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Home Sweet Home is the eighteenth and final level of Tomb Raider 2. In it, Lara gets attacked by the remainder of the Fiamma Nera Cult in her own home when she returns home with the Dagger of Xian.

Level overviewEdit

The level takes place in Croft Manor right after she returns from China with the Dagger of Xian. The remaining Fiamma Nera members bombard Lara's mansion in order to seek the Dagger and revenge for their fallen leader. Lara will not possess her equipment from the previous mission, and instead can collect a series of items in a locked cabinet near her bed. Inside the locked cabinet, she will come across the Shotgun and some medicine packs. Lara will come across a group of Fiamma Nera members that will run up into her bedroom and attack her. Some will also appear on her balcony and shoot at her. They will also be accompanied by Dobermans in their raid.

Lara must eventually make it outside towards the cult's van and dispose of more Fiamma Nera mercenaries. Outside of her house, the entire garden and obstacle course will be dark, causing it hard for her to navigate the premises. Eventually, she will come across a Fiamma Nera member with two shotguns. Once she disposes of him, then the level will cut to a scene with Lara in the bathroom and the ending of the level.


In this level, Lara's main objective is to kill all the Fiamma Nera mercenaries hunting her all around the mansion. Using the key found in your inventory, open the door next to Lara's bed. This will lead you to Lara's weapon room. Here you can obtain a shotgun, tons of ammo, flares, and medipacks. Using your shotgun, shoot through the window to get access to the balcony where you can acquire another set of ammo for the shotgun. Once you've acquired enough supplies, you can now proceed in hunting down the mercenaries. Like the optional Lara's Home level, Lara can also explore the areas in her mansion. Since it's nighttime, the areas are all dark especially the attic. The attic is much darker and spookier. Other explorable areas are Lara's bathroom, the ballroom, the main hall, and of course, the assault course. However, there is no timer set once you begin the assault course. Lara can explore the hedge maze too and turn on the switch that opens the basement door. But in this level the basement door won't open whatever you do. The kitchen is also accessible but Winston is not around to annoy you so you don't have to worry about locking him in the freezer. The roof is still accessible by using the corner glitch. At one point in the game if you managed to kill all the mercenaries you confront a more powerful mercenary with dual shotguns, but he is no problem, just blast him with the shotgun several times and he'll die.



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