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Gallows Tree is the eighth level of Tomb Raider: Chronicles and the first of the Ireland levels in the game. In this level, the player will take control of a teenage Lara Croft as she explores a deserted island full of paranormal entities.

Level designEdit

Gallows Tree takes place on a deserted island filled with many supernatural phenomenons filling the entire area. The whole mountainside is damp and dreary, and Lara must shimmy across many ledges in order to progress in the level. The player will take control of a teenage Lara, who does not come equipped with any weapons. At one point in the level, Lara will come across a giant church and a burning fire. When approaching the fire, Lara will come across a Hanged Demon who is suspended over the fire by a nook. He will ask Lara to find his missing heart and promises to reward her if she finds it.

After her encountered with the demon, Lara must find the missing heart. She will come across various small changelings that will attack her and throw rocks at her. Due to the lack of weapons, she is unable to defeat them. They can be avoided easily though and stay away from fire. Lara must find parts to make a Catapult in order to get past a boarded area. At one point in the level, Lara will find the heart and come across the Priest talking to a demon down in a hole.

The priest will tell Lara to make her way towards the church in order to seek safety. Once Lara places the heart into the correct place, a cutscene will play with a group of changelings approaching her. Once Lara runs into the newly opened door though, she will chase them off with a torch. Once she finally enters the newly unlocked door, it will lead her into the Labyrinth.


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Weapons FoundEdit

  • None

Allies EncounteredEdit

Enemies EncounteredEdit

  • Rats - These rats will attack Lara in groups by biting at her feet. Since Lara has no weapons, she cannot kill them at all and can only avoid them. They are capable of swimming through water and can also follow Lara through crawl spaces.
  • Bats - They attack in swarms by biting at Lara in the air. Although they cannot be defeated, they can be easily avoided by running away from them.
  • Little Demons - These small white creatures attack Lara by throwing rocks at her. Lara is unable to defeat these changelings, but can easily avoid them. They are afraid of fire, so if Lara gets near a fire, they will run off.

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Black Isle


  • 1 - Golden Rose
  • 2 - Golden Rose
  • 3 - Golden Rose