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Kurtis Trent was an ally of Lara Croft. He appears in Issues, 32-34, and is later mentioned again in issue 49.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kurtis was trained as a child by is father Konstantin to join Lux Veritatis. Kurtis had other plans and dreams, and left the order to join foreign legion. Once Kurtis learned of his father's death he returned home and found his inheritance: the Chirugai and the Periapt Shards. Kurtis looked for Pieter Van Eckhardt who was his father's killer for two years without success.

While chasing the Cabal assassins in Paris, he saw how they broke into Werner Von Croy apartment, and stole four paintings. The Cabal assassins split up, and Kurtis followed most of them. Seeing how they attack a woman, Kurtis decided to help her and killed the assassins. The woman introduced herself to be Lara Croft. Looking for clues they visited Von Croy's dig, there they met Margot Carvier who directed them to Prague, where Von Croy had met with Eckhardt several times. On their way there they were attacked, and the last of the Obscura Paintings was stolen from Lara. Kurtis saved Lara's life doing CPR on her. Kurtis and Lara arrived in Prague, only to find Eckhardt's house in smoldering ruins, a lone survivor directed them to Turkey, he also revealed Eckhardt's plans on using the Nephilim and how to destroy them. During their attack on the Turkey's digsite, Kurtis was killed from behind by one of the Cabal soldiers. He was however revived when Eckhardt used the Obscura Paintings to revive the Sleeper. After the Sleeper had killed and eaten Eckhardt, Kurtis threw the Periapt Shards to Lara who jumped on the Sleeper and stabbed it with them, making the Sleeper explode. Kurtis and Lara departed ways with a kiss, Lara promised to scatter the Obscura Paintings once more in case more Nephilim are in slumber.

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