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Lara Croft: Relic Run is an adventure runner. Relic Run offers a massive amount of diversity in play, allowing for seamless transitions between acrobatic-inspired running, combat, vehicles, and epic boss fights, including but not limited to the return of the infamous T-Rex.

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have been working with the talented team at Simutronics, who are developing it. Lara Croft: Relic Run is free-to-play game, launching on iOS, Android, and Win8 Phone for a global release in the May 28, 2015[3]

With the release of version 1.5.68 on 14 October 2015, which also made the third area Mountain Pass now available, the gameplay was changed from endless runner to level based runner, with an optional endless running section.


Carter Bell has gone missing, leaving behind a trail of relics. Lara Croft tracks Carter to a Jungle Temple in Cambodia and then to Desert Ruins in Sahara. The relics all connect to Rahu, an evil asura, who seems to be a real threat to the world. After the Desert Ruins, Lara tracked Carter to Himalayas Mountain Pass. Lara used the relic left behind by Carter to contain the Oni and the Rahu, averting the danger. Carter was still on the move however, and Lara was unsure if the adventure is over or not.


Main Characters[]



Update History[]

Version 1.0.0[]

April 13, 2015

Version 1.0.1[]

May 11, 2015

Changes made:

  • Added Special Value Packs into the store.
  • Added Everplay support (iPhone 5/iPad 3 above only), allows you to record your run and post a video to social media.
  • Added gameplay tips to loading screen.
  • Now see your friend's best distance run in game to see when you beat them.
  • New boss kill reward display.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.0.2[]

May 27, 2015

Changes made:

  • Performance improvements.

Version 1.0.3 (shows 1.0.41 in-game)[]

July 3, 2015

Changes made:

  • Improved tutorial including wall run hints.
  • Change to requirements for the Wardrobe achievement - only 4 outfits now needed.
  • Game improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.4 (shows 1.0.44 in-game)[]

August 6, 2015

Changes made:

  • New FREE 'Classic Lara Croft' outfit.
  • New 'Head Start' gear item - enabling Lara to speed through the first section of a run and get further into the action.

Version 1.0.5 (shows 1.0.56 in-game)[]

August 25, 2015

Changes made:

  • New item! Double the number of coins you receive on a run with the aptly named Coin Doubler.
  • Achievements now reward with Gems rather than coins.
  • Option to complete coin purchases with Gems.
  • Miscellaneous game improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.1.0 (shows 1.5.64 in-game)[]

October 14, 2015

Update now for a brand new location! Lara gets a frosty reception in the Mountain Pass as she continues to hunt for answers to the disappearance of Carter. Equipped with the newly available weapon- the mini-gun, Lara takes on some of her toughest enemies yet in the perilous snowy peaks.

Changes made:

  • New location - Mountain Pass featuring a new vehicle, enemies & boss!
  • New weapon - the incredible mini gun! Decimate your enemies with this rapid firing machine of destruction.
  • New campaign map - now advance the Relic Run story by completing levels and objectives.
  • New Clue Saving feature - carry your collected clues to the next run.
  • Improved tutorial.

Version 1.6.77[]

November 5, 2015

Changes made:

  • New Agent 47 outfit available in store. Dress Lara to kill in Hitman’s stylish black suit and red tie.
  • Kitting Lara out with weapons is even easier in the new store layout.
  • Limited time offers on items and new versions of current outfits.

Keep hunting for those relics and remember that unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures!

Version 1.7.83[]

December 7, 2015

Changes made:

  • New Christmas Santa outfit.
  • New Area 51 outfit with bonus starting ammo.
  • New gold weapon options.
  • Improved Supply Drop - opens as soon as Supply Drop is ready.
  • Improved Head Start - now auto-collects gems, clues & power-ups.
  • Russian language Support.

Version 1.8.88[]

February 10, 2016

Changes made: It’s update time! Check out the latest improvements to Lara Croft Relic Run below:

  • Daily Login bonus – get a FREE prize every day you log-in!
  • All new Supply Drop game! Choose a mystery box and win BIG!
  • Improved tutorial – it’s now even easier to learn how to play Relic Run!
  • Loading screen optimisation – get running even quicker with faster loading times.
  • Game flow improvements – level objectives are now clearer and your next level auto-opens.

Version: 1.9.94[]

March 16, 2016

Changes made:

  • See your Facebook friends' progress on your campaign map. Stoke that friendly rivalry by showing them who’s the Relic Run expert!
  • Early item unlock – items are now accessible earlier without the previous progress requirements.
  • Close to death and in need of a health pack, or running out of ammo with Mr T-Rex breathing down your neck? No problems – you can now restock items mid run!

Version: 1.10.97[]

June 2, 2016

Changes made:

  • New Weekly Challenges.
  • Enhanced boss fight animations.

Version: 1.11.106[]

October 23, 2018

Changes made:

  • Supply Drop – you can now receive up to three different items in one supply drop and more chance of winning gems and Ankhs. You no longer need to watch an ad to collect your reward.
  • Reward Doubler – If you do a particularly stellar performance, you’ve now got the option to double the gems and coins rewarded.
  • Store overhaul: take advantage of the new and more generous gem bundles to unlock and upgrade Lara’s equipment faster.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.11.114 (Latest Version)[]

June 5, 2021

Changes made:

  • Bug fixes.


Lara is automatically running forward, while the player has the option, via wiping action over the screen of the Smartphone or Tablet, to make evasive movements like jumping, ducking or moving to sides to bypass obstacles such as columns, tree roots or holes on the ground. One single mistake leads Lara to die and the level has to start all over, alternatively Resurrection Ankhs can be utilized to continue the run with increasing cost.

Next to running passages, there are driving and shooting parts. In the shooting part, Lara is still automatically running, but you don't have to bypass obstacles, but kill enemies, and shoot their projectiles. Lara's health gets reduced and a health display can be seen only in this part.


  • In the outfit section, when you click twice on four of Lara's outfits (Standard, Agent 47, Area 51 and Christmas), where she's holding her iconic guns, the guns disappear from Lara's hands during the second click and return to the holsters. Lara's animation remains the same as if she was still holding the guns.
  • Lara Croft is voiced by Abigail Stahlschmidt.