Hartford Compton was the butler of the Croft Family. and responsible of their demise.

Biography Edit

He served in the Falklands War alongside Henshingly Croft. And later went on to serve as his butler.

He became jaded with his position, angered that his employer did not allow him an opportunity to rise above his position. He arranged for their plane to crash. Intending to use forged documents to inherit the Croft Fortune. However, Lara's survival impeded his plans, and he continued to serve Lara, for several years.

Whilst Lara hunted for the Medusa Mask, he is seemingly killed. Lara continues her search with her ex-boyfriend. Compton returns, much to Lara's delight, however, her joy is short lived, as he reveals his intent to take take the Medusa mask from her and use it to gain ultimate power. He dons the mask, and his body is taken over by it, effectively destroying his conscience state of being. Lara shoots the mask from his body, which is no longer able to survive without the mask, killing him and avenging her parents' and fiance's deaths.

Trivia Edit

Unlike Winston, Compton's loyalty to the Croft's was merely a facade.