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Horus (also Heru) is one of the Egyptian gods and enemy of his uncle, Set.

Biography (Original Timeline)Edit


After a long battle with Set, Horus succeeds in outwitting his uncle and has him imprisoned at a secret tomb at the Valley of the Kings. Presented to Horus by his High Priest, Semerkhet, Horus placed the Amulet of Horus on Set's iron-maiden sarcophagus thus sealing off his influence. However, a prophecy began that foretold of Set's return in a distant millennia.

The Prophecy FulfilledEdit

On 26th December 1999, archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft is hired anonymously to raid an unopened tomb. The very tomb that Set was sealed within thousands of years previously. Lara takes the Amulet of Horus which triggers the prophecy's fulfillment. Set has been released and he gradually approaches the Earth.

The only known way to defeat Set is to summon Horus at his temple beneath the Great Pyramid. But first, Lara must recover the Armour of Horus and place it on Horus' stone likeness at his temple with the amulet before the turn of the millennium. This, Lara manages to do. But a swarm of locusts swoops into the cavern and destroys the statue of Horus before the summoning process is complete. The spirit of Horus is forced to leave and the amulet falls into the surrounding water. Set materializes and there is only one more possible way to stop him. Lara recovers the amulet and climbs back up the shaft avoiding Set's bolts of lightning. Lara finds a trapdoor with a receptacle for the amulet. She places it and the trapdoor closes, sealing Set away once more.

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