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Lara Croft, English Archaeologist and Tomb Raider, as she appeared in the standalone, Journeys series of comics by Top Cow.


In 1989, Lara surprises her mentor Myles and arrives to him in a sealed box, but they are soon ambushed by Charles Carleton's people. Myles is killed, but before he dies in Lara's hands he asks her not to kill anyone. Lara makes the promise[1].

Lara ended her education in Chesterfield Private Academy in 1992, where Mr. Bohannon was history teacher. Lara didn't take her studies seriously back then[2].

Years later Lara wanted to make up for her bad behavior and tracked down King Arthur's crown, and sent as an apology to Mr. Bohannon[2].

Lara had a bad vacation she likes to call Roman Incident[3].

Later in her life Lara is comfortable in her treasure hunting profession and taking a scenic route to Peru on a yacht. While she slept on the ocean, she came across a ghost ship of Jonathan Kagan of Bonny Raider. The pirates were on a death loop, where they hunted Dora del Sol and were destroyed over and over again. Lara got caught in the loop, but was aware of it, after she helped the pirates loot the Dora del Sol, they were released of their torment. Just before the pirate ship disappeared, she got curious about the treasure Dora del Sol was carrying, Kagan said it was from El Dorado[3].

Lara washes ashore in Peru in a small fishing village, a local man, José, notices her and helps her. Lara mentions El Dorado and a local boy says that he plays near its door. Lara asks to be shown its location and she enters with José. Since most of the treasure is looted by Spaniards in 1570 and put on Dora del Sol. Lara discovers an unsprung that that hides three amulets. Lara takes two as the third comes with a warning. The local bandits who terrorize the village became aware of El Dorado, and follow Lara there, when they remove the third amulet the unleash a wave of lava that destroys El Dorado. Lara and José make out the back entrance just in time. Lara gives the gold amulet to José to help with his village, and return home with the silver one[4].

Lara is visited by Mr. McFadden and his brother Timothy, who believe they found Sodom and Gomorrah. They ask Lara for help obtaining it the site, as a man named Kagan is interested in the site. Lara takes hand on approach to it and raids the Gomorrah site. It holds the Talisman of the Sun God, and once it is removed, the dead rise. Kagan seeing that the artifact is removed, is not interested on the site anymore and abandons the deal, allowing McFadden purchase the site in low price for excavations. Lara throws the Talisman of the Sun God back to Gomorrah site, and the dead fall apart[5].

Lara is interested in the chariot burial found in Lambaesis, Algeria from the Numidia period. While Lara makes her way through the minefield she is attacked by Kagan and some mercenaries. Lara has a flashback to the ghost pirates, she met month ago. When she came to she was caught by the mercenaries, they also turned against Kagan, and put them to work in excavating the chariot site. Lara and Kagan worked together to free themselves, but Kagan also has a flashback to the pirate time, and passes out. Lara defeats the mercenaries and ties them, and Kagan up for the police, and leaves taking credit of the find, though she mentions Kagan helping[6].

During the reunion of Chesterfield Private Academy, Lara learns of Mr. Bohannon's death. The class of 1992 is transformed into their younger selves and Lara is challenged to a duel by a ghost knight, summoned by King Arthur's crown she found few years back. Lara defeats the knight and everything return to normal[2]. Tony Adler, Lara's classmate is now the prime minister of Great Britain and asks Lara to accompany him as he has a favor to ask her. Someone had stolen a Dream Spear on loan from New Zealand, and he wanted Lara to track it down. They were also contacted by ghost of Winston Churchill who tells that the underworld wants Lara to get the Dream Spear back as well[7].

Lara flies to Australia, and tracks down Stan Woodroof, to ask him about the Ameo Tribe, who supposedly know how to get the Dream Spear. Lara ends up in a firefight, but manages to get the info she needs[1].

Lara travels to New Zealand and manages to finds the Ameo Tribe. Ameo Tribe used moko to help Lara enter into the dreaming as a living person to retrieve the Dream Spear. In the dreaming Lara met her old mentor Myles, who accompanied Lara and her guide Akio[8]. It turns out that it was Kagan who stole the spear and Lara had to fight him and her own past failures to get the spear back[9].

Lara offers Kagan a deal, he works for Lara or goes to jail for stealing the artifact from England. Kagan agrees to work for her. Kagan finds Charles Carleton in Antigua, and Lara travels there to avenge Myles. Just as she is about to break her promise of no killing, she is shot in the arm and she drops her pistol, a leftover moko jumps from her hand and uses the gun to kill Carleton. Lara thinks that is was part of Myles' spirit[10].


Unlike other versions of Lara Croft, she will not kill, due to a promise made to her mentor Myles.


  • Curiously however the Journeys series connects to issues #0 and #½ of Tomb Raider: The Series, where in both issues she kills people.