Hoshi was a citizen of the ancient island nation of Yamatai and a Daughter of the Sun at some point during the Kamakura period (c. 1185-1333 CE). She was chosen by Queen Himiko to be her successor. However, after discovering what the "succession" entailed, she committed suicide, both to save herself and stop Himiko from subjecting any other handmaiden to the ritual.


Hoshi was the daughter of Hiiro and Kokoro. At some point, she came to the Sun Queen's attention and was named a Daughter of the Sun, a handmaiden to Queen Himiko. Her status through Yamatai's society would earn her family both great respect and honor.[1]

Priestess of the Sun QueenEdit

As a Daughter of the Sun, Hoshi was taught languages, etiquette, history and warfare, which were all the skills she would need to rule Yamatai one day if she were to become Queen Himiko's successor. She was given everything she desired and more, but she intuitively sensed that something was very wrong. Far from feeling honored, she felt unease towards the Sun Queen, despite the Queen's attention and love towards her.[2]

As Queen Himiko began to grow old, the unease Hoshi felt towards her intensified. The Sun Queen would soon have to choose a successor, and Hoshi feared that it would be her, as she had become Queen Himiko's favorite. As such, the Sun Queen kept Hoshi close to her and doted on her more than the other priestesses. Hoshi was unsettled by the development. Her sense of foreboding grew, and she dreaded the time when the Sun Queen would choose her successor. When Himiko chose her, her unease grew even more, amplified by Himiko's demeanor upon looking at her from thenceforth, as if Himiko were gazing upon her own reflection. She dreaded the coming Ascension ritual.[3]


Finally, through unrevealed circumstances, Hoshi discovered the truth: the Ascension ritual would actually transfer Himiko's soul into her body, destroying her own soul, in effect killing her, and allowing Himiko to continue her rule, essentially living again in a fresh, young body. It became clear to her that this had in fact been the fate of all Himiko's chosen "successors", and would continue with every chosen priestess after her. Horrified, and aware that she would not be believed were she to make her discovery known, Hoshi resolved to sacrifice herself in order to end what she called Himiko's "twisted evil". Himiko's Stormguard General was tasked with escorting Hoshi to the Ascension ritual. Stealing his dagger, Hoshi climbed the stairs to the Chamber of the Sun on the night of the ritual, feigning compliance and readiness. However, upon ascending, she stabbed herself to death. This left the ritual incomplete, trapping Himiko in a decaying body. As a result, Himiko's rage cursed the island, and the Stormguard General committed Sepukku to atone for his failure.[4]