an outpost there and have been torturing locals to gather information. She sneaks into the area dispatching Trinity's thugs and acquires a pistol. She encounters a native who tells her they have someone imprisoned. Lara presses on and sees Konstantin, the man from the tomb in Syria, is in command. He proceeds to gouge out the eyes of one of his own men for failing him. He is radioed about the capture of the leader of the inhabitants of the area. He tells his men that they must remain strong in order to achieve their goal and obtain the Divine Source. Lara kills the rest of Trinity's forces and makes her way outside, wanting to find Konstantin and his prisoner in an attempt to gain some information. Making her way to the old soviet Gulag, Lara offers her assistance to the locals, freeing several of them and helping them find a safe place to rest. Lara finds Konstantin in a dilapidated church, and overhears a part of his conversation with someone on the radio, he assures them that he will not fail. Suddenly a sentry finds her, before she can flee she is knocked unconscious by another and taken to the old Gulag.

Lara and Ana restrained

Lara and Ana restrained in the Gulag.

When she wakes up she sees Ana tied to a chair opposite her. It is soon revealed that Ana is an agent of Trinity. She offers Lara a position within the organization, one which Lara angrily refuses, being vulgar towards Ana and spitting in her face. Konstantin physically retaliates to her defiance before drawing his gun intending to kill Lara, Ana stops him on the grounds that she may change her mind and join them. Konstantin then drags Lara from the room and escorts her to the holding cells locking her up. Lara angrily declares that it's not over before he leaves.

Escape from the Gulag[]

Lara and Jacob in Gulag

Lara decides to free Jacob.

Lara wastes no time in trying to break out. She unlocks her handcuffs using a hairclip as the man in the cell next to her tries to make polite small talk, though Lara is cold and dismissive to him, as Ana's betrayal has left her unwilling to trust him. She gets out of her cell and prepares to escape, leaving them however he sways her when he informs her that he knows what they are all looking for. Lara frees him and gives him a radio. He introduces himself as Jacob. They make their way through the base.

Lara learns through Ana's audio logs that Konstantin believes that he was chosen by God due to the appearance of Stigmata marks on his hands as a child. However, Lara also learns that Ana had cut them into his hands one night, in order to manipulate him into becoming the man he is, completely justifying the actions he commits in the name of God.

The two overhear Ana and Konstantin talking, where Lara learns that Ana is sick, which is why she wants the Divine Source. After they leave, Lara checks their notes on the Divine Source, though the sound of footprints causes her to hide under a floor grate after Jacob tells her to meet him at the Train Yard.

Lara encounters several Trinity soldiers, managing to steal an assault rifle from one, she fights her way through to the train yard, where she witnesses Jacob effortlessly dispatching a Trinity soldier. They are attacked by a gunship and chased by Trinity soldiers, Lara is knocked into the river and almost drowns.

Jacob saves Lara

Lara tells Jacob why she seeks the Divine Source.

Lara wakes up in a small cave, where Jacob has taken her to recover. He asks why she has come all the way, and why she would risk her life coming out here. Lara tells him that her father had become obsessed with legends of immortality, which resulted in him neglecting her, becoming a laughing stock, eventually taking his own life. She tells him that she resented him for years, and has since experienced something that lead her to realize her father had been right all along and that she needed to restore his reputation. Jacob asks her to help them fight Trinity instead and abandon her quest to claim the Divine source. Lara refuses saying that she needs answers. Jacob leaves to tend to his people and warn them about Trinity, telling Lara to rest.

Lara rests for a bit before following Jacob. He calls her asking her to meet him at the entrance to the mine, Lara makes her way there, dispatching Trinity's forces in the copper mill, which she inadvertently sets ablaze. After escaping the inferno, she is attacked by a Trinity soldier who is dispatched by Jacob with a thrown knife. They travel towards his village through the abandoned mines. They are separated when Trinity restores power to the mines, using a massive drill to cause the caves to begin to collapse.

Lara travels through the caverns, discovering more ruins, including a pantheon across a massive gorge. Using a series of cables, Lara manages to pry the massive door open, rushing inside before the entrance is sealed by falling debris. Inside, Lara finds a large statue of the prophet, as well as a series of murals that chronicle the prophet's exodus from Syria and the construction of Kitezh. Lara notes that in one mural it appears that someone is gifting something to the Prophet, she translates the inscription and learns that it is called the Atlas, which shows the location of Kitezh. Realizing it's vital, Lara presses on, intending to claim the Atlas.

Aiding the Remnants[]

Lara continues forward and eventually arrives in Jacob's village where she is greeted with hostility from the villagers, lead by the female archer from before. Lara informs her that she and Jacob escaped from Trinity together. Believing Jacob would never trust an outsider, she prepares to follow through on her earlier threat. However, she is thrown off guard when Jacob steps out of the cave, calling her by name, Sofia, who in turn identifies Jacob as her father. Jacob declares that Lara is their ally and must not be harmed. Sofia agrees, though she clearly still doesn't trust Lara.

Lara learns that Jacob and his people, The Remnants, are the descendants of the followers of the Deathless Prophet and a guard of the secrets of the Divine Source and the Lost City of Kitezh. Jacob orders his people to prepare for Trinity's imminent invasion of the Valley. Upon Jacob's suggestion, Lara begins helping the Remnants prepare, by helping them gather materials, destroy Trinity's drones, and lighting a signal beacon.

Jacob thanks Lara for her help and asks her to meet him in the upper village. En route, Trinity begin their invasion. Lara proceeds forward and finds Jacob held with two other villagers, after one of them is executed, another tries to bargain for the safety of the rest of the village by telling him about the Atlas. Jacob kills the guard and gives Lara his shotgun which she uses to help fight off Trinity's forces, including a flamethrower trooper.

After Trinity have fled, Lara asks Jacob about the Atlas. He tells Lara it is an ancient map, and now that Trinity know of it, they will likely search the tower in the ruins of the acropolis above, which is not its location. He also relents that many innocent people live in the ruins. Lara offers to help and makes her way there.

Arriving in the acropolis Lara finds Trinity have already arrived and have begun killing hostages. Lara fights her way through, saving several Remnants including Sofia, who admits that she misjudged Lara. Lara tells Sofia to make sure the others get to safety while she pushes back against Trinity's forces.

When the area is safe, Lara asks Jacob about the Divine Source once more. He tells Lara that the Prophet had brought the Divine Source to the valley centuries ago, and Trinity had been constantly searching for Kitezh ever since. Lara asks Jacob to help her retrieve the Atlas, though he refuses. Lara tells him that she's going to get it, with or without his help. Sofia tells Lara that she wants to help, and reveals that the Atlas is in the Cathedral, however, she tells Lara that she won't come with her, because of the Deathless Ones, who are the army of the Prophet, are still alive after the fall of Kitezh.

Retrieving The Atlas[]

Lara Takes Ana hostage

Lara takes Ana hostage.

Lara makes her way to the Cathedral, inside she finds Ana and several Trinity soldiers. She spots more about to arrive, with no way forward or back she rushes in and takes Ana hostage. Ana begins deriding Lara, saying that she has nowhere to go, and she will die if she pulls the trigger. Meanwhile, Lara discretely tangles her leg in rope. Ana then orders her men to shoot Lara, however, she shoots Trinity's explosives causing the floor to collapse.

Lara and Ana fall, tangled in the rope, along with two generators that are threatening to drag them both down,. Lara falls the short distance to safety while Ana climbs up. Ana tells Lara to reconsider her offer before it's too late, Lara responds by shooting her in the arm and telling her it's already too late for her betrayal. Ana warns her that she won't be able to get the Atlas, if her men can't. Lara ignores her and storms off.

Lara retrieves the Atlas

Lara reaches the Atlas.

Lara makes her way into the lower levels arriving in a massive room. Against one of the walls, there is a pedestal holding the Atlas. Lara retrieves it. Suddenly she is attacked by Trinity's forces she manages to fight her way through them. Lara finds herself in a flooded area with a massive statue of the Prophet. Lara destroys a massive statue to get to higher ground but is accosted by the Deathless Ones, who attempt to kill her. Lara manages to make an escape through the flooded tunnels below.

Discovering Kitezh[]

Lara reunites with Jonah

Lara reunites with Jonah.

On her way back to the surface, she receives a call from Jonah who tells her that he is with the Remnants. Lara heads to meet him, overjoyed that he is still alive, she tells him that she was right. Sofia arrives and tells her that Jacob is waiting for her. They head inside, where they use the Atlas. Lara discovers that the city had in fact not sank beneath the lake, but had in fact been buried beneath the glacier, and that there is a secret path into the city right there in the observatory, Lara suddenly realizes that Jacob knew the way in the whole time, which she confronts him about, he admits it.

They are suddenly attacked by Trinity, who destroy the observatory, Lara is knocked out a window, managing to grab a chain to save herself. Jonah tries to pull Lara up, but he is abducted by Trinity along with the Atlas. Lara climbs back in, seeing Jacob has been shot, she rushes to his side. Jacob tells Lara that they have to act quickly before Trinity discovers the source. Lara tells him that she can't lose Jonah, even if that means she won't get the answers she came for. Jacob tells her to go as several of the Remnants come to his aid.


Lara calls Sofia over the radio, Sofia tells Lara about some gear that might help her save Jonah above the old mine building. She makes her way to an old Soviet weather station near the gulag. She finds the Atlas in the weather dome, and realizes that Ana and Konstantin have already used it, she takes it with her in order to stop anyone else from using it. She sees a computer set up, which displays a camera feed showing Jonah being interrogated by Konstantin. Lara makes her way to the way prison block by ziplining across the cable car wires.

Arriving at the Prison block, Lara takes a moment to steal the keys to the cells and gives them to the imprisoned Remnants. A short way forwards, she finds Jonah still being interrogated, Jonah sees Lara through the window and laughs. Lara shoots at the glass. It doesn't break, however, it does draw Konstantin's attention, giving Jonah an opportunity to tackle him breaking his restraint, he takes Konstantin's gun. Konstantin begs for mercy, Lara tells Jonah not to listen and kill him. Jonah however is unable to shoot him as he is unarmed. Konstantin suddenly draws a knife and stabs Jonah in the stomach as a horrified Lara looks on. Konstantin orders his men to sweep the prison and kill everyone. Lara smashes the window with a fire extinguisher and gets to Jonah, and tells him to hold on.

The Remnants that Lara freed arrive, they tell Lara that Konstantin's men are on their way. She tells them to watch Jonah and bar the door. Lara engages Konstantin's men in a lengthy battle, during which she is knocked into a pool under the floor, Lara uses it to eliminate the remaining soldiers. Lara returns to Jonah, who tells her she has to stop blaming herself before passing out. One of the Remnants tells her that he is dying and that his only hope is if they get him to Jacob. A tearful Lara agrees.

They return to the Observatory, Jacob, who seems to have recovered is waiting for them. Lara asks him to save Jonah. Jacob agrees and performs a brief incantation, which seems to completely seal Jonah's wound. Lara questions Jacob over how he could have recovered from his gunshot so quickly, combined with how he healed Jonah. She rhetorically asks if Jacob is the Deathless Prophet, he tells her the truth. She then asks about the Divine Source. He reveals that the source is real, however, it is not Divine. And that he had lied to his people to stop them from seeking it out. He had used the source on his armies to grant them immortality. However, when they were attacked by the Mongols, the Army caused an avalanche to bury the city, so they wouldn't lose the Source. He says that if Trinity get the source, they will do far worse.

The Path of the Deathless[]

Suddenly Trinity's helicopters fly past in the direction of the glacier that rests over Kitezh. Jacob realizes that they are going to use brute force to smash through the ice and get to the city. Lara suggests she enter the city through the Path of the Deathless. Jacob objects on the grounds that it is too dangerous, though Lara points out there are no other options. Jacob concedes and has Sofia open the path before she and the rest of the Remnants go to hold Trinity off.

Lara gets into the city by way of the ancient orrery built by Jacob's astronomers. In the outer areas of the city, she encounters the Deathless Ones again. Following the journals of a Trinity agent embedded in the Mongolian forces, Lara realizes the truth of Jacob's warning: the Divine Source grants immortality, but at the cost of their sense of self. The Deathless Ones are the immortal inhabitants of Kitezh, now forced to defend the city for eternity.

Lara is discovered by the Deathless ones. Making use of their Greek fire reserves, Lara manages to defeat the battalion of soldiers in the area before pushing forward towards the city.

The Lost City of Kitezh[]

Lara reaches a massive wall in the inner part of the city, which leads to the chamber of souls where the Divine Source is housed. Lara uses a massive Trebuchet to destroy the gates in the walls to progress. At the base of the tower, Trinity breaks through the glacier and descends into the city, the Remnants follow suit and a three way battle ensues between the Deathless Ones, Trinity, and the Remnants. Lara scales the outside of the tower while the battle rages to reach the source. At the top, she is attacked by Konstantin's gunship. Not having sufficient firepower, Sofia attempts to aid her using a Trebuchet, though Konstantin's gunship is too fast. Lara gets the idea for Sofia to fire the trebuchet which she will shoot to try and hit the chopper. This works and Konstantin crashes below.

Lara falls into the area where Konstantin crashed where she dispatches several of the Deathless and proceeds forward. She spots an exit through the wreckage of Konstantin's chopper, however, Konstantin has survived and takes her weapons. Lara engages in a game of cat and mouse, managing to get in close and use her axes to injure Konstantin before stabbing her knife to his chest. Konstantin is in disbelief that Lara had beat him. Lara tells him that Ana had manipulated him and that he was never truly chosen. Konstantin is shattered by this revelation. A sudden rumbling causes Lara to press on, though Konstantin demands she not walk away from him. He claims that Lara's father did not commit suicide, but was in fact murdered by Trinity, mocking her.

Lara will then decide whether or not to execute Konstantin. If she doesn't she will declare "You're not worth it." Before the floor collapses and he is swallowed by the flames below.

Lara then rushes to the Chamber of Souls. Ana is already there, having found the Divine Source. Lara tells her that Konstantin is dead, as well as the rest of the troops. She tells Ana that all Trinity has wrought is death, and they will bring more if they get the source. Ana tells Lara she has no intention of giving the Source to Trinity, and intends to keep it. A Trinity soldier arrives warns them that the Deathless are on their way, before he is quickly killed by Jacob, who is in turn shot by Ana. Lara draws her own gun on Ana, who tries to reason with Lara to let her take it, saying that another Croft doesn't have to die for it. Unphased, Lara says she's willing to if need be.

The Deathless arrive, Ana shoots at them to no effect, She tries one last time, begging Lara saying she is dying and this is her only choice, Lara wordlessly denies her. With no other choice, she uses gazes upon the source to gain immortality. However, she is overwhelmed and drops it. Lara takes it, making sure to not look at it, she turns to Jacob who tells her it is okay, Lara says she is sorry (presumably meant to be directed at her father) and shatters the Divine Source, killing the Deathless Ones, and Jacob. However, Jacob is happy that his time has finally come and even laughs at the prospect of his own death, before saying he's met few as extraordinary as her. Lara tearfully apologizes to him say she only wanted to make a difference. He simply tells her she already has, before he peacefully dies, turning to dust like the rest of those who had beheld the Divine Source.


Lara and Ana leave the ruins of Kitezh. Ana stops and rests on a rock. Lara asks Ana what she meant when she said "Another Croft doesn't have to die for this." having connected it to what Konstantin said. She demands to know if Trinity ordered her to kill her father. Ana confirms that Trinity ordered his execution, but she couldn't do it, as she had truly loved him. Lara doesn't believe her. Suddenly Ana is shot and killed by a sniper. Lara ducks behind a rock, awaiting a second shot. It doesn't come, she peeks out over cover see if she can spot the sniper, not knowing he has been ordered to stand down.

Lara returns to the Remnants village. Lara reveals to Sofia that Jacob didn't make it. Sofia is saddened by the news, wishing she had been there in the end, however, she is happy in the knowledge that he is finally at peace. Lara asks what she will do, Sofia says that the valley is still their home and that she and her people will rebuild, and kill any of Trinity's forces still in the Valley. Lara says that there is still much for her to discover there, leaving the new leader of the village to rebuild.

The Temple of the Witch[]

Main Article: Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch

Lara intercepts a radio transmission between Trinity soldiers who had encountered a Remnant woman who had killed several of their soldiers in the vicinity of the sawmill, though they managed to wound her. Lara made her way to the sawmill to kill the gathering of Trinity soldiers before they could kill the Remnant. With the threat dispatched, Lara looks for the woman. She follows a blood trail to a large metal cupboard and opens it, finding the wounded Remnant aiming a gun at her. Lara calmly explains she's not a threat, though she clearly sees that the woman is not a threat either as her gun is empty. Relieved that Lara isn't a threat, she takes a moment to rest and introduces herself as Nadia.

Nadia asks Lara for help. She explains she was looking for her grandfather who was en route to the Wicked Vale, to confront the witch, Baba Yaga, in retaliation for the death of his lover, Serafima, a biochemist who was imprisoned in the gulag and brought into the Vale by the Soviets, all of whom died in the attack by Baba Yaga. In no condition to go, Nadia asks Lara to go in her place. Not believing the Witch is real, Lara agrees and heads to the Wicked Vale. On her way there, Nadia patches Lara through a radio transmission of Trinity soldiers who had ventured into the Vale, hearing them screaming in terror as well as inhuman noises.

Baba Yaga confronts Lara

Arriving at the Vale, Lara passes through a cove of flowers, which she mentions to Nadia. She begins to hear and see strange things believing she sees her father she follows him, until she eventually encounters Baba Yaga herself, and her infamous walking house. Lara fights off the witch's demonic hounds, but before Baba Yaga goes to step on her, Lara escapes by jumping into the river.

Lara climbs out downstream at the ruins of a soviet structure, Nadia frantically calls. Lara tells Nadia that she thinks she was hallucinating. Nadia remembers that Lara mentioned flowers, informing her that there was a flower in the valley that could bring on visions, but the effects weren't very potent. As Lara tries to make her way out of the vale, she stumbles across a massive geyser, which smells similar to the flowers, Lara suddenly realizes that the Baba Yaga is a hoax, and is in fact just a human who is using a weaponized strain of the flower's pollen. She realizes that if whoever Baba Yaga really is can resist the effects of the flowers, then so can they.

Lara finds the lab notes which claim to have the recipe for an antidote. Lara calls Nadia who joyously proclaims that they must be her grandmother's notes, and that her grandmother would help them to save her grandfather, as she had in the past, Lara, however, sounds crestfallen as she realizes the truth, she attempts to tell Nadia, but she simply tells Lara to have faith. Nadia tells Lara she will research one of the ingredients to make the antidote called phenothiazine while Lara gathers the rest.

Nadia calls Lara and tells her that phenothiazine is a compound that the soviets used as a termite killer, making Lara skeptical of whether or not it will work. Though Nadia insists it's the right chemical. Lara retrieves it and makes two batches of the antidote. She returns to the Vale and takes her first dose, she passes through and sees the vale for what it was, just a forest decorated with scarecrows, and the demonic hounds she fought were just wolves.

Lara meets with Nadia and summons the cable car to the temple, which was modified to look like it had legs, explaining Baba Yaga's walking house. On the journey to the temple, Nadia explains that her grandfather had been a guard at the gulag, which is where he met her grandmother, and that her grandmother was taken and her grandfather was imprisoned after they had been caught sabotaging the Soviets operation.

Arriving outside the temple, they find Nadia's grandfather, who is rambling. Nadia gives him her second dose of the antidote, he then passes out. Lara heads inside to face the witch while Nadia tends to her grandfather. Lara arrives inside and encounters the witch, who causes her to drop her second dose of the antidote, leaving Lara to face her while under the effects of the toxin. Baba Yaga summons her minions, more demonic hounds, and corrupted Trinity soldiers who have fallen victim to her.

Nadia eventually calls Lara and informs her that her grandfather has awoken and has told her that Baba Yaga had not killed her grandmother, but was her grandmother, she begs Lara not to kill her. Lara says she will try but she has to stop the witch. Fortunately, Lara is able to non lethally incapacitate her. Cornered, the defeated witch attempts to threaten Lara, though Lara tries to reason with her, showing sympathy for what happened to her.

Nadia arrives with her grandfather, who addresses the witch by her real name, Serafima. Serafima is shocked to see him, as she had been told by the Soviets that he was dead, which had lead her to seek her revenge and take the mantle of Baba Yaga in the first place. Nadia's grandfather rushes to her side and embraces her. Lara and Nadia leave the pair alone. Before Lara leaves, Nadia realizes that Lara had already figured out that Baba Yaga was her grandmother all along, and admits that it seemed so obvious in hindsight.

The Cold Darkness[]

Main Article: Cold Darkness Awakened

A gas cloud was forming over an old Soviet Weapons Research Facility, and would reach the Remnants base within a day. Sofia, who has learned how to fly a helicopter, brought Lara to the factory, and circles over it, while Nadia read Lara instructions on how to shut down the factory permanently. Lara managed to destroy the research facility, and with the facility's explosion, burn out the gas that was already formed over it.

After Siberia[]

Lara returns to Croft Manor. Realizing that she cannot save her father from his choices, and must instead make her own, knowing now that Trinity is more powerful than she imagined she resolves to stop them. Jonah arrives to go with Lara to the airport, where they head off.

The Search for the Spore[]

While attending an archaeology conference in America, Lara finds herself uninterested in the speakers and decides to meet with Reyes and her friend Dana for combat training. Reyes informs Lara that Dana is going blind. Lara is shocked by Dana's failing vision not in any way hindering her combat prowess. Dana teaches Lara that she is using other techniques such as echolocation. She blindfolds Lara and tells her to focus on sound. Lara does and suddenly hears Sam's voice. Lara is shaken from this by Dana, and they finish their session. Returning to her hotel, Lara is greeted by a man named Todd Bellamy, who is there on behalf of Professor Demur. Demur is interested in Lara's assistance in finding The Mushroom of Immortality. Lara politely refuses and goes to bed. That night a fire alarm is triggered, Lara makes her way out into the hall, through the evacuating crowd, Lara spots Todd propped in a doorway, dead. After speaking with the police, Lara decides to get in contact with Demur.

Lara and Jonah meet with Demur in a diner. Demur is panicky and distraught, Lara asks him what he wanted to see her about. He tells her about a fabled mushroom that bleeds black in China that was key to a longer life. A colleague had emailed him a text he was translating regarding a formula to be used with the mushrooms. Demur had seen such mushrooms in China years prior with his wife, however, he had not obtained samples. Lara goes with Demur to his office to find his notes on that expedition. At Demur's office, they are accosted by a group of armed men who say that Lara and Demur will help them find the mushroom.

Quickly thinking of a plan, Lara kicks a drawer at one of the men, and she and Demur flee. They "borrow" a motorcycle from one of Demur's colleagues. They make their way to a mall that's under construction to hide. They are tracked by the armed men. Demur hides, while Lara dispatches their pursuers, culminating in her using the motorcycle's gas tanks to trigger an explosion and kill several of them. Lara finds Demur dispatching the last man on the scene before they flee. Returning to his office, they find that it has been burned down. Demur assures her that he has hard copies of his records at home, and she and Jonah accompany Demur to China.

The trio arrives in China and switch planes. En route to their destination, Demur has a panic attack and begins pounding on the cockpit door, which swings open to reveal a gun toting member of the same group who had attacked him and Lara previously, and another who is serving as their pilot. Lara incapacitates both of them with a fire extinguisher, which leads to Jonah having to assume the controls to avoid a crash, leading to a successful emergency landing on a dirt road. They call for help to get the plane removed from the area, taking the two unconscious goons with it, they take the supplies with them to offer to the people of a local village in exchange for being allowed to stay the night.

The group heads for a local village which is close to the co-ordinates Demur has for the location of the spore. It is here, that Demure reveals that he wishes to find the spore to help sick people, as he believed that if he'd had the spore, he may have been able to stop his wife from dying from an illness. The group go to bed, but are ambushed by the armed thugs who traced the plane and followed them to the village, Lara and Jonah fight them off to protect the village, but Demur is captured. They are offered assistance by a man named Tom, who wishes to help them by bringing supplies.

While trekking through the jungle they come to a river, which they attempt to wade through using a rope to stop them from being swept away by the current. Lara is knocked by a log and she loses her grip, and is pulled beneath the surface of the water. While she is beneath the surface, she has a vision of Sam, before she is pulled to the surface by Jonah. They manage to get out of the river before hitting a waterfall, as Tom kills a snake that was about to attack.

Tom explains that his grandfather had practiced medicine using the native plants of the land, and that he had come to

[Missing text?]

Final Battle With Himiko[]

However, Lara was contacted by an unknown person informing her that Sam had escaped from Helberg Asylum in Sweden. As Lara prepared to go to Sweden, Jonah wondered if this was just an attempt to distract Lara from her quest to avenge her father and stop Trinity and if that was the case, he offered to go check on Sam in Lara's place. Lara, however, declined, stating that she had suspected that something was wrong with Sam ever since they left Yamatai and had done nothing to help her then but she would help her now.

After arriving at the Asylum, Lara soon learned that Trinity was somehow involved with the Asylum and that they were performing experiments on the patients. However, before Lara could discover anything else, she ran into Sam's mother who, in a fit of rage, began to attack Lara and blame her for what happened to Sam. Lara denied that Sam's fate was her fault but her expression hinted that she may indeed blame herself for what happened.

Soon after getting tossed out of the Asylum, Lara was contacted by the person who had informed her about Sam's disappearance to begin with, a nurse who Sam had apparently befriended. It seemed that Sam had told the nurse about Lara and how to get in contact with her and that Sam was doing alright until Dr. Taffe had begun to run tests on her.

To Lara's horror, it seemed that whatever had happened to Sam caused Himiko to gain more control over her. However, before Lara could call Jonah and let him know what was happening, Lara was attacked by agents of Trinity who managed to subdue her and put her in a straight jacket and was then taken away from the Asylum to an unknown location to be interrogated by Taffe.

It was here that Lara learned what Trinity was doing, that Taffe was attempting to connect Sam to the Divine Source and had apparently gotten close. Taffe also believed that Lara was responsible for Sam's escape and planned to torture Lara to learn what Lara had done.

Learning what Taffe had done to Sam, Lara became enraged at the doctor but chose to escape in order to locate and save Sam. When Taffe asked Lara what she was thinking, Lara threatened to break Taffe's legs for hurting Sam. At this, the thug that had been beating up Lara punched her, which Lara used to tilt her chair back and hit Taffe, throwing him off balance and resulting in him dropping and breaking the syringe.

Believing Lara to be unconscious, Taffe left the room with the thug to get another syringe. After they left, Lara grabbed a broken piece of glass and cut the strap binding her hands, and made her escape. After escaping by hiding in a truck, Lara made her way to a diner and called Jonah who she informed about Sam's disappearance and Trinity's involvement.

Jonah told Lara he was on his way and would be there to help her. Lara soon made her way to Bamberg, Germany to speak with Professor Morrow to discuss a way to find Sam. The Professor had discovered something with ties to Yamatai and Himiko: The Wei Mirror. Morrow quickly deduced that Lara was interested in the mirror for its ability to manipulate the soul and that it could be used to exorcise Himiko's spirit. While Morrow believed that it was indeed possible, she was unsure how it worked.

Before leaving, Morrow offered Lara to come with her to the local cathedral. While there, Morrow asked Lara if she sought the Wei Mirror to help someone she thought was possessed to which Lara stated that was the reason.

However, before Morrow could ask for more information, Lara heard guns being armed and saw Trinity agents preparing to fire at her, pushing Morrow out of the way as Trinity fired at them.

more to be added...

Survivor's Crusade[]

Lara and Jonah seek out an artifact in Thailand that supposedly reveals the location of God. She does not tell Jonah what she is there for. After they are ambushed in a temple by Trinity, Jonah escapes the temple and Lara heads back inside and disappears. Lara spends the next several weeks tracking Trinity eventually arriving in a small town in Italy. Beneath the cathedral there, she dispatches Trinity's forces and learns about a mysterious figure rising through the ranks of Trinity known as "The Cardinal."

Lara returns to England and visits Jonah. At first, he is glad to see her but he quickly confronts her about where she had gone. Lara reveals the truth after which Jonah states he cannot continue to watch her endanger herself. He gives her an ultimatum: stay and try to resume some kind of normal life, or leave. Lara, not believing she is capable of living a normal life anymore, leaves, saddening both of them. 

Lara does, however, try to let go of her want for revenge against Trinity and goes traveling. She spends the next several months doing things such as salvage diving and eventually travels to an island full of cats for solitude. She eventually decides to travel to a temple her father had discovered, deciding to not reveal his find so it would be their special place. However, Lara was followed there by Trinity who prepare to kill her. 

However, the sniper misses Lara alerting her to their presence. She retreats back inside the temple and begins picking off Trinity's forces, using her knowledge of the temple to activate traps. Lara realizes that Trinity had been watching the site for some time and learns they had deciphered the runes and are headed for Antarctica.

She offers the final survivor medical attention if he gives her the information she needs. He refuses and she leaves him to die, stealing a helicopter to leave.


Lara heads to Antarctica to face off against Trinity.

Hunting Trinity[]

Lara knows that Trinity are far too powerful to defeat head on. However, knowing they must be stopped Lara travels the world, eliminating Trinity one cell at a time. More To be added...

Preventing the Apocalypse[]

SOTTR Lara Silhouette
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Lara's mission to hunt down Trinity led her to Cozumel, Mexico, where Trinity had an operation posted. She would discover a site that they had previously been to. Heading into the area, Lara is temporarily stalled by a collapsing passage, but was able to escape largely unscathed. While climbing to the upper part of the temple, Jonah informed her of the arrival of Dr. Dominguez, who is believed to be the leader of the local Trinity cell. Jonah meets Lara inside and the two escape a booby trap.  

Lara follows Dominguez, who is accompanied by Trinity's military leader commander Rourke, through the Mexican village during the Dia De Los Muertos festival. Listening into Dominguez and Rourke's conversations, she deduces Dominquez is not only the head of Trinity's excavation, but also the leader of the Trinity High Council. She infiltrates an excavation site and discovers a sacred dagger inside a lost Maya temple. Despite the murals warning of an apocalypse following the dagger's disturbance, Lara steals the artifact to prevent Trinity from taking it. Ultimately Dominguez reclaims the dagger and leaves Lara to die in the tsunami she triggered. Lara is swept through the town, becoming devastated after seeing the carnage she created. She is snapped out of her depressed state by a furious Jonah.  

Lara is visibly upset by the destruction she caused, and spends the next day helping local relief efforts. A stranger arranges a meeting with her, and it's revealed to be a Trinity defector who became disillusioned after Lara's carelessness washed away his family. The fatalistic employee curses Lara out, and says that since the blood is on her hands, she must stop the Maya cataclysms. He gives her the blueprints for a long-lost Maya temple in Colombia that might help her on her search.

The next morning, Lara and Jonah hire a seaplane pilot, Miguel, and depart for Peru to avoid commercial routes and Trinity's surveillance. Lara is skeptical of the Trinity defector's intel due to its strange location (the Maya never migrated south of Honduras), but convinces Miguel that a stop in Colombia is necessary. After refueling stops in Nicaragua and Panama, the trio touches down in rural Colombia at a drug runner's airstrip. Jonah rides Lara out into the wilderness and she rappels down a cenote to investigate the old Trinity site.

She is intrigued by evidence of a southbound Maya migration, and sees numerous murals and glyphs. She finds the notes of a Brazilian adventurer who was caught by floodwaters. During this, Lara braves Trinity booby traps, subterranean passages, and carnivorous salamanders. Matters are complicated when a Trinity special forces unit confronts her in the caves. The team is led by Harper, a commander determined to kill Croft after she slaughtered his trainees in Siberia. In the end, Lara kills the Trinity forces, and ultimately dismisses the venture as a waste of time, but pores over her notes as Miguel flies them across the Andes.

Lara, Jonah, and Miguel fly over the Amazon Rainforest in search of a landmark mentioned in a Maya riddle, leading them to the Silver Box that could stop the apocalypse. Miguel plans to land the airplane in the frontier town of Kuwaq Yaku. However, the second cataclysm- a massive hailstorm- knocks the plane out of the sky. As Lara levels the seaplane, turbulence rips the plane in half. Jonah and the fuselage fly off, Miguel is thrown clear, and Lara and the cockpit land in a huge tree.

Lara finds herself stranded in the Amazon Rainforest, and struggles to survive the hostile landscape. Heading in the direction of a flare (triggered by Jonah), she attempts to recover her gear from the plane wreck. She dives into a pond to salvage scrap metal from the demolished propeller, survives a moray eel attack, and fashions a primitive blade. She recovers her bow and searches for Miguel, who had left a garbled transmission as he made his way to the flare. Lara stumbles upon a disturbing sight, and is horrified to see Miguel's corpse being devoured by a pair of jaguars, who proceed to attack Lara. She confronts and kills one of them in their den and makes a quick escape.

Lara and Jonah reunite by the plane's gutted fuselage, and Lara informs Jonah of Miguel's fate. She removes a parasite from his arm, finds some bottled water, and takes her climbing axes. The two maneuver through the jungle, where Lara is bewildered to learn that the lost Fawcett expedition had broken down nearby, as well as finding a 20th-century dig abandoned and haunted by strange, shadowy beings. While the two make their descent into Kuwaq Yaku, Lara is attacked by the second jaguar from earlier. She kills it and skins it, and as they make camp she has a nightmare about the day of her father's death.

The two arrive in Kuwaq Yaku, a Peruvian frontier town in decay following a short-lived oil boom. The pair meet Abby, the town's de facto mayor, who points them in the direction of a nearby temple. Lara saves some locals from pillagers and meets Jonah at the temple entrance. Lara remarks that the architecture is Incan, but the foundations are even older. She infiltrates an ancient Maya temple and learns of a warrior's passage to the lost city, Paititi, where the box is said to be.

After facing a series of trials, she reaches the ruins of a lost city, and is amazed to learn that she has arrived in Paititi, the lost Inca city. After being acquainted with the city's deposed monarch, and learning that the city has been infiltrated by Trinity, she engages in a series of excavations to try to avert the apocalypse before the next natural disaster hits. After reaching a dead end, she fights alongside Unuratu until the latter is ambushed and killed by Rourke. With no leads Lara and Jonah depart to return to civilization, demoralized.

On the journey back, Rourke ambushes the pair's canoe, separating them. A foreshock hits, and as Lara desperately searches for Jonah, Rourke contacts her and claims to have killed him. Lara mentally snaps and slaughters all opposing Trinity soldiers in an attempt to find and kill Rourke. She fails to reach Rourke before he leaves, and her rampage ultimately destroys the refinery. Jonah soon arrives, alive and well, and Lara has breaks down. Jonah manages to calm her and they realize that they'd been looking in the wrong place- they needed to find a missionary site in to find the sacred box needed to avert the apocalypse.

Lara arrives at the Mission of San Juan, and helps the locals locate some ruins. She enters the old library with Jonah, where the two locate the box. However, taking the box from its pedestal triggers a booby trap causing part of the floor to collapse and Lara to fall into the sunken catacombs. After narrowly escaping, she winds up in the chapel where she sees that Trinity has broken in and begun torturing Jonah for the box's location. Forced with the choice between losing yet another friend and sacrificing the box, Lara calls out to Dominguez and reveals her presence. She offers him the box in exchange for Jonah's life. In this exchange, Dominguez reveals that her father was brilliant but relentlessness and obsession threatened Paititi's existence and that, as a result, Trinity ordered Lord Croft's death.

Although upset that Dominguez had been the one responsible for tearing Lara's world apart, she nonetheless offers him the chance to restore the sun and still keep Paititi safe. However, Dominguez does not listen to reason. Jonah uses the distraction to break free of the guards to join the fight. In the ensuing scuffle, Dominguez gains both the dagger and the box. As Dominguez escapes, Lara and Jonah are forced to leave right as the third disaster of the apocalypse strikes the town: an earthquake, wich triggers a mudslide. Lara manages to maneuver herself to safety before getting picked up by Jonah and Abby.

Jonah and Lara make their way back to Paititi, where they meet with Ezli and the rest of the rebels. Here, they devise a plan to stop the Cult of Kukulkan and Amaru before he is able to begin the ritual of remaking the world. Ezli gives Lara his eclipse necklace, telling her that after the events that would transpire, it would no longer represent them. Lara and Jonah give their farewells and Lara heads to a ruined passageway leading to the Heart of the Serpent, a city located inside a volcano.

As Dominquez is preparing his ritual, the High Council of Trinity has arrived to witness its completion, along with majority of Trinity's forces. They are initially able to overcome the rebels attempting to stop the ritual. Lara makes her way to the site of the ritual, where she encounters the Yaaxil priestess, the Crimson Fire. The Crimson Fire hands a mask to Lara and ambiguously tells her that they represent the goddesses Chak Chel and Ix Chel.

Lara, now with the help of the Yaaxil, carves a path to Amaru who has yet to start the ritual. She gives him one last chance to stop and give her and the Yaaxil the box of Ix Chel. He refuses and instead heads to the top of the temple to start the ritual. The Yaaxil clash with the Trinity forces while Lara makes her way to the ritual. Rourke is killed by the Yaaxil in his APC and the Trinity High Council is slaughtered as well, leaving the remaining troops scattered and leaderless.

Lara confronts Amaru, but the eclipse has begun and Amaru is able to begin the ritual. She kills the cultist priests, but this merely slows Amaru, and he gains the power of Kukulkan regardless. This gives him superhuman powers and he overpowers Lara easily, but she uses stealth to get the upper hand and stabs Amaru with the key of Chak Chel multiple times, with each strike imbuing Lara with the power of Kukulkan. In his dying breath, Amaru asks Lara to protect Paititi, to which she agrees, and then becomes overwhelmed by the power.

In the ensuing vision, Lara finds herself in the courtyard of Croft Manor. She sees herself as a child, along with her mother and father, as the happy family she never had. Satisfied with what she saw, Lara gives her final farewell to her parents and steps out of the vision, and is joined by Crimson Fire. Remembering Unuratu's words that if she is not able to sacrifice herself, the Crimson Fire will hold her to her promise, Lara lays down onto a platform to await her fate as Crimson Fire prepares to stab Lara with the Key. However, the key stops before reaching Lara, and absorbs the godly powers - restoring the sun and saving the world.

Two days later, Lara attends Unuratu's funeral with Jonah. She decides to stay for awhile, while Jonah decides to go back to Kuwaq Yaku to be with Abby. Following her return home to Croft Manor, Lara reclaims her father's office and redecorates it with weapons and artefacts she discovered in her early adventures - repainting the walls teal with white accents. She also rehires the longtime Croft butler Winston. Lara writes to Jonah, stating she believes that instead of solving the mysteries of the world, they should be cherished and protected, and names herself as one of their protectors. She also writes that she is excited for her next adventure, though she is not sure what that could be, while vowing to take herself less seriously.

The Legend of Lara Croft[]

Main article: Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft

After her trials in Mexico, Lara operates as a solo adventurer, taking on increasingly difficult jobs. After a thief breaks into Croft Manor to steal an old Chinese artifact, it falls to Lara to retrieve the artifact and save the world from peril.[4]

Personality and Traits[]

Lara doesn't seem to care much for her aristocratic background, though she later made a point of restoring her family's name. Lara was always friendly attempting to impress girls at her school with a bone she found, though they fled in terror. As a result, Lara didn't have many friends and seemed to prefer the solitude of books, and became quite an introvert. Winston once stated to her father that Lara may have trouble relating to girls her age as she had no female role models. After her chance meeting with Sam, Lara started coming out of her shell, and made more friends.

Lara had never needed to kill to survive prior to Yamatai. After being forced to kill a deer to eat, Lara is saddened by what she had done, even apologizing to the dying creature. However after her first human kill, she is emotionally shaken, she even attempts to avoid killing any more people, trying simply to threaten them with her gun, to no avail. Understanding that it is a necessity to survive the island she resigns herself to killing those who would kill her given the chance. However, Lara will not kill where it is unnecessary, seen when she attempts to sneak into Pripyat, she knocks a guard out cold and takes his gun, she also is reluctant to shoot a pack of dogs that surround her. Lara also doesn't kill a doe that follows her, whilst in the city, even offering it some of her Jaffa Cakes. She even refuses to shoot an unarmed man who is fleeing from her after a brief skirmish.

Lara displays perseverance, and while she shows fear at certain points, even being on the verge of tears as she begs Roth to come get her, she keeps to the mantra "Just keep moving". She is willing to do everything she can to help someone in need, even if it is ill advised to do so.

Perhaps Lara's most prominent trait before being stranded on Yamatai, is her bibliophilia. She is an avid reader, having a particular love of ancient legends and adventure stories, though her primary passion is for historic and archaeological books, showing vast knowledge in the field as a result of earning a degree at UCL. Lara's intelligence shines through as she identifies relics, and knowledge of cultures they come from. As well as this she is easily able to overcome puzzles of the tombs she uncovers. Lara takes her work seriously, almost to the point of being obsessive, studying charts repeatedly.

At first, Lara is timid and unsure about herself which she often hides behind an aloof exterior. After her first stint on Yamatai, Lara becomes more assertive when presented with challenges. She begins to display a cold, calculated, and deadly demeanor during times of danger, even insulting her foes at times before dispatching them. Lara seems to develop a liking towards violence, shown when she smiles, whilst beating two muggers in self-defense, and how she has a meeting with her uncle, she imagines, herself violently beating him, and throwing him out a window.

Despite her more violent tendencies, she developed after her traumatic experiences, Lara is capable of great affection and empathy and is very protective of her friends, going as far as threatening to break Dr. Taffe's legs for hurting Sam. This care is especially shown with Roth, Sam, and Alex. Lara felt extremely helpless when Roth was dying, pleading that she wouldn't be able to cope without him, but Roth stated she would survive saying "she's a Croft". After she witnessed Jonah being stabbed by Konstantin, Lara was horrified and enraged, asking other prisoners to look after him, before she killed the remaining soldiers in the area.

Lara is deeply haunted by the events of Yamatai. She begins to suffer from Survivor's guilt, symptoms of which include flashbacks, recurring nightmares, and even hallucinations, most of those who died saving her (Mostly Alex) and of Himiko. As a result, Lara is restless and impatient barely able to keep still, wringing her hands and tapping her foot, constantly.

Lara was a skeptic prior to Yamatai, disbelieving in supernatural notions of witchcraft and magic and only being concerned with the truth. However after Yamatai, Lara is more uncertain of the difference between myth and truth, and thus begins dedicating herself to finding the answer. However, Lara will still not outright accept that magic is responsible.

Lara has been shown to be quite good with children, being quick to offer them help, often being more willing to listen to them than other adults, and being polite and soft-spoken towards them. Ironically, in her youth, Lara was shown to not get along well with people her own age and even admitted to preferring the company of adults as a child.

Physical Appearance[]

Lara is a beautiful young woman with delicate facial features, fair complexion, brown eyes and long dark brown hair that reaches to her mid-back (which she keeps tied up in a ponytail, though she keeps the front in a layered and choppy style). She also has a slender yet toned physique and is roughly 5'6" (168cm) tall.

After her first stint on Yamatai, Lara has gained numerous scars, mostly on her arms, though the worst was the first one she received from a puncture wound in her side, which she later cauterized.


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Tomb Raider (2013)[]

In Tomb Raider 2013 game, Lara wears a blue tank top over a white one, with tan cargo pants and dark boots. As the game progresses, her clothes begin to show some wear and tear, and her upper-body becomes more and more scarred, as a result of her experiences on the island. Her previously blue tank top appears to become grey with dirt.

Lara wears several pieces of jewelry, most notably a jade pendant around her neck, which was her "first real find" back when she was five years old. Initially, it was tied on with one of Roth's bootlaces, however, she later changed it to a braided leather lanyard, which she wears in a double loop style. She will hold onto it in times of stress or concern. She wears three small silver hoop earrings, one in her left ear and two in her right. She wears a digital watch on her right wrist.

Rise of the Tomb Raider[]

Lara has a more diverse range of clothing available in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Her default outfits are:

  • Ash Tank: Ash colored tank top. Brown cargo pants, and brown combat boots.
  • Expedition Jacket: Red and black parka, grey scarf and hat, beige combat pants, black and grey snow spats, and black gloves.
  • Leather Jacket: A black leather jacket and grey hoodie, with blue jeans and brown combat boots.
  • Grey Henley: A grey long-sleeved henley shirt, beige cargo pants, and brown combat boots.
  • Remnant Jacket: A green canvas jacket, and thick woolen scarf, with beige cargo pants, and brown combat boots.

Other outfits are available to unlock throughout the game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider[]

Lara once again has several different outfits in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, including the ability to craft custom elements - offering her stat boosts and other benefits. The default outfits include:

  • Adventurer: Beige long-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and brown boots.
  • Tactical Adventurer: Blue and black tank top, beige and black cargo pants, black and green boots, Black fingerless gloves.
  • Blue Heron Tunic: Blue Paitian tunic, black shorts, and sandals.
  • Serpent Guard Outfit: Green armour worn by the Serpent Guard.

Other outfits and custom versions are available to unlock through the game.


  • Peak Human Condition: She appears to be in peak-female human conditioning, having the strength, speed, acrobatic prowess, stamina, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and durability that are greater than Olympic-level athletes, she is able to push herself for several hours at a time. She has also learned all the ancient meditation techniques of the Byzantine Era, allowing her an improved healing speed.
    • Peak Human Senses: Lara has very acute senses which give her excellent situational awareness, to the point where she is even capable of fighting blindfolded. Her senses also help her tracking and hunting skills, allowing her to identify enemies and animals in any environment.
    • High Pain Tolerance: Her tolerance for physical trauma & fatigue is far greater than the average human being. She even learned ancient meditation techniques that allowed her to ignore pain. Combined with her tenacity, has given her a high resistance to torture, refusing to give any information to Dr. Taffe despite the severe beating she was getting from the giant goon with him.
  • Master Archer: Lara is also a very skilled archer, having taken it up during her school days, and continuing to practice during her college days by joining an archery club called the Sisters of Artemis. She expanded her skill further after discovering codices detailing Byzantine archery techniques, she can rapidly fire up to three arrows within a few seconds or hit multiple targets simultaneously. The codex she uncovered on the ice ship in Rise details how Byzantines copied the tactics of archers from Asia Minor (Türkiye), so the case could be made that Lara translated an early version of classical Turkish Archery.
  • Expert Martial Artist: She has decent hand-to-hand combat skills, and was said to have a "heavy swing" by Reyes' friend Dana, who is a combat instructor. Lara has also shown that she is strong enough to snap a man's neck, with her thighs. She was even able to defend herself from two muggers by using an umbrella as a weapon. Lara can even fight blindfolded. The fighting style she used while fighting Dana, resembles kickboxing. The grappling and knife fighting during the riverbank fight in Shadow are reminiscent of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kali, respectively. In Survivor's Crusade she also showed talent in fencing by wielding a sword in a temple.
  • Expert Markswoman: Lara was taught how to shoot by Roth and refined her skills at her school's rifle club. She has shown remarkable skill with many different firearms, including pistols, shotguns, bolt and assault rifles, and automatic weapons. She can also use silencers, grenade launchers, and laser scopes. Roth believes that Lara had received her sharp eye and steady hand from her mother, who was an artist. She also throws objects, chickens, and containers with incredible accuracy.
  • Master Acrobat: Lara took gymnastics when she was younger. As a result, she is very acrobatic and has great finesse, performing wall scrambles to reach higher levels or swinging on cloth banners as if it were a trapeze. She can climb ropes like a soldier and transition into zip-lines within a moment's notice. As she hardens into a survivor, she can combine her scramble move to attack enemies in their weak spots. Lara has been a talented free runner since youth, scaling walls, scrambling, tumbling, vaulting, and long jumping. Between climbing trees, rock walls, and the facades of buildings, she is a master of agility.
  • Master Survivor: Roth trained Lara to be adept at various survival techniques in various environments. Lara has survived on barren islands, coastal plains, deserts, tundra, and boreal and tropical rainforests. During her stint on Yamatai she collected water and collected food, while in Siberia she created a shelter using nothing but twigs and branches. Lara can harness fires for heat and weapons, whether it be conventional matches, lighters, or a homemade fire striker. Lara has weathered numerous natural and vehicular disasters over her career, including, but not limited to: gale force winds, cave-ins, offshore monsoons, avalanches, tsunamis, hailstorms, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and eclipses not to mention a shipwreck, car crash, multiple helicopter crashes, and plane crashes (get this- in plane crashes both inside of and outside of hurtling aircraft). Should the reader be willing to suspend disbelief, in the Rise DLC, the argument could be made that Lara survived a veritable zombie outbreak. Lara has shown to be quite adept at hunting, for the purposes of catching food and resources. She was able to track a pack of wolves to their den for the purposes of retrieving Roth's distress beacon, and has helped the remnants gather food in preparation for Trinity's attack. Throughout the series she is seen to effectively skin and cook slain animals. Lara is able to distinguish edible, poisonous, and medicinal plants for various uses. Even in the Amazon, full of toxic plants, she can formulate medicines and lethal poisons with hallucinogenic properties.
  • Stealth: As Lara is generally outnumbered in combat scenarios, she relies on stealth, hit and run tactics, and traps in order to get an advantage on those she faces. Despite not being formally trained, Lara is incredibly skilled at picking off entire squads of trained soldiers with little difficulty. Lara regularly hides in bushes, tree branches, and walls of vegetation. In addition to regular foliage, Lara applies herself in a layer of thick mud, with which she hides against muddy surfaces to hide. Lara practices hit-and-run tactics, leaping out of cover, surgically killing enemies, and hiding from them to instill panic.
  • High-Level Intelligence: Lara has spent years studying different aspects of archaeological and anthropological fields, being able to easily identify buildings and artifacts to their time period of origin from nothing more than what she can see, ranging from at least the Kamakura period (possibly before) right up to the Second World War and Cold War Era, as well as the Byzantine elements of the Remnants attire. However, Lara's brilliance is not just limited to her field of study. Lara also has a good memory, as she was able to recognize the cross of the Deathless Prophet which she'd previously seen in a book years earlier.
    • Archaeological / Occult Knowledge: Lara has a vast knowledge of ancient history, mythology, and culture, as shown when she could read the scroll inside the hilt of the katana, which is used by the Stormguard General to commit seppuku. She was even able to recognize the powers of certain supernatural beings, such as the sorcery of Himiko, or the immortality & healing of the Prophet.
      • Maritime Archaeology: The Survivor Trilogy showcases how skilled Lara is, especially towards sailing vessels and ships. On Yamatai, Lara identifies an 18th-century Portuguese vessel and recalls nearby trade routes Portugal had with Japan. In Siberia, she identifies a Byzantine war galley perched on an ice floe. And in Peru, she navigates a Spanish galleon and is impressed by how it navigated that far inland. Her time on the Endurance shows her to be a competent deckhand and she also has experience with salvage diving.
      • Asian Archaeology: In the prologue comic, Lara reveals she studied Asian Archaeology in college. Her skill is so vast that her depth surpassed that of Dr. Whitman, who had a Ph.D. in East Asian History. On Yamatai she knows Kofun and Kamakura style, and recognized a Han Chinese mural in a cave in Yunnan. She also knew about currency and government artifacts from the Meiji Restoration.
      • Art History: She has identified architecture and building styles from various periods: Kofun and Kamakura Japan, World War Two-era Imperial Japan, Byzantine, Soviet Russian, Mongolian, Mayan, and Incan. She observed how Kitezh eventually made its own artistic style. She also took note of murals, inscriptions, and stele. This may be related to her mother, who majored in art history.
      • Russian Religion: Lara knew of the legend of the Immortal Prophet of Kitezh and Baba Yaga. For the former, she recognized the Prophet's insignia from her father's book concerning Russian lore and religion. While in an embalming chamber, she also made reference to Eastern Orthodoxy.
    • Chemical Engineering: (Combines with Toxicology.) Miles away from civilization, Lara can craft and create useful chemical products on the fly. In addition to creating medicinal salves from berries, she can create fungi-based poisons in the Siberian wilderness that apparently asphyxiate victims, choking them out. In Peru, she harvests poison from blister beetles and Brazilian wandering spiders to make potent nerve gases and hallucinogenic drugs. On Yamatai she built arrows using napalm, the horrendous sticky incendiary. And to top it all off, she masters the recipe for Greek Fire, one of history's most notorious substances and a secret thought lost to history.
    • Zoology: Over the years Lara has encountered numerous creatures, passive and hostile, prey and predator. Lara has perfected hunting wild game, has fought them off, and has a basic knowledge of certain species. In Colombia, Lara mentioned basic knowledge of feral pigs' mating seasons and the hunting patterns of jaguars. It is possible her knowledge of jaguars helped her in Peru; jaguars are known for crushing the skulls of their prey, and during a fight with one, she stuck her bow in the cat's mouth to keep its jaws away from her head.
      • Over the course of the series, Lara has encountered: deer, wolves, rabbits, crabs (Yamatai), deer and wolves (Ukraine), scorpions (Syria), squirrels, birds, Eurasian lynx, snow leopard, wolves, deer, rabbits, boars, and bears (Siberia), snakes (Yunnan), elephants (Thailand), feral cats (Japan), bats, rats, moray eels (Mexico), salamanders (Colombia), and finally: rabbits, howler monkeys, dart frogs, jaguars, capybaras, llamas (wild/domesticated), condors, moray eels, snakes, piranhas, maned wolves (different from regular wolves), all found in the Amazon Basin (Peru).
    • Mining: During her quests in Russia and Peru, Lara harvests veins of raw metals and minerals for crafting, helped by a codex found in Russia. A curious side note is that while in Peru she finds a gold panning tool and quickly determines that it was used in mining between the 60s and 70s.
    • Attention to Detail: Lara is capable of picking out details in her surroundings to both aid her in combat and remove obstacles and hazards from her path. Lara has also shown that she's able to spot an empty cylinder on a revolver.
    • Deductive Reasoning: Lara has great deductive skills. Lara was able to discover Mathias' intentions for Sam to be used as a vessel for the return of Himiko. She completed her father's research and found the Tomb of the Deathless prophet, and when the Tomb was empty she made the connection between the Oasis & the lost city of Kitezh, when even her father & Trinity's most brilliant minds could not. She was also able to figure out Jacob's true identity, as well as the Identity of Baba Yaga.
    • Communications: Earpieces, walkie-talkies, and two-way radios are common items Lara uses for equipment. On Yamatai, under Alex's tutelage, Lara was able to operate a transmitter, boost a signal, change channels, and communicate with international emergency broadcasts. In Rise, she also contributed to disable communication outposts built by Trinity.
    • Navigation: Lara has an excellent sense of direction, and can set herself on the right path with minimal information. She also seems to have studied cartography and orienteering, as she can find hidden areas from directions on monoliths, and map out areas.
      • Astronomical Knowledge: Adding to Lara's sense of direction, she can navigate by stars, likely taught to her by Roth. Even knowing about Axial Precession and its effect on where stars appear in the sky. She used this to deduce that a riddle in Mexico had directions leading to Peru.
      • Spelunking: Lara rappels into multiple caves, and is able to navigate in multiple cave systems, often with negligible lighting. In Colombia, she not only survives the hostile environment but eliminates numerous special forces.
      • Mountaineering: She is an expert climber. Roth took her on numerous treks growing up, including the legendary trek to the summit of Snowdon, the huge mountain in Wales. Mastering free climbing, rappelling, and tandem climbing on rock and ice. Her expertise on the ice axe has enabled her to attach to solid rock and icy surfaces. She also uses more practical climbing techniques in Rise such as emergency self-arrest and, before an avalanche, planned to anchor a line for him. Her omniscience of this ability increased after decoding both a Byzantine codex and a Mayan stele.
      • Swimming/Diving: Lara is a good swimmer, capable of navigating freezing waters and riptides. She practiced extensively on holding her breath, as evidenced by the comics. She is also a fantastic diver, leaping off platforms and performing swan dives. In Survivor's Crusade, she also does salvage work and shows her to be SCUBA certified.
    • Toxicology: Lara has some experience in first aid, which she learned during her time working as a barmaid. She was able to treat Roth's leg which had been mauled by a pack of wolves. She was also able to tend to her own wounds which she received on the island of Yamatai. Upon her being in Siberia, she was able to utilize herbs in order to heal the extensive physical injuries that she received. She was even able to craft Poison Arrows from mushrooms found around Siberia.
    • Resourcefulness: Lara has shown to be very resourceful, using salvage found around various parts of Yamatai to improve her weapons. This is shown clearly when she discovers a metal rod in a nearby bunker when searching for a way to light the fuel to signal the plane, strapping it to her torch to remove her reliance on lit objects. Another example is when she uses a nearby grenade launcher to kill a Solarii at the burning stronghold, later strapping it to her assault rifle. Lara is also able to use her environment, throwing dirt to stun foes, and use rocks to bludgeon them. Lara learned how to pick locks, using nothing more than a hairpin. She even learned the formula for Greek Fire.
    • Improvised Weaponry: Lara has manufactured her own bow, fletched her own arrows, modified her ammo, and customized firearms with scraps. She sharpened a blade from a plane propeller into a lethal combat knife. Also a master of improvised explosives, she has fashioned Molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, and shrapnel grenades.
    • Crafting: A master of salvage, Lara can create whatever gear she desires, even sewing her own outfits from the skins of jaguars and bears.
    • Anatomy: Lara precisely aims headshots and can target the hearts and other internal organs.
    • Acting Ability: Lara was initially shown to be a poor actress, though she improved considerably, to the point she was able to convince agents of Trinity that she was unconscious to make them leave her unsupervised so she could escape captivity.
    • Thieving Skills: As her title suggests, the Tomb Raider is a master of infiltration and breaking into ancient and modern buildings. She operates outside any laws to accomplish her goals.
      • Pickpocket: Lara pinched an explosives detonator off of Konstantin without his noticing.
      • Infiltration: Lara was able to sneak into the quarantined city of Pripyat without being detected by any guards.
      • Forced Entry: Lara can bust open doors and barriers using her climbing axe and, in the Rise DLC, a crowbar.
      • Lockpicking: Lara uses conventional lockpick sets to open lockers, lockboxes, and treasure chests. She also picked a set of handcuffs with a bobby pin.
    • Escape Artistry: Lara has been captured numerous times, usually relying on herself to be freed. Lara has escaped from a snake pit and a gulag using nothing but what was in her vicinity, and has even managed to escape armed men, on multiple occasions, using improvised weapons and clever tactics. She escaped Trinity facilities with broken glass to cut restraints, smashing a weak wall with a pipe, and picking handcuffs with a hairpin.
    • Driving Skill: Lara has shown to have excellent control of vehicles, able to lose a tail while driving a van. Lara was also shown to be a competent motorcyclist both on and off road telling Jonah she owned a bike prior to being shipwrecked on Yamatai. Her motorcycling abilities were further exhibited when she performed stunts and jumps during a chase in downtown Minneapolis. She appears to know evasive driving maneuvers with both cars and motorcycles.
    • Piloting Skill: In the final issue of Survivor's Crusade it's revealed that Lara can fly a helicopter, and she was also able to level a plane whilst it was falling out of the sky.
    • Multilingualism: Lara can understand several languages, including Japanese (though she has difficulty with Kanji), Russian, Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Maori, Spanish, and German, all of which she can speak to some extent as well. She has even learned how to read several ancient languages that different from their modern counterparts and even some dead languages including Greek, Mongolian, Mam, Quechua, and Yucatec. Latin is also used when analyzing an artifact in Rise. In total: English, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Greek, Mongolian, Mam, Quechua, Yucatec, Latin, and Maori (15).
  • Indomitable Will: Lara has shown on many occasions that she is incredibly tenacious, and will do anything in order to accomplish her goals and do what she believes is right.  


Richard Croft[]

Lara's relationship with her father was strained, before and after he had died. He would often ignore his daughter in order to focus on his work, and as a result, she often chose to go to Roth for fatherly support. After his death, Lara resented her father, due to his insistence that there was truth to the myth, which led to him being labeled as crazy. Lara worked hard to distance herself from her father, trying to build her own reputation within the archaeological community. Her experiences on Yamatai made her realize that she had wrongfully resented her father, and she chose to continue his research and attempt to restore his name.

Amelia Croft[]

Lara's mother died when she was very young. Amelia loved her daughter unconditionally.

Amelia wrote a letter to Lara before she died telling her that she loves her and that she will always be with her. By the time Lara reached adulthood, she could barely remember her mother, and wanted to believe that her mother truly loved her. Lara eventually found the letter, next to her mother's sarcophagus which had been placed there by her father.

Conrad Roth[]

Lara met Roth at an early age, through her father. Unlike her father, he never seemed too busy to pay attention to her. As a result, Lara grew to love Roth as a surrogate father, and he in turn grew to love her as a daughter. Lara showed Roth her first find, when her father was busy, which Roth was more than happy to listen to her. He took one of his bootlaces and used it to tie the pendant around her neck. Roth taught Lara how to shoot at a young age after he failed to teach her father.

In the aftermath of Richard's death, Roth took the place of Lara's guardian, and raised her. Roth taught Lara rock climbing, orienteering, star reading, and other skills, which he believed were practical knowledge. When Roth was commissioned by James Whitman for the third series of his show, Roth agreed on the grounds that he be allowed to select his own crew, wanting to help start her career in archaeology. Konstantin mentioned that Lara had a "fire" put in her, which he believed must have been instilled in her by someone else as he didn't believe her father had any true resolve due to his bookish nature.

Samantha Nishimura[]

Lara met Sam in college when Sam had asked to take a picture of her while Lara was studying. Despite the pair being polar opposites, they became fast friends, Sam caused Lara to become less introverted by taking her to nightclubs, attempting to bring out Lara's "Inner Party Girl", It's because of Sam that Lara saw more than just libraries during her time at University, as well as at least one backpacking trip.

Sam secured the funding for the expedition to find Yamatai in order to help kick start Lara's career. During the voyage, Sam recorded footage of Lara at work, which she intended to use for the documentary to ensure Lara got the credit she deserved. When Sam was captured on Yamatai, Lara's resolve to ensure her friend was safe was galvanized by Lara fighting her way through multiple armies to rescue her, and carrying her down a mountain after succeeding.

Lara again went to extreme lengths to rescue Sam once again when she learned Himiko had in fact managed to successfully latch herself onto Sam. When Sam was freed of Himiko, Lara left her behind, asking Sam's mother to take Sam somewhere she would be safe, knowing her friend would be targetted by Trinity again if she stayed with her.

Soon after encountering one of Trinity's best assassins, a woman named Nadija, Lara was forced to eat the bark of a tree believed to be the Tree of Eden which caused her to have violent hallucinations. During the hallucinations Lara saw Sam and, unlike many of the other hallucinations, Sam tried to help Lara through her situation by trying to draw her away from the memories of those Lara had killed and those she failed to save. When Lara began to regain control of herself and banish the memories of her enemies Sam appeared before her again and asked what Lara would do with the memory of her.

Lara chose to hold on to her memories of Sam instead of choosing to forget about her showing, yet again, how much Sam meant to Lara.

Jonah Maiava[]

Jonah and Lara have a good relationship, Jonah calls her "little bird" and Lara tells him he sounds like her father. Jonah is gentle to Lara and even in the worst moments in Yamatai, he doesn't pressure Lara. Jonah has an older brother - younger sister relationship with Lara Croft.

Even after he saw her fall down an avalanche and believed her to be dead, he still chooses to risk going into the depths of Siberia, just to look for her and kept convincing himself that she was alive, until they reunited. He refused to give Konstantin any information on Lara despite being tortured.

After being stabbed and on the cusp of death, Jonah told Lara that she had to stop blaming herself for everything that had happened.

Alex Weiss[]

Lara seemed to be on good terms with Alex, though Lara was shown to be annoyed by him at times, when he theorized that Yamatai was nothing more than a cover up by the Japanese government. She seemed to know that he had a crush on her, though it is unknown if she reciprocated his feelings in any way. She called him "Strange" and "awkward", she also expressed annoyance at him trying too hard to impress her.

However, she does have a soft spot for him, calling him "Sweet" and "Brilliant" when she was remembering how he saved her. Alex was able to make Lara laugh, even during some dire moments on Yamatai, and he was always quick to try and reassure her. Alex went to retrieve Reyes' tools, partially, because he hoped Lara might finally notice him in the way he noticed her.

Alex forces Lara to leave without him, not willing to let her die because of him. Lara reluctantly leaves, giving him a parting kiss on the cheek, and Alex sacrifices himself to save her. Lara is deeply saddened by Alex's death, and vowed to not let any more of her friends die.

Lara later begins to have dreams and hallucinations about him, due to her survivor's guilt, seeing him as a flaming specter or a partially charred zombie (which in one of her dreams, she is physically affectionate towards, by stroking his intact cheek.)

Feeling indebted to Alex, Lara went to rescue his sister Kaz, who was being hunted by Trinity, and give her his pocket watch, which they had bought and gifted to their father. Lara tracked Kaz down to Pripiyat, and Lara gave her the pocket watch. Lara expressed that Alex was a hero, and was willing to do anything to pay her debt to him. She then offered Kaz a place to live with her and Sam, in order to ensure she was safe.

Joslin Reyes[]

Lara's relationship with Reyes is difficult. Reyes disapproves of Roth being so trusting of Lara's theories as she is still inexperienced. It is possible that she was jealous of the relationship that Lara had with Roth, as she had a daughter with Roth, though she did not tell him. After Roth's death, Reyes blamed Lara. Reyes later started to trust Lara a little more after she helped her after the Solarii attacked them on the beach. However, she still didn't trust Lara fully, and considered her something of a jinx, which Reyes tells Lara in front of her daughter, Alisha. Alisha however tells her mother that it isn't fair to hold the affection Roth held towards Lara against her, as Roth had been a big part of her life for many years. Reyes returned to save Lara from an armed thug, and even returned to Yamatai to help her find Sam. 

The pair later climbed Snowdon in remembrance of Roth, Reyes even saved Lara from falling off a cliff after she slipped upon seeing an apparition of Alex. 

Reyes later introduced Lara to her blind friend Dana so Lara could get some more combat training. 

Angus Grimaldi[]

Lara has likely known Grim as long as she has known Roth. The full extent of their relationship is not known, though Grim, unwilling to let Lara be taken by the Solarii gave his life to defend her.

When Lara was contacted by Las Serpientes Que Caminan, they claimed to have captured Grim, and demanded a ransom of five million dollars for his safe return. Lara was willing to pay the ransom to save him, though she didn't have control of the Croft estate, which was held at the time by her uncle, who refused to give her control of the estate. With no other alternative, Lara went to Mexico to attempt to save him.

Lara was shocked to discover that it wasn't in fact Grim, but was in fact his twin brother, Cuddy. Lara escaped and took Cuddy with her, managing to get him a job at the British museum.


Lara met Ana when she was very young, upon suggestion from Winston, who noted to Lord Croft that Lara seemed to have difficulty relating to girls her age, which he suggested might be due to Lara not knowing many women, and spending the vast majority of her time with him.

Lara and Ana got along well, and kept in contact with each other after Lord Croft's apparent suicide. When Ana discovered that Lara was continuing her father's research, she attempted to get Lara to abandon the search.

Lara was horrified to discover that Ana was in fact not only an agent of Trinity, but the sister of Konstantin, Trinity's sadistic field commander. Her feelings of betrayal turned to utter contempt, which eventually resulted in Lara shooting her in the arm. However, Lara attempted to talk Ana out of using the The Divine Source without the use of lethal force, and even left her alive after the source was destroyed, though it's possible she did this to cause as much suffering as possible to the woman who betrayed her family.

When Ana suggested that "Another Croft didn't need to die for [The Divine Source]" Lara eventually realized that Konstantin was telling the truth, that Trinity had killed her father. Lara demand to know at gunpoint, the truth. Ana admitted that Trinity ordered his death, though she stated that she had loved her father, and couldn't do it herself, before she is shot by a sniper.


Lara was initially distrustful of Jacob, having recently suffered a devastating betrayal. Jacob tried to be friendly to get her to help him. After Jacob revealed he knew what she was looking for, Lara helped him escape, though cautiously. During their escape Lara almost drowned, Jacob saved her, and got her to safety. From then on Lara trusted Jacob. Even engaging in some light banter.

Jacob declared Lara as a friend to the Remnant village and ordered that she was not to be harmed. Upon Jacob's suggestion, Lara began helping the Remnants in an attempt to earn their trust.

When is forced to destroy the Divine Source, she apologized to Jacob as it meant he would die. Jacob however wasn't phased, and seemed to be happy that he was at the end of his life. Jacob told Lara that he had met few as extraordinary as her.


Sofia was initially as distrustful of Lara as she was with other outsiders. Lara lowered her weapon immediately in an attempt to make peace. However, Sofia wasn't convinced and warned Lara that if she saw her again, she would put an arrow in her throat.

Sofia is still distrustful of Lara even after Jacob vouches for her, but honours his request that Lara not be harmed. Lara attempts to help, though Sofia busies herself with Trinity's upcoming invasion and ignores Lara.

She was captured and almost executed by Trinity, only to be saved at the last second by Lara. Finally seeing that Lara was no threat, she began to trust her. After Lara helped push back Trinity's forces, Sofia showed her gratitude by revealing the location of the Atlas to Lara.

When Trinity began to break their way into Kitezh, Sofia led her people in an attempt to hold them off to buy Lara time to get to the source. She even helped Lara to destroy Konstantin's gunship using a trebuchet. After the Source was destroyed, Lara returned to Sofia with the news of Jacob's passing. She expresses sadness that she could not be with him in the end, though she thanks Lara for her help, honoring the agreement to let Lara go unharmed. When the time came for Lara to return home, she gifted Lara the Atlas as a token of appreciation, for all she had done to help her people.


Lara meets an injured Nadia after intercepting a transmission from Trinity about an injured Remnant in the sawmill. Nadia believing Lara to be a Trinity soldier, threatens her with her gun. Lara makes a proclamation of peace before noting that Nadia's gun isn't loaded. Seeing that Lara isn't a threat she admits that it was broken anyway. Lara expresses concern over Nadia's injuries. Nadia seemingly believing that Lara wants to help, explains she is looking for her grandfather, who she believes had gone to the Wicked Vale to kill the witch, Baba Yaga, who had killed his lover, Serafima. She explains that she is currently not in the condition to go, and asks Lara to go. Lara agrees.

After Lara arrives she radios Nadia and mentions something about flowers and pollen before going silent. Nadia tries to reestablish contact with Lara to see what happened, and is horrified believing she had sent Lara to her death at the hands of Baba Yaga. She frantically keeps trying to radio Lara until she finally answers some time later. Lara discovers the witch is a hoax and the two resolve to take her down, using the lab notes of Serafima.

They meet at some old ruins and discover the cable car, which has been modified to look like Baba Yaga's walking house. They make their way to the Witch's temple. They find Nadia's grandfather. Nadia tends to him, while Lara faces off against the witch. After Ivan awakes and tells Nadia the truth about Baba Yaga, Nadia radios Lara and begs her not to kill the witch. After the witch is defeated, Nadia thanks Lara for her help.

Nadia later gives Lara instructions, for her mission to shut down the Soviet chemical weapons facility, also offering moral support.


In order of release:


Tomb Raider (2013)[]

  • "Just keep moving."
  • "Oh God, What am I doing?"
  • "Ugh...I hate tombs."
  • "Himiko! The first Sun Queen! This is Yamatai. And you're really here. And... really, really dead."
  • "Run you Bastards! I'm coming for you all!"
  • "Himiko is dangerous, Mathias! She's angry and vengeful, and she has real power!"
  • "There's a soul trapped in a dead body. If we destroy the body, the storms will stop."
  • "I can't just let him die, Roth!"
  • "I won't let anyone else die."

Rise of the Tomb Raider[]

  • “I finally feel a sense of purpose again. Like I’m doing what I was meant to do. The journey will be perilous, but I must find a way.”
  • "This is my path...and mine alone."
  • "When I was young, it was just my father and I. He was an archaeologist too. In his final years, he was obsessed with the idea of immortality. Of course, no one believed him. Including me."
  • "It was over the moment you betrayed my family!"
  • "I'm close to something, Jonah. I can feel it."
  • "If the Divine Source is real, it needs to be researched and studied. It's not something to be hidden away."
  • "I'm going to find it. With or without you."
  • "This isn't over! Bastard!"
  • "Tell me, Ana, were you working with Trinity before or after you started screwing my father?"
  • "You don't know how far I've come."
  • "I'm sorry. All I wanted was to make a difference."


Lara is portrayed by English American actress, Camilla Luddington, from Tomb Raider (2013) to Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018. As well as being the voice of Lara, she also provides motion and facial capture. Luddington holds the distinction of being the first actress to provide all of these for Lara Croft. Her face was modelled after Megan Farquhar. Lara was portrayed as a child by Harriet Perring in Rise of the Tomb Raider. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, she young Lara is voiced by Francesca Aston.

In the Netflix sequel anime to Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is voiced by Hayley Atwell.


Croft and Drake-1

Lara Croft and Nathan Drake.

  • Lara's new "realistic and "more human" portrayal has led to several comparisons to the character Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted series, which was created by Amy Hennig, who is a former employee of Crystal Dynamics, and writer and director of the Legacy of Kain series.
    • Interestingly enough, Uncharted has been dubbed as "Dude Raider", due to its similar nature to Tomb Raider.
    • Lara's Grey and Blue Henley outfit in Rise of the Tomb Raider bears significant resemblance to Drake's signature outfit, as he wears long sleeved t-shirts with the sleeves pushed up in all media he's featured in.
    • Lara and Drake both have similar stomach wounds which they must endure until they can be treated, however, Drake was unable to treat his wound himself and passed out from blood loss.
  • This is the youngest incarnation of Lara to be focused on, for the entirety of the games she's featured in, being 21 during the events of Tomb Raider, 23 during the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider, 26 during the events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. She also briefly appears at the age of 11 during flashbacks. Previous incarnations of Lara have appeared at the age of 9 and 16 in previous games, though only briefly.
  • This incarnation of Lara doesn't wear the trademark short-shorts, of the earlier timelines. However, she did wear them during most of the comic arc "Queen of Vipers" (Issues 14-17)
  • Lara's desk
    Lara was a member of an archery club called "Sisters of Artemis" named after the Greek Deity. As seen by the thermal mug on her desk during the the opening of the game.
    • Artemis was the goddess of several things, most notably (and fittingly) hunting, wild animals and the wilderness. Symbols of Artemis include a bow and arrows, and the Deer is a sacred animal of her.
  • Rhianna Pratchett has stated in an interview that a part of her would have loved to make Lara a lesbian, and that she liked how fans had speculated about the relationship between Lara and Sam. It is unknown if anything will ever come of this as Lara's sexuality is never directly stated during the game or the tie-in canon comics.
  • This incarnation of Lara has similarities to the character John Rambo.
    Croft Rambo
    • Both wear Jade pendants, though both have different reasons for doing so.
    • Both receive a stomach wound, caused by impalement. Both later cauterize the wound themselves. Lara cauterizing her wound is a reference to how Rambo did it in Rambo III.
    • Both suffer from vivid flashbacks from the harrowing ordeals they went through. (Yamatai for Lara, the Vietnam War for Rambo)
    • Both also use bows and explosive arrows as Lara later receives bow upgrades the final bow resembles the bow used by Rambo in First Blood: Part II and Rambo III, while the explosive arrows may be a reference to the explosive arrows that Rambo uses in First Blood: Part II and Rambo III.
    • Both fall from a tree & hurt themselves after hitting their ribs against its trunk.
    • Both have to storm enemy strongholds to rescue their best friend. (Samantha Nishimura and Samuel Trautman respectively.) Both scale large canyon walls in order to do so. As well as this, both had previously been to the same stronghold to attempt a rescue (though Lara was trying to save someone different the first time.)
    • Both are captured by enemy forces multiple times and escape. (Rambo is captured in First Blood by the local police and in Rambo: First Blood Part II by Vietnamese and Russian Soldiers, Lara is captured on multiple occasions, throughout both games and the comics, Lara however relies a lot less on sheer brute force to escape, though she does occasionally have to use it.
    • Both improvise weaponry and equipment in the field. Though Rambo's almost all revolve around his signature Combat Knife. Lara's mostly revolve around her bow.
  • Lara is also very similar to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Due to her love of books, exceeding beauty (which she doesn't flaunt for attention), want for adventure, and their overall designs are similar.
  • Lara is shown to have a love of Jaffa Cakes in the comics. Which feature in several moments:
    • She gave some to Sam when they first met, as an alternative to allowing Sam to take a photo of her.
    • During one of her trips with Sam she was shown to carry a bag full of them around.
    • She hid an artifact in a box of Jaffa Cakes, in a hypnotized state.
    • In a flashback to the Endurance, Lara sneaked into the kitchen to find some, though she was caught by Jonah who had bought an entire case for her.
    • She even took some with her to Pripyat when she went looking for Kaz, she ended up feeding some of them to a local deer.
    • Sam tried to offer Lara some as a way to cope with her stage fright, though Lara wasn't able to stomach food at the moment.
    • While in Cozumel, Jonah asks Lara if she'd want some if he saw anyone selling them. Lara replied that she would.
  • Lara's name (at least in the context of this particular incarnation) was chosen by her father as a nod to the Egyptian sun god, Ra.
    • He did this as he believed that Lara was most likely conceived in Egypt.
  • In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in Cozumel, Lara can find a motorcycle and will tell Jonah she used to have one just like it prior to going to Yamatai.
  • Interestingly enough, Lara was not shown to have any known love interest throughout the Survivor Timeline. It should be mentioned, however, that Lara Croft from the original timeline was in fact engaged.
    • Jackson Lanzing (co-writer for the Survivor Crusade and Inferno arcs in the Dark Horse Comics) has stated that originally during Lara's toxic drug-induced hallucination, she would come to understand that her feelings for Sam were romantic and that the page where Lara and Sam's hug was supposed to be the two kissing. Phillip Sevy also said that he had drawn the image in question but by the time it went into publishing, the kiss had been redrawn as a hug.


Tomb Raider (2013)[]

Rise of the Tomb Raider[]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider[]


Animated Series[]


  2. The symbol on Egyptian Crown is 5 according to Hieroglyphics Worksheet
  3. Rhianna Pratchett clarified it on her Twitter: so the comic timeline (Tomb Raider Comic Issue #5) about their first meeting is accurate.
  4. In Tomb Raider's New Trailer, Lara Croft Is Back to Her Old Self