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For the character who appeared in the original game, see Bald Man.

"Kold" Kin Kade was the Bodyguard of Jacqueline Natla.

He was a vicious psychopathic individual, who deeply enjoyed killing.

Early Life[]

Kin Kade spent fifteen years in prison, after being convicted of an elaborate and brutal murder. In Prison he earned the nickname "Kold" due to his sociopathic and violent behavior. The deaths of several cell mates resulted in him spending the vast majority of his sentence in isolation. He was released on parole into the custody of Jacqueline Natla.

At some point, a small gang, led by Jerome Johnson, attempted to car-jack Natla's limousine. Kin Kade killed the entire gang, except for Jerome. Upon Natla's request, as she wanted a contact in LA's criminal underground. Johnson fulfilled the criteria that she wanted, and Kold spared him. Though he was fully aware that Johnson was holding a grudge against him, he knew Johnson would never retaliate lest Natla kills him herself.

Tomb Raider Anniversary[]

Kin Kade alongside Larson and Jerome, accompanies Natla to Egypt in order to take the completed Scion from Lara. Whilst Lara is in a dazed state from using the Scion to learn the truth about Atlantis, she is stripped of her weapons and held by Kin Kade. Natla tells them to kill her, but she escapes them by diving off a cliff. Natla's entourage leaves and takes Natla's boat to a secret Island.

Later, Lara runs into Kin Kade Natla's Mines. He knows that she has killed Larson, and attempts to make her admit to enjoying it. Johnson appears, and aims his guns at Lara, and shoots at her. Kin Kade stabs him, saying "She's mine!" Soon Kold has her pinned against a wall, but before he can kill her, the mortally wounded Kid shoots him in the back, killing him. Finally getting revenge for his friends.



  • He is Tomb Raider: Anniversary's equivalent to the Bald Man.