Father Finnegan was a colleague of Father Bram Patrick Dunstan.


Journey to the Strange IslandEdit

"I've spoken with Father Finnegan and I have a boat chartered for the crossing late on this very evening."
―Father Bram Patrick Dunstan[src]

On 22nd April 1984, Father Patrick Dunstan was contacted by his friend, Winston, about strange occurrences on a deserted island in Connussie, Ireland. People had seen weird lights and apparitions there. Father Patrick spoke with Father Finnegan and they had a boat ready for the crossing to the island on the very evening that Father Patrick arrived at Winston's home. When Father Patrick left the land with Finnegan at the helm of the boat, Lara Croft had secretly sneaked aboard. On arrival, Father Patrick left with Lara creeping up from behind him. Finnegan manned the boat away. In the morning of 23rd April, he collected the two of them after their little adventure with the demons of the island and safely brought them back to Winston's home.