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Endurance Crew, refer to special collectible Documents found in Tomb Raider. Each document is a piece of a journal or letter, usually from one of the crew members of the Endurance.

There are seven total Endurance Crew Documents in the game.

Sam: Feelings of Unease[]

Lara's having a crisis of confidence, so for her sake, I'll keep up a happy face. But something about this expedition has been making me nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach. As we sail closer to the Dragon's Triangle, I'm starting to feel nauseous. And this isn't the excited kinda nerves.

What the hell is wrong with me? I should be excited. This trip is going to be awesome. I just need to shake off this feeling.

Maybe I can convince Lara to take a break and have a drink with me.

Lara's Thoughts[]

This is part of Sam's Diary. Something was really bothering her. Did she have a premonition about the expedition?

Sam: Filmmaker[]

Whitman is such a drama queen. I can't believe the hissy fit he threw during the filler shoot. I mean, this is his job, right? It's not like he's offering anything to the actual research part of this expedition.

Once we find Yamatai and the cameras are rolling, he'll calm down. He might be a total pain in the ass, but he knows how to work a scene. I just need to do my job and keep my cool. Lara doesn't know it, but I've been shooting footage of her too. I really want to make sure she gets the credit she deserves. And besides, she looks great on film. I think she's a natural. That's probably going to drive Whitman out of his mind with jealousy. But by the time he finds out, we'll be enjoying the premiere of Telluride!

Lara's Thoughts[]

Whitman was making it so hard for Sam to do her job. The good doctor has really shown his true colors on this trip.

Sam: Family Story[]

I can't believe we're actually on an expedition to find the homeland of my ancestors. Ever since I told Lara the story of Himiko years ago, she's been hunting for its location. I never really gave it much thought, that any of this could actually be real history.

My grandmother used to tell me the story like it was a memory....

Many thousands of years ago, Queen Himiko ruled the land of Yamatai. The sun rose at Himiko's command and she ruled everything its rays touched, from the mountains to the sea and beyond. But one day, Yamatai simply disappeared without a trace, forgotten in time.

Lara's Thoughts[]

It's Sam's story about the Sun Queen and Yamatai. But I don't think it's anything like she imagined.

Sam: Adventures with Lara[]

I suppose on some level I have Lara to thank for this job. She's always believed in me. The academics at college dismissed filmmaking as nonsense. They just saw me as this ditsy American troublemaker with a camera.

But you know what? Most people can use a little trouble in their lives. And deep down, I know Lara wanted to just cut loose sometimes. She just needed a little help unlocking her inner party girl.

We had so many awesome adventures together. That insane backpacking trip through Bulgaria, I was always dragging her out to clubs. And the hiking trip on the south face of Kilimanjaro; all Lara wanted to do was explore ruins, but who knew we'd run into so many cute guys? Certainly not Lara, haha!

I have a feeling this expedition is going to be one for the books. Lara with her notebook, me with my camera... another crazy adventure!

Lara's Thoughts[]

This is one adventure neither of us will want to remember.

Grim: The Good Old Days[]

Well, this is a right fucking mess. So much for a quiet retirement. If I find Roth somewhere on this goddamned island, I'm going to punch him square in the mouth for bringing us here. And then... then the two of us will kill every last one of these crazed sons of bitches. It'll be just like the old days....Minus old Dicky Croft.

If he was alive, he'd want to study these bastards. Some kinna twisted religious cult, he'd find em "fascinatin." I hope his daughter knows better and finds a good place to hide. These nutjobs are dangerous. And I worry about those kids. Alex, Sam... this place will eat em alive!

Lara's Thoughts[]

Grim's right, my father would want to study these Solarii. But he'd also do anything to save his friends.

Alex: Over His Head[]

Lara is totally right. Something seriously fucked up is going on here. The "natural" phenomenon that causes the weather to go apeshit, the military research base, some kinda Sun Queen and a crazy cult? If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a big put-on. Are there TV cameras hidden in the trees?

But you know, I gotta admit, it's scaring the shit out of me. I keep cracking jokes to cover it up, Reyes looks ready to kick my ass. I think I need to do something useful before I completely lose it.

I wish I could be more like Lara... she just blows me away. Not only is she brilliant, she's also an amazing ass kicker. And if she didn't notice me before, she sure as hell won't now. But maybe I can still do something to get her attention.

Lara's Thoughts[]

What was Alex thinking? This place is unforgiving. And the price of surviving it is just too high.

Jonah: Recognizing the Truth[]

I feel something in this place, something I haven't felt since I was a child. When my father would go insane with rage, I would hide with my brother and he would tell me the tale of Pania of the Reef. I remember feeling the ocean calling to me. I wanted to escape, to give myself to the silent sea.

And now, as I look at the reefs surrounding this beach, I feel that urge again. I see Pania's green seaweed hair, woven among the wreckage. I feel her tears in the spray of the waves, lashing upon the rocks.

Lara is right, this island is cursed. There is a rage here that will never let us go. If the worst happens and I'm the last one standing, I will let Pania take me. I will swim away and join my brother in the waves. 

Lara's Thoughts[]

Jonah probably believed this island was cursed before any of us. I've got to find a way to get them all out of here.