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Lara Croft: Reflections is a free-to-play card-battle game for mobiles[2]. Lara Croft: Reflections was first released to New Zealand and Australia, in December 20, 2013 with plans on global release in Early 2014. The plans failed and the servers were shut down in August 5, 2014.[3]

Play as Lara in an Epic Card Battle Adventure! Adventure through mysterious lost worlds, collect valuable artifacts, battle enemies and other game players, and combine new weapons to increase your power!


  • Challenging Quests - Explore mysterious lands and battle powerful foes!
  • Insane Card Battles - Collect powerful weapons to attack enemies and other players in massive real time PvP card battle combat!
  • Weapon Card Battles - Collect and combine weapon cards to level up and evolve new powerful weapon cards!
  • Steal Artifacts - Steal artifacts from other players and protect your artifacts!
  • Live Boss Battle Events - Participate in group battles to defeat powerful event bosses for massive rewards!


Lara Croft was hunting Carcasa de Tezcatlipoca's greatest treasure, when she unknowingly opened a doorway that could only be opened once in 500 years. That door opened a gateway to infinite parallel universes, throwing the world from a state of balance into chaos. The longer the portals stay open, the more unstable the world will become. Our world will collapse if the door isn't closed in time. So now Lara must collect the artifacts to close the thousand doors.

During the Shadows of the Nagual event: Lara meets the sole survivor of a tiny village that has been ransacked by three mysterious creatures. Lara helped defeat these creatures and solved the mystery.[4]




Southern Mexico, Chiapas, Central America[]

  • Palenque
    • Palenque Ruins 1
    • Palenque Ruins 2
    • Palenque Ruins 3
    • Temple of Inscriptions 1
    • Temple of Inscriptions 2
    • Temple of Inscriptions 3
    • Temple of Inscriptions 4
  • Copán
  • Belize
  • Caribbean Sea

South America[]