Ivan is a member of the Remnants. He is a soldier of the Red Army.

Biography Edit

Cold War Edit

Ivan was stationed as a guard at the Gulag, in the Soviet Installation, during the Cold War, however he was unsettled by the terrible conditions which the prisoners were subjected to. He secretly began to sabotage the operation, in small ways, such as sabotaging lifts to make it so prisoners couldn't be sent into the mines. It was here he met Serafima, a Russian biochemist, who had been taken there. She noticed his attempts at sabotage, but deemed them as "not enough."

Ivan fell in love with Serafima, which resulted in Serafima becoming pregnant. However their union, as well as Ivan's betrayal were discovered resulting in him being beaten, stripped of his position and imprisoned. He was shunned by other prisoners for his former position as a guard, since they didn't know of his many attempts at Sabotage.

Ivan's daughter was taken away, and Serafma was moved from the gulag, later Ivan heard that she had been killed by the witch, Baba Yaga.

Soon after, the prisoners staged a revolt, overthrowing the guards, and earning freedom. Ivan found his granddaughter and was granted residence to the Remnant village by Jacob, for his help in the fight against the Soviets.

Life among the Remnants Edit

Ivan stayed with the Remnants raising his daughter. He worked hard in an effort to redeem himself for all he had helped the Soviets accomplish. He longed for revenge against the witch, Baba Yaga for the death of his beloved Serafima. He planned to seek revenge after the birth of his granddaughter, however his daughter took sick and died shortly after giving birth. Ivan delayed his plans, staying behind to raise Nadia, teaching her to read Russian, as well as how to use a gun.

Into the Vale Edit

When Nadia reached adulthood, Ivan decided that Nadia no longer needed him around and left the village one night, heading to the Wicked Vale to finally seek his revenge against Baba Yaga. However, he swiftly became affected by the witch's toxin. He was taken by the witch to the temple in order to turn him into one of her servants, however, he recognized that Serafima was in fact Baba Yaga, though he could not call out to her.

Nadia along with Lara Croft, distilled an antidote and gave him a dose before he passed out. Nadia tended to him while Lara went to finish Baba Yaga. Some time later when Ivan regained consciousness, he told Nadia that he had been wrong, and that Serafima was Baba Yaga. Nadia called Lara to relay the information, begging her not to kill her grandmother.

After the fight was over, Ivan and Nadia arrived, Ivan called Serafima by name, causing her to recognize him, shocked having believed him dead. Ivan rushes to her side to comfort her. Nadia and Lara decided to leave them be.