Introduction Level
Game: Tomb Raider (2013)
Next Chapter: Coastal Forest
Objectives: Force of Will: Find a way out

Introduction is the first level of Tomb Raider. The level takes place in the Scavenger's Cove and the Coastal Bluffs.


The Introduction contains the following:


Lara Croft survives the crash of the Endurance but is knocked unconscious by an unseen person before she can meet up with her friends. She awakes to find herself strung-up by her feet in the Scavenger's Den, a cave with strange markings and signs of worship.



Keep Moving Forward to Survive.

Force of WillEdit

Escape the Scavenger's Den.

  • Find a Way Out

Signs Of LifeEdit

Discover the fate of the Endurance crew.

  • Search for Traces of Other Survivors
  • Follow the Survivors' Trail
  • Take Shelter from the Storm


Force of WillEdit

  • To escape from hanging, swing Lara against the other hanging corpse to light the body on fire. This will cause the fire to spread to a nearby pole. Swing Lara against the pole to burn off her constraints.
  • To escape the room with floating debris, use a lit Torch to burn down the rope holding up a metal contraption. This will cause the debris to pile up. Light this debris on fire, then leap from onto the metal lift to raise the flaming debris and drop them into the upper cage. Push over the upper cage to escape.



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