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Lady Lara Croft is the daughter of the late Richard Croft and Lady Croft, the Earl and Countess of Abbington.

Following her mother's death in 1976, Lara became the heir-countess, and following her father's believed death on May 15, 1985, became the owner to the Abbingdon Estate in Buckinghamshire, England.

She became like her father, an archaeologist, on the trail of mythological artifacts which she donated to the British Museum. Lara hired computer technical wiz, Bryce, who worked for her at the Croft Estate as her technical assist. Bryce took up residence in a caravan in the front courtyard of the manor.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider[edit | edit source]

Lara Croft's adventure in 2001 started by finding an antique clock in a hidden room under the stairs. With the help of Bryce and butler Hillary, she found The Clock hidden inside the ancient clock. Seeking answers she went to an auction, to meet an old friend Wilson. Wilson sent her to Manfred Powell, who unknown to her was a member of the Illuminati. After the meeting with Manfred, Lara's Estate was attacked by the Illuminati, and the The Clock stolen. Following her father's instruction that were hidden in a book, she tracked down the first location of the Triangle of Light, Tomb of the Dancing Light in Cambodia. She figured out that the obvious keyhole on the floor was false, and convinced Manfred to toss her the Key. She then took an opportunity to take the First half of the Triangle of the Light. Lara traveled to Venice to confront Manfred and discovered him to be the member of the Illuminati. Manfred then reveals that Lara's father was also member of the Illuminati. Lara accepted Manfred's proposal to join forces and retrieve the last half of the Triangle of Light. The flew to Siberia and traveled to the Lost City by dogsleds. There hidden in a planetarium was the other half of the Triangle. After retrieving it, she gave it to the Illuminati, knowing that it wouldn't be reforged. Manfred however killed Alex West forcing Lara to reveal the last missing piece hidden inside the The Clock. She tossed the The Clock into a time anomaly, and retrieved the "grain of sand". Reforging the Triangle transported Lara and Manfred into the City of Light, where she won the race to the top of the pyramid, thus gaining control over the Triangle. She went to see her father one last time before, coming back to the present time, just before Manfred killed Alex. She the turned the knife around and Manfred himself was struck with it. She then destroyed the Triangle of Light. Manfred then revealed that it was he that killed Lara's father. Lara went back for him, and they fought for a while ending with Lara killing Manfred, and taking back his father's pocket watch.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life[edit | edit source]

While exploring the Luna Temple in Greece, she finds the Mati left there by Alexander the Great. The Orb is stolen by Chen Lo's men. Lara is then tasked by the MI6 to find the Pandora's Box that Jonathan Reiss is after. Lara accepts the mission on a condition that she can use a man she knew a way back, Terry Sheridan, who is in prison in Kazakhstan. They then travel to China to retrieve the Mati, which is a map to the Cradle of Life. Terry's plan is to be captured by Chen Lo. They learn the location of the Mati, and retrieve it Reiss, gets his hands on it. Lara travels to Africa, and meets up with Kosa, who is a translator for a tribe near the Kilimanjaro. Reiss too arrives and threatens to kill Hillary and Bryce. They then travel through the forest full of Shadow Guardians. Only Lara, Reiss and Terry mnanage to reach the Cradle of Life and find the Pandora's Box. Reiss and Lara fight over it and Reiss is killed when he falls into the acid. Terry also wants the box for himself and draws a gun, but Lara is faster and shoots Terry, killing him. Lara then contemplates opening the Pandora's Box, but decides against it and pushes it back into the pool of acid.

Lara Croft as she appears in 2001

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