Janice is a character from The Angel of Darkness.

Lara Croft meets her in the Parisian Ghetto, standing next to the club, Le Serpent Rouge. She is a prostitute waiting for customers.

At first she reacts a bit hostile towards Lara, but she quickly turns into a helpful person, when she finds out that Lara's not there to ruin her business. She gives Lara two contacts for Bouchard; Pierre, the owner of the Cafe Metro, and Bernard.

She's the one who tells Lara, that Carvier was murdered by the Monstrum. Her trademark comment is: "Move along Ma chere, you make the place look crowded"

Whatever happened to Janice is a mystery but it is presumed she is alive and making some money.


Trivia Edit

  • Janice's overall design is very similar to that of Mace Daniels from Fighting Force, which was also developed by Core Design.