Tomb Raider III levels

Lara's Home (optional)
Temple Ruins
The River Ganges
Caves of Kaliya
Choose: Nevada, London or South Pacific:
Nevada Desert
High Security Compound
Area 51
Thames Wharf
Lud's Gate
South Pacific:
Coastal Village
Crash Site
Madubu Gorge
Temple of Puna
Continue (no choice):
RX-Tech Mines
Lost City of Tinnos
Meteorite Cavern
Bonus Level: All Hallows

High Security Compound is the second level of Nevada in Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara is taken into the prison after the disastrous crash in the previous level. She must now break out instead of breaking in, finding clues about the Element 115's location and what the Americans are up to with it along the way...



Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • High Security Compound, Nevada


  • 1 - 1x Small Medipack
  • 2 - 1x Grenade Launcher


Lara wakes up inside a holding cell. Note that all of your weapons and items have been permanently taken from you, with the exceptions being your Save Crystals, a Small Medi-pack, and any artifact you have taken so far.

Jump up into the window and touch the green lasers to open the doors, but an MP will come to investigate. Quickly run out of the cell and push the buttons nearby to let out four inmates who will help you in defeating the guards. Once the action dies down, enter the holding cell that is already open, which is diagonally opposite to Lara’s.

In here, climb up into the opening behind the sink and push the crate once. Crawl through the opening to Lara’s left and push the second crate. Now, turn right and push the first crate again so you can see an opening in the ceiling.

Secret 1Edit

Continue pushing the first crate until you can see the opening again. Return to the second crate and pull it twice. Crawl back to the opening and go to where the second crate was. Your reward is a Small Medipack.

Up through the opening in the ceiling, run down the path and use a running jump with a grab to reach the other side of the pit with barbed wire. Next, walk through the barbed wire and throw the switch at the end to open a trapdoor behind Lara. Climb up on the ledge to the left and climb down the trapdoor with the use of a ladder nearby. Dismount the ladder to the hallway on the left. Run down the hallway, jump the first trapdoor and drop down on the second. In the control room, crawl to the switch and throw it. This will open the gates back to the cell block, and the inmates will deal with the armed MP patrolling here. Once he is dead, pick up the Small Medipack, some Shotgun Shells, and a Keycard Type A from his body. Use the keycard to open the other gate in the control room. This will open a path to the rest of the complex.

Go down the corridor and turn left. Push the button to open the door, and you will arrive in a bathroom. Repeat the process to the next door. In here, push and pull the crate until you can position it in an opening in the ceiling. Climb up to it and jump over the pipes. Throw the switch to flood the previous room. Swim through the water to the other opening. Climb out and carefully walk to the corridor to the right to avoid falling into the lit stoves in the kitchen. Continue on and dodge the traps until you will eventually drop into a yellow room. In here, push the button to open the door, then go to the room beyond it and throw the switch. This will deactivate the lit stoves. Return to the hole in the corridor and drop into the stoves. Take the Small Medipack from the small ledge nearby.

Push the button to open the door, and then first push the button on the right, then on the left. An MP will appear as soon as you push the left button, so when you push it, sprint to the right, through the mess hall, and return to the cell block. The inmates will take care of the MP once you reach there. Once he is dead, pick up the Small Medipack from his body. Return to the office that the MP came from and push the button to open the grates next to the three fans in the kitchen. Return there and VERY carefully walk among the fans, picking up the Save Crystal in between them. Slide down the slope and jump to grab the crack in front of you. Shimmy left and drop into the slope. As soon as you drop, jump to clear the barbed wire and climb into the crawlspace. Crawl to the ladder and climb up, dismounting on the left. Run to the dead end and an inmate above will open the trapdoor for you. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the upper hallway.

Go down the hallway, turn right, and climb the grating. Take the Small Medipack to your left when you reach the top. Looking up the ramp, you will see an MP patrolling the area. Wait until he goes left into a dark corridor, run up the ramp and turn right. Keep running forward and immediately turn left at the intersection after the locked control room. At the end, turn right, climb down the ledges into a narrow corridor and push the button to open the cell next to it. An inmate will rush out of the cell and fight the MP. Once he is dead, take the Keycard Type B from his body. Use the keycard to open the door to the locked control room you saw earlier. Take the Uzi Clips and the Large Medipack, and push the button to deactivate the lasers. Return to the crate and run past the turret. Climb down the ladder and enter the next area.

Immediately turn left, sprint down the corridor and push the two buttons at the end. By doing this, three inmates will be able to come over and fight the MP. Once he is dead, take the Yellow Security Pass and use it on the hangar door at the other side of the open area. Run down the hall and crawl into the opening. At the end, drop down the ledge carefully. Crawl to the switch. Throwing the switch opens the door nearby and activates a red laser. You can time it right so that the laser turns on and immediately kills the MP, or you can simply throw the switch, carefully jump the trap, and quickly sprint down the corridor.

Run down the corridor, ignoring the door to your right, until you come to an area with a satellite dish. Drop down to the ledge and follow it all the way to the end. You now have two paths here. The first path is much shorter, but you will suffer a huge loss of health. The second path is a bit longer, but you will not suffer nearly as much damage.

Short PathEdit

Put Lara’s back to where you entered the area and drop to the floor below. Your health must be full to survive the fall.

Long PathEdit

At the end of the path, you can pull up into the satellite dish. Directly in front of it is a corridor. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach there. Run down the corridor and drop into the control room at the end. Push the two buttons to open a hole beneath the satellite dish. Return to the satellite dish and drop into the hole. Lara will fall a long way into the water below.

The Paths ConvergeEdit

If you took the first path, drop into the hole in the middle of the room to fall into the water. If you took the second path, you are already in the water. There are four currents at each side of the pool. Another current in the center has a fan in it, which will instantly kill Lara should she go in.

Surface to regain oxygen. Climb out of the pool and jump to your right. Jump around the ledges until you come to a crawlspace. Crawl to the corridor, run, and throw the switch at the end. Return to the pool. At one of the corners underwater, there is a tunnel. Swim to it and surface in the next room.

Take the Small Medipack, crawl through the opening, and wait for the MP to go left. As soon as he goes left, crawl out of the hole and sprint into the corridor to your right to enter the next room. Press the button on the left to close the door as you enter. Climb up the ladder nearby. This is the room where you fell in if you took the first path.

Climb up the ladder in the other side of the room. As you go up the ramp, a tense theme will begin to play. As soon as it begins, crouch so that the MP in the next room cannot see you. Take a right at the intersection, always remembering to stay crouched at all times. At the end, pull up into the crawlspace for another Yellow Security Pass. Return to the control room and use the Yellow Security Pass to shut off the fan in the center of the pool. Press the button again to leave the door open and quickly climb up the ladder. Dive into the water.

With the fan shut off, you can now swim into the tunnel in the center without harm. Take the Save Crystal and swim down the tunnel. Pull the lever to open the underwater door, quickly take the Flares and a Small Medipack, and surface in the next room. In this room, walk to the edge of the platform where you surfaced in, take one step back, and perform a dive to reach the next platform. The reason behind this is that there is a yellow laser in the center of the pool, and if you perform any other kind of jump, Lara will take damage from it.

Swim through the next pool and surface in a hallway. Crawl through the opening at the end to emerge in the cargo room. Climb up the crates to Lara’s left. In the next room, push the button to open the door and go inside, where you will find the Pistols, a Desert Eagle, some Desert Eagle Clips, and a Large Medipack. Now, try to return to the previous room. Hug the wall to your right to avoid setting off the turret.

Secret 2Edit

With some weapons, you can return to the room where you found the second Yellow Security Pass and claim the level’s second and last Secret. The only problem is that when you return to the room before the control room, the MP there will (most of the time) already be aware of Lara’s presence, leaving you at an extreme disadvantage until you can crawl out of the hole and shoot him. Regardless, return to the room where you found the second Yellow Security Pass, and this time, shoot the MP. Once he is dead, pick some Grenades and the second Keycard Type B from his body. Use the keycard you just acquired to open the door at the left end of the hall. Your reward is a Grenade Launcher. Return to the cargo room.

Back in the cargo room, follow the conveyor belt. Now, it may be wise to save your game. Prepare for complete mayhem, as there are three armed MPs, one MP armed with a nightstick, and a German Shepherd, in the next area, all of them hell bent on killing Lara. The Desert Eagle you picked up in the cargo room will become your best friend here to take on these enemies, but remember to not overuse it, as you will greatly need it in the next level, and that ammunition for it is very scarce. Anyway, once all is quiet, take the Blue Security Pass from one of the bodies. As you emerge in the next area, enter the small room near the gates for a Large Medipack. Climb the ladder nearby and use the Blue Security Pass to open the door. Another MP appears, so you should know what to do. In the next room, the button on the right starts the conveyor belt, which is your objective, while the button on the left opens the gates, which summons another MP and another German Shepherd.

Return to the cargo room and climb up the box nearby. Climb up into the ledge above and swing forward to a Small Medipack. At the intersection, take a left and swing over to the ledge with a swinging hook on the right. Climb up to the top ledge and shoot the MP. After he is dead, take another Yellow Security Pass from his body, and take the Save Crystal on the other side, being careful with the yellow laser. Return to the cargo room and use the Yellow Security Pass to open the gates nearby.

Through the gates, you will arrive in the loading area outside. Shoot the two MPs inside the warehouse. Check the boxes on the left in the corner and drop into the hole for a Small Medipack and some Desert Eagle Clips. To the right, pull the box twice to find some Uzi Clips and some Grenades. Approach the back of the truck to finish the level.

Lara hides in the back of the truck as two MPs shut the doors. Lara then finds a soda can and drinks it as the truck carries her over to the Area 51.