Kristina Boaz is a character from Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, she is the Head of Corrective and Remedial Surgery at the Strahov Psychiatric Institute in Prague. She was a loyal character to Eckhardt, very loyal.

Originally based in Argentina, she bears the scars from a horrific plane crash she survived in 1987.

After being recruited into Pieter Van Eckhardt's Cabal, Kristina Boaz lead the Corrective and Remedial Surgery project within the Strahov Psychiatric Institute.

Remedial Surgery wasn't her only field within the Strahov. Boaz was given authority over a team of scientists who experimented with genetic engineering and the use of Nephilim DNA from the Sleeper.

Many of these experiments were performed upon Boaz's psychiatric institute patients from within the Sanitarium.

Among her creations were the Human-Mutants, and the Proto-Nephilim.

In the year 2003, Lara Croft released the Proto-Nephilim from its containment area and it proceeded to run amok within the walls of the Strahov Institute. As punishment for Boaz's carelessness for failing to destroy the Prototype, Eckhardt cast Boaz into one of Dr. Grant Muller 's biological creations - The Pod.

Her body was transformed into the Boaz-Pod, and it was in this state that she murdered her colleague Dr. Muller. She underwent further transformation, and hatched from The Pod as a brand new species: Part human, part insect and part Nephilim - she became the Boaz-Fly.

She died in this state when Kurtis Trent, the sole survivor of the Lux Veritatis, used his bladed Chirugai weapon to decapitate her.


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