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This article is about the training level in Tomb Raider II, for the epilogue see Home Sweet Home.

Lara's Home is the Training Level for Tomb Raider 2. In it Lara learns her moves, can visit her Treasure Room and attempt the Obstacle Course...

On this level you are always being followed by the old Winston he makes noises and sometimes throws gases.


See Lara's Home Walkthrough

When you begin this level (which is technically what it can't be called), you start at the front of a terrain course. You can test this out to see how rusted your skills are, but it is an optional test. Instead, you can just skip to the end of the course and press the button beside the front door. Pressing said button will open it, allowing entry to the mansion. In the house, you can go into a number of rooms. The kitchen has a freezer where you can lock your butler, Winston, in. Just let him follow you into the freezer, jump over him, and run to the button. Press it to lock the freezer. Later ports to other system even has an achievement for doing it.

Traveling upstairs, you can enter Lara's room. If you look closely, you can also find a dark room known as the attic. Jump up the raise edge, then run up the stairs. Hopefully you aren't afraid of the dark... You don't find anything good in the attic, but it's worth the spooky climb up there... If you dare...

Next, traverse outside. Here, you should find a hedge maze nearby with an elegant statue in front of it. Enter the hedge maze. You will need to figure your way through it to a secret tunnel that leads to an open area with a button and some matches. Once you find the way to the button (don't worry, I will provide you with a quick route in a second), press it, turn around and run back to the house. A (useless) surprise is in store.

To get to the button (and to come back through), though, you'll need to know a good route. Luckily, I happen to have one store in my memory banks. The fastest route to and from the entry (or exit) of the maze is this:

Once you enter the maze, immediately turn left. Continue straight at the first intersection. Turn right (what other choice do you have?), then turn left at the next intersection. Turn left again, then right. Go straight, all the way down to the end of the corridor, then turn right when you come to the next turn. Turn left, then right at the next "left-right fork." Follow the maze until you come to the next "left-right fork," then turn left. The next left should lead to a hole in the ground. Follow the hole until you must jump out of it. Walk towards the button, and press the button after you have picked up the matches (they could come in handy). Get out of there! Once you get out of the maze (do what you did above, just backwards), run into the house. The hall on the right of the entry will have a door open (that is, if you made it there in time) that you must enter quickly! Walk down the stairs and explore with the matches. The button at the top of the stairs will reopen the now-closed door.

If you can't get there in time, Winston is likely getting in the way--simply lock him in the freezer and exercise in peace.

Get to the Roof To get upon the roof, use the "Corner Bug," as some call it. Just use the nook on the right side of the front door. While standing on the corner, you should continually jump up and down. Eventually, you will get up onto the tall awning. Next, do the same thing on the next corner o get onto the roof. Explore all over the roof to view many things from above--it can help to view the correct (and fast) route for the maze. When on the roof, you can get to the outer wall as well.

An Easier Way to Get Inside Follow the terrain course (or the assault course, as some call it) until you reach a platform near Lara's bedroom window. Back up as far as you can on the platform and take a running jump towards the window. If you get enough air, you should be able to reach the windowsill and grab onto the bottom. You can then pull yourself and get into the house (this also will leave Winston outside if he isn't already freezing to his death), and explore in peace. However, you can't exit from the window.



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