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Lord Henshingly Croft was a wealthy British aristocrat, husband of Lady Croft and father of Lara. He formed a bond with Winston while visiting Ireland after the latter organized a pheasant-shooting excursion, inviting him to resign his job as a laird's gamekeeper and become his butler, an offer that he accepted.[1] Lord Croft was also acquainted with Mr. Von Croy, through whom he met his son, Werner Von Croy|Werner.[2]

Lord Croft supplied Von Croy with the finances for an expedition to Cambodia with the condition that his daughter was permitted to travel with them.[3] After a plane crash years later, Lara became an adventurer, refusing to marry the Earl of Farringdon as Lord and Lady Croft had hoped. For this, the Crofts disowned her.[4] Despite their differences, Lord and Lady Croft mourned at Lara's memorial after her presumed death in Egypt.[5]

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