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Lara Croft in an English Archaeologist and Tomb Raider. This page documents her iteration in the RE\Visioned animated series.


Time at School[]

Revisioned 8

Lara attended Croft Academy, a school that was run by her family. While there she took the Dagger of Xiteran, for it's "educational value" and because it was pretty. She shows it off to her friends, Wendy and Terry, and is caught by the headmistress, Miss Dickinson. Who takes the dagger, despite Lara's protests.

Miss Dickinson locked the dagger in the safe, which had a laser security grid as added protection, stating that Lara needed to stop her obsession with "dusty rubbish" and learn to behave like a "proper English girl."

Lara decided however that it was much more to her benefit to sneak into the school that night and retrieve the dagger. She manages to avoid being mauled by the dog guarding the grounds, and avoid being caught by the security guard. She retrieves the dagger from the teacher's safe, and leaves an anonymous note, detailing her intent to return it, when she saw fit, and a thumbtack on headmistress' chair.


Revisioned 1

Lara attended an academic lecture of Dr. Heinrich. The lecturer talks of the power of resurrection through the use of a relic known as the Ankh of Osiris, as he begins to demonstrate the power of the Ankh, on a statue. However he is assassinated, by a gunman in the audience, who is a member of the Cabal, He takes the Ankh from the professor's body. Lara engages him in a firefight, but he manages to get the drop on her, before he can shoot her, a young man pushes her out of the way, and is killed by the gunman. Lara gives chase. She manages to retrieve the Ankh after knocking the assailant out, however more gunmen arrive.

Lara uses the Ankh to bring the statue to life and commands it to fend off the Cabal. She also uses it to revive the professor, however, having seen the other side, he decides that life is worthless, he then jumps through a window and kills himself. Lara sees the body of the young man, not wanting him to do as the professor, she decides against using the Ankh to resurrect him. She destroys the body of the Statue and leaves. However the soul of the Statue still lingers, and latches itself onto the man, resurrecting him. The soul is later to be revealed to be that of Osiris.

Lara sees Zahir Zalat on TV claiming to have been resurrected. Lara is suspicious, as she remember intentionally not bringing him back. She meets with him to find out what he is up to, and he shows her a device, Astrolabe of Mashallah, that opens portals to other worlds. The approaching Cabal cause Lara to give the Ankh to the man, and travel through the portal.

Lara is transported to another plane of existence, The Cabal attempt to kill Lara, using their guns, however when that fails, the use several religious relics. They command Lara to surrender the Ankh. She tells them she doesn't have it. However they are approached by several gods, within the plane. They tell Lara she is not welcome, and send her back to her plane of existence. Finding the Cabal have erupted into civil war. Lara uses the Ankh to remove Osiris' soul from the young man's body, and destroys the Ankh.

Central Mexico[]

Revisioned 2

Lara found the location of the tomb of Moctezuma I, and the Scarlet Scarab. However she found that is was already being raided by another group of archaeologists, led by Zolton, and his sidekick Rodrigo. Lara managed to get to the Scarab first but ends up dropping it, after her rope was shot and she fell.

Lara engaged in a fight with Zolton's men, while Rodrigo betrayed him and used the Scarlet Scarab to resurrect Moctezuma. Lara attempts to kill Moctezuma, but fails. Rodrigo holds her at gunpoint insisting she be the sacrifice for Moctezuma. She forces Rodrigo into the sarcophagus, and takes the Scarlet Scarab from the body of Moctezuma, and throws him into the sarcophagus as well, leading to it falling of the ledge and into a ravine.

Lara leaves the temple and relaxes on a hammock, after placing the Scarlet Scarab in a safe place.


Revisioned 3

Lara is asked to travel Antarctica to retrieve a substance, which resembles amber, known as "Angel Spit", which was originally brought back by an expedition to Antarctica in the 1930s. It had recently been discovered to have the ability to be programmed into whatever it needed to be, thus being a potential cure for all illness.

Lara reads up on the original expedition, and discovers that the Angel Spit caused the men to go mad and kill each-other, with only the captain returning. He claimed the Angel Spit was cursed. Lara was intrigued, and decided to investigate further, examining old maps, that showed there were once islands that were shown as ice on modern maps. Lara consults a shaman woman, Maria to learn more about Angel Spit. And is told that she will die horribly if she goes there. Lara smirks at the opportunity of another death defying adventure.

Lara goes to the island anyway and uncovers a massive collection of Angel Spit, however she suddenly realizes that the Angel Spit is actually akin to an egg, that births scarabesque creatures, and that she had inadvertently revived it. Lara destroys the island and departs. However she accidentally takes a piece of Angel Spit with her.


Revisioned 5

Lara seeks out the Scepter of Khan. She travels through the mountains of Tibet to find the scepter of Khan, she is followed by an admirer, Abigail Butterworth. She discovers a lost The Lost Monastery of Gompa, which is still inhabited by Monks. She is warned to leave, by a severely deformed monk, before being attacked by a monster that resembles a cheetah and a man.

Lara is captured, and expresses annoyance when she see that Abigail has followed her. It is revealed, that the creatures were made by an evil monk, who is using the scepter to create an army of man-beast hybrids. Before he can do the same with Lara and Abigail, Lara uses a flash grenade to blind him. She takes the scepter, and they attempt to escape. However, Lara is attacked by the Monk who has turned into a giant wolf creature. Lara uses the scepter to return the monks to their human form. Lara offers Abigail a job as a research assistant. Abigail declines, saying her mother thinks Lara is a bad influence, which Lara agrees.


Revisioned 6

Lara searches for Thaumopolis in the Mediterranean Sea. When she returns to her yacht, she discovers a trespasser named Anton Cooper. He tells her that a group known as the Liberty Project has found the location of Thaumopolis, and intends on resurrecting, the Thaumopolean Lethal Legion. However they do not have the correct keys, and their duplicated pieces would cause a tsunami, that would destroy all city's within fifty miles of the Mediterranean coastline. He takes Lara to Thaumopolis.

While there they warn the Liberty Project leader, Mr. Madison that using the fake keys will result in disaster. Lara uses the keys and opens the vault. A Thaumopolian awaits them, and asks who will claim there prize. Cooper says that Lara will, however the leader of the Liberty Project disputes her claim. The pair are forced to compete in three challenges. Lara wins the first challenge, and Mr. Madison wins the second. However in the third challenge, Madison is killed, and Lara claims victory. Lara is told to claim her prize, so she picks the top half of a Thaumopolean nesting doll that would complete her set.

Lara and Cooper leave Thaumopolis. Cooper causes a cave in, and jettisons the key fragments into the abyss of the sea.


Revisioned 9

Lara acquired the location of the Treasure of Perseus. which was aboard the RMS Lusitania. Since it was a protected national monument, She decided it would be easier to use Mr. Atcherson to get to the ship, since, he had corrupt government officials bribed, to allow him to do what he wanted.

Lara went to the Mt. Olympus Casino, where she approached Mr. Atcherson. She was intent on, using him to raise the Lusitania, and retrieving the Rivia Gemmis ruby, from Mr. Atcherson. She bet the location of the treasure of Perseus, in a hand of five card stud, Which she intentionally lost. Atcherson had his men shoot at Lara, she got the ruby though and escaped by jumping out the window and into the sea below.

Southern Coast of Ireland[]

Revisioned 7

Lara made her way to the Salvage ship captained by Blunt via wingsuit, to await the Lusitania's rising. However he managed to call his men, who shot her off the ship. Her suit however protected her from the bullets, and she fled.

She returned the following day, to retrieve the treasure. She engaged in a brief fight, with a woman named Scarlet, who was hired by Atcherson. However the sudden appearance of the Kraken interrupts them, Lara is captured and dragged down by the Kraken, seemingly killing it and herself with a grenade.

Lara once again returned, the following day, when Atcherson had retrieved the Treasure of Perseus, which is revealed to be a Shield of Athena adorned with the head of Medusa. However, Lara knew this and took the precaution to wear thermal goggles, meaning she couldn't make out Medusa's visage, as she was long dead and was spared from Medusa's stone gaze. However, she could see Atcherson quite clearly, and shot him, causing him to drop the shield, and accidentally look at it. Lara took the shield and escaped just as the Kraken returned. She relented that it was going to be difficult to display the shield.



  • Lara's eyes are blue in the episode, "A complicated Woman"