Jessop is a minor character in Tomb Raider.


Jessop was the co-pilot of Aircraft N177A that searched the area of Endurance disappearance and responded to the distress call made by Lara Croft. They immediately headed towards Yamatai, but a freak storm showed up and the plane was hit by lightning multiple times and it went down. Both pilots ejected, and Jessop ended up near the Mountain Village. Jessop landed badly and got hurt, he radioed his situation and set up a blue smoke signal for his location. It's unknown why of how he moved, but when Lara Croft managed to find him he was on the steps of Chasm Monastery. Jessop was killed in an explosion set up by Mathias and the Solarii Brotherhood. His body was later dragged into the monastery into the storage room housing hundreds of bodies.

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