For the character who appears in the original game, see Skater Boy.

Jerome "The Kid" Johnson was one of Jacqueline Natla's henchmen.

Early Life Edit

Jerome was a hoodlum leading a small gang in Los Angeles. However, an attempted car-jacking turned sour when their intended target was the limousine of Jacqueline Natla. Her bodyguard Kin Kade slaughtered Jerome's gang, Natla ordered Kin Kade to leave Jerome alive, as she was in need of a contact within LA's crime underworld. Jerome agreed, in order to preserve his life. Since that day, he has held a hatred for Kade, and wants nothing more than to kill him, though he doesn't act on the impulse for revenge, in order to avoid Natla's ire.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edit

Jerome captures Lara, along with Kin Kade and Larson Conway. They strip her of her weapons. Natla orders the trio to finish her, however, Lara escapes them.

Jerome accompanies Natla on her boat to the Lost Island. He is posted outside the Pyramid to keep watch, along with Kin Kade. When Lara shows up, he open fires on her. Kade stabs Jerome in the stomach, wanting to kill Lara himself. Mortally wounded, Jerome manages to shoot Kade in the back while he is strangling Lara, finally taking his revenge for the murder of his gang. Lara looks towards him, but he dies from his wound without shooting again.

Appearances Edit

Tomb Raider: AnniversaryEdit


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