Mercenaries hired by James Rutland to protect him in his quest to find and create Excalibur. They were fierce and were good in all types of combat. Although they worked for Rutland they did not respect him or fear him they only really worked for him because of the enormous wage he was giving them they would often doubt his decisions but would never say it. James Rutland also made his mercenaries protect Amanda Evert, he also made them take orders from her as well.

He had his assault Mercenaries wear light blue riot gear usually equipped with Assault Rifles, Grenades and First Aid Kits. His Heavy Duty Mercenaries wore only a White Vest, Cargo Pants and Boots but they were equipped with Shotguns, Grenade Launchers and First Aid Kits. He had also appointed Officers who wore Light Brown Officers Uniform, they were equipped with Assault Rifles and they were also used to drive Motorcycles or Jeeps.