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Lara's Home is the Training Level for Tomb Raider. In it, Lara practices all of her basic moves, moving up to the more complicated ones...


Lara's Home

The Loading Screen


The Main Hall

There are only few accessible areas in this version of Lara's Home. Namely: the library, the music room, the main hall, and the gym. You will start in the library and then to the music room. You'll proceed to the main hall to gain access to the gym. On your way, Lara will give you instructions on how to perform her moves. Just follow them and you'll be fine. Once you reach the main hall you'll see a lot of crates. Climb on top of them and you'll gain entrance to the gym.



Weapons FoundEdit

  • None

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Locales VisitedEdit


  • None


In earlier versions, Lara could be seen wearing her Classic outfit in this level. A bear, probably stuffed, could also be seen. The level was originally called Gym.


  • The Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark can be seen in the main hall of the manor at the right side of the entrance.



Lara's humble abode.

The cutscene in this level: is called "Mansion".


After selecting Lara's Home on the title screen, this FMV begins and simply shows the camera entering through the gates of Lara's home, passing by the fountain and into one of the mansion's front windows. Lara's Norton Streetfighter motorbike is also parked outside.