Kaz Weiss is the sister of Alex Weiss. Like her brother she is a computer hacker and tech head.

Biography Edit

Unknown points in time Edit

Kaz worked for Trinity for an unknown period of time. She left for undisclosed reasons.

Kaz was homeless for a while, living on the streets in Germany. She was taken in by a man named Femon.

Kaz married a woman, named Lucya. Alex was the best man at her wedding.

She received an e-mail from Alex telling her that he had joined an expedition to Yamatai to, as a way to escape from people who were looking for him, told her about Lara's theories about the Dragon's Triangle. This was the last correspondence she from him, as she learned of Alex's death on the island.

On the Run Edit

Kaz was eventually targeted by Trinity, for telling her wife about them. She was hunted by a man named Mr Cruz, who tortured and interrogated Lucya, before killing her.

Overcome with grief and fear for her own life, Kaz went into hiding, knowing that her former employers wouldn't stop until she was dead. She stopped contacting her mother, while she was in the Ukraine, and fled to Pripyat, where Lucya's family still resided.

She was tracked down by Lara Croft, she managed to get cornered by her dogs, and held her at gunpoint, she was holding a grudge against for the death of her brother. Lara gave her Alex's pocket watch, that she and Alex had gifted to their father prior to his death. They are accosted by Kaz's former brothers in law, Viktor, Krill and Pavel, who were still very protective of her, depite, no longer being family.

Kaz 1

Kaz as she appeared in her first appearance.

They are attacked by Mr Cruz, He stabs one of the three brothers, Pavel, however Kaz commands the Dogs to attack, Mr Cruz, who then fled. Lara gave chase, and Kaz finally started to see that Lara had cared for her brother. She takes Pavel to the hospital, and heads back to Lucya's childhood home, only to find it destroyed, and being attacked by Trinity's forces. She sneaks into the wreckage, and manages to save Lara from the final soldier.

After Lara destroys the helicopter carrying Mr Cruz, Lucya's mother tells Kaz to go, and find somewhere safe. Kaz relents that she has nowhere to go, though Lara offers accommodation with her and Sam, back in London, which she gladly accepts.

Life in London Edit

Kaz changes her look, to try and make it harder for Trinity to find her again. She cuts her hair short, and dyes it blonde. However this didn't help, as Mr Cruz arrived in London and captured her, intent on using her to lure Lara to him, in the subway, which successfully works. However Lara was followed by Auger Ramille. Who killed Cruz's henchmen, Cruz makes a final attempt to Kaz, but she manages to kick him onto the electrified rail, finally killing him, and avenging her wife.

Lara and Sam bring Kaz a ransom tape they were sent, to analyze it and find out any information she can from it. She concludes that the tape was recorded by a group of bandits in Mexico, known as Las Serpientes Que Caminan.

Kaz accompanies Lara, Sam and Jonah as part of their cover as a documentary crew, partially as a way to repay Lara and Sam and partially to keep because she knew Jonah didn't like flying, and that Alex would've wanted him to be safe, which she accomplished by slipping him Valium.

After renting the boat, an incident with a shark leaves their driver injured and unable to take them where they need to go, however he loans them his boat, and Kaz takes over as their driver. When Lara attempted to slip away, to look for Grim alone, Kaz gave Lara a machete to cut through the jungle. She told Lara that she would cover for her.

The rest of the group are attacked by the bandits who are intending on using Sam for ransom. However they are rescued by Lara, and Kaz promptly pilots the boat out of enemy territory.

Back in London, Kaz and Lara have a fight, when Lara says that she's thinking of returning to Yamatai, resulting in Kaz throwing a pillow at her, calling her an idiot and saying that she needs to let it go, and that she hated it, despite never setting foot on the island, since it was where her brother died.

Skills Edit

Kaz is an avid computer hacker.

Kaz is also a capable boat driver, having taken a job during the summer driving a boat for tourists.

Trivia Edit

  • Kaz is the first confirmed gay character within the Tomb Raider series, along with her wife Lucya.
  • Kaz is a smoker, having restarted due to the stress of being hunted by Trinity.
  • Kaz's new hairstyle is similar to that of her wife, Lucya. Whether this was done intentionally or not, is unknown.
  • Kaz lived in Iceland, prior to going on the run from Trinity.
  • Kaz temporarily resided in with Lara and Sam, in London. Her current whereabouts and status are unknown as she is not referenced in Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second run of Dark Horse's Tomb Raider comics.