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Jungle is the first level of Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara begins her adventure to look for the Infada Stone...



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  • Indian Jungle


  • 1 - Shotgun and 2x Uzi Clip
  • 2 - Shotgun Ammo and Save/Power-up crystal
  • 3 - Grenade, Shotgun Ammo and Flares
  • 4 - Harpoons and Rocket
  • 5 - Flares and MP5 Clips
  • 6 - Flares and Save/Power-up crystal


You will start in front of a huge sloped area. Right at the beginning, you can go for a Secret.

Secret 1

Before going down, jump to the slopes on Lara’s right and slide down to the green flat ledge. Look to your left to see a yellow area. Use a standing jump, and you will land on a small ledge beneath the foliage. Your rewards are a Shotgun and a pair of Uzi Clips.

Slide down the long slope. You can jump and grab a tree trunk up above, but there is only a Monkey up there. Regardless, continue sliding, always to the left. You will soon land on a flat spot. Take the Large Medipack and the Shotgun Shells, while evading a boulder that comes down.

Secret 2

After taking the two supplies, look at the trees in front of you. Use a running jump and veer to the left to land on the foliage. Your rewards are a Save Crystal and some Shotgun Shells.

Once at the bottom of the slope, you can move forward into the rocky area, or go left into a quicksand swamp. You cannot cross the quicksand, but there is a Save Crystal here, so pick it up anyway.

Secret 3

To the left of the Save Crystal, climb up the ledge and go beyond it to trigger the Secret. Your rewards are some Flares and Shotgun Shells in the waterfall niches, as well as some Grenades in the trench below.

Back to the rocky area, move forward and quickly shoot the monkey before he can reach the Small Medi-pack. Continue forward into a hallway behind a plant. At the end, there is a switch. Throwing it will open a door back in the rocky area. If you fall in the water, a pack of piranhas will attack Lara while the current takes her away to an underwater tunnel, containing a Small Medi-pack. Swim through the tunnel and climb out, and you will be back in the rocky area.

Climb up the tree and go through the open door. Drop into the dark chamber and throw the switch to activate a spiked wall. Roll and jump into the alcove behind Lara to avoid the wall. When it passes, go to where it came from and climb up to the rope slider. Slide down the rope over the river to the tree stump. From here, use a running jump across the gap to reach the jungle area.

As soon as you step in, a Tiger will attack Lara. Quickly jump up the stump ahead and fight it from safety. To the right after entering, you can jump over the trees for some Uzi Clips. Move forward and take the Small Medipack on the rocks. A Monkey will approach, but he will not harm Lara unless you shoot it. Take a left and enter the narrow corridor, which has a switch in it. As soon as you throw the switch, a boulder will roll down after Lara, but you can simply step up to the small ledge nearby to avoid it. In this area, you can grab some Flares in the corner, where a vine is growing around it.

Go to where the boulder came from and say hello to the monkey inside the small room. Throw the switch to open the gate nearby and go down the path, quickly shooting a tiger. Look to your right. Use a standing jump to go through the brush, where you can pick up some Shotgun Shells. A second tiger appears at the end of the path. In the next area, avoid the small hole in the mist and shoot the monkey. To the right of the hole, there is a corner with some Shotgun Shells and Uzi Clips. Crawl under the tree and run to the next area.

In here, run up the tree, take the Save Crystal and quickly fight another tiger. Jump off to the ledge to the left and make a jump to another ledge with some MP5 Clips. At the end of the tree, jump down to the stone ledges. Go into the caged hallway and carefully step out on the spikes. Shoot the monkey on the ledge above you and walk to the end of the spikes. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the ledge in front of you. Grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left until you can pull up. Go into the dark hallway and shoot the monkey. It may be wise to save your game before throwing the switch at the end of the hallway.

As soon as you throw the switch, turn around and sprint down the hallway, going into the entrance just before the boulder can catch Lara.

Secret 4

Go back to the switch and look up to your left. Climb up into the opening. Your rewards are a set of Harpoons and a Rocket.

Back outside, you can drop back to the ledge beneath you. Here, use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge on the other side. Now, jump onto the green slope and slide down backwards, catching the edge. Shimmy right over the spikes and pull up, picking up the Save Crystal. Now, slide down the slope to your left.

Secret 5

Use a running jump with a grab to reach the small opening in front of the tree, and then climb up to it. Your rewards are some Flares, and some MP5 Clips.

Hang and drop down to the lower area. Jump back and forth between the slopes over the spikes, but edge on either direction until Lara can land on safe ground. Another tiger will attack. Take the Desert Eagle Clips from the two corners next to the spikes. You can also go into the dark hallway, walk into the spikes, and climb out of the small hole back into the misty area, if you need to backtrack for supplies.

In the next area, grab the Flares from the tree in front of you and turn your attention to the boulder trap. Approach the slope in front of the foliage to the left. Two boulders will roll from the foliage. Jump or run to avoid them.

Secret 6

Jump behind the foliage to trigger a third boulder and find a monkey and a Small Medi-pack. A hole with spikes is in front of the latter. Hang from the edge of the hole, facing the entrance, and drop down, catching the ledge beneath Lara. Your rewards are some Flares and a Save Crystal. To return, use a standing jump with a grab to reach the platform in front of the cave. Turn around towards the cave you just came from and use another standing jump with a grab to get out of the hole.

At the end, you will come to a stream. This one is safe, so jump into the water and go right for some Uzi Clips. Now, there are two paths that you can take. There is little difference between the two paths, so pick the one you see the best.

Long Path

Return the way you came and use a running jump to reach the central island. From here, jump up to the ledge above Lara and throw the switch. Drop back down into the island. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledges to the left of the open gate. Go through the gate and you will arrive back to the main stream.

Follow the path up to a rope slider and use it to slide down to a ledge. Here, you can crawl under and have a look at the room with the torches. Turn left and enter a room with pillars. Jump on the slanted ledge to the left and use a running jump to the next ledge, with a Save Crystal. When you reach the lower floor of this room, two tigers will attack. Go to the corner of the room to the left of the waterfalls and climb up the green ledge. Jump into the opening and follow it to the pool room.

Take the Flares from the center ledge and go forward to the closed door. Turn right and find a block. Pull it twice to open a door. Go through it and throw the switch, which will open an underwater door. This will lead to another pool room, with two switches. Throw both of them and return to the first pool room. Go into the open door and throw the switch to flood the pillar room. Return to it.

Short Path

Ignore the central island and swim towards the central structure. Here, you can surface in the room and throw the two switches. Go back in the water and swim through the now-open door. This will lead to another pool room. Take the Flares from the center ledge, go into the open door and throw the switch to flood the pillar room. Head through the door flanked by two torches and you will arrive there. Swim over and grab the Save Crystal on the ledge high up above.

The Paths Converge

The two paths converge here with the pillar room flooded. Climb out on the ledge next to the lowest waterfall. Climb up the ladder and continue along the waterfall path. Climb up the ledge and turn around. Use a running jump to reach the ledge and follow this one to a switch. Dive back in the water and through the door you just opened. Swim through the tunnel and surface in the next room. A tiger will attack here. Take the MP5 Clips and the Shotgun Shells from the dark corners of the room. Climb up the ladder.

At the top, you will see the Indra Key. Unfortunately, a monkey here catches it. Quickly run after the monkey, shoot it, and take the key. On the steps beneath you is another tiger. After dealing with it, drop down the steps. Walk to the end and jump to the ledges to reach a door. You are on the other side of the quicksand swamp of the beginning of the level. To the left of the door are some Shotgun Shells. To the right of the door is a keyhole. Use the Indra Key and the door opens. Jump into the quicksand and quickly wade through the open door to finish the level.

Lara stumbles upon a small camp. Someone is trying to contact the camp, but the man there, named Tony, ignores the calls and introduces his twisted personality to Lara. Lara reveals to him that she is trying to find the Infada Stone, and demands guidance from him. Tony says that it might be in the temple ruins up there, but he also warns Lara of some sort of “voodoo magic”. Lara then watches as Tony jumps off a ledge, mocking that she will never come out of the ruins alive. With Tony gone, Lara walks into the temple ruins.


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