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Diaries of a Madman are collectible Documents found in Tomb Raider. These documents are found through the game's levels. The journal once belonged to Mathias.

There are seven total Diaries of a Madman documents, each accompanied by a body of text and a voice-over narration.


25 July 1982

Days have passed since the plane crash. For a second time, we attempted to escape by boat... with disastrous results. I knew it would happen. Just like the first time, the calm sea turned hostile with no explanation. The moment we made for open water, the wind picked up followed by... an impossible wave. Like a child's toy, our lifeboat was smashed violently into the rocky shore.

Now, two more lie dead. And another is wounded beyond help. The others are starting to panic... and they're looking to me for a plan. I do have one, but it doesn't include them. They are weak and stupid... a liability in this place.

I suggested they make another attempt to leave, but I won't join them. To do so would be suicide. This is clear to me now.

Lara's Thoughts[]

This journal belonged to Mathias. He was marooned here years ago. Was this the same man who was with Sam?


6 September 1982

I am alone now. The rest of them are dead. This is for the best. I watched from the cliffs as their makeshift boat was tossed and turned by the storms. The clouds looked like a hand upon the water, desperately clawing at their doomed boat. None survived the wrath of the storm.

I observed it carefully - the storm was localized and sudden. And just as suddenly it was gone. And this is the most interesting detail: it didn't seem random. I sensed... emotion, something deliberate. I don't know what's happening on this island. Not yet. But if I ever hope to escape, I must understand this phenomenon. Now my real work begins.

Lara's Thoughts[]

Mathias sacrificed his fellow survivors to learn something new about this island. What kind of twisted man does this?


17 September 1982

A plan is taking shape in my mind. In order to unlock the power of this island, I first need to understand what has happened here. I need time and room to study this place. There are many mysteries here; foremost of which, the ruins of an ancient Japanese Empire... and a mysterious Queen. It all started with her.

Lara's Thoughts[]

Mathias started uncovering clues to the true nature of this place. But what was his plan?

The Solarii[]

13 October 1990

Over the years, there have been other survivors, but I have avoided them. And if they got in my way... I was not merciful.

But now I know I need others. In order to move forward, I must fully control this island. So I will gather a small group of loyal followers. They must understand power and the need to organize. But more importantly, they cannot hesitate to kill or use violence. It will be part of their life here. They will need structure and purpose and work. But when this island is mine, I will discover the true secret of the storms.

Lara's Thoughts[]

Mathias is a truly evil man. The way he speaks of violence and killing so casually... this is madness.


24 October 1994

My patience has been rewarded. At long last, I have my lieutenants, my enforcers of the way. The storms brought me exactly the men I need to begin building the Solarii Brotherhood. Strong of body, weak of will. They were broken in the storms, weakened and vulnerable. And I raised them up again. Now they serve me, and through me... her. The Sun Queen. She is showing me the way. She has always shown me the way. I cannot deny what I have seen. And soon, neither will they. She is everywhere on this island!

But... the Solarii Brotherhood must grow. We will recruit as many as we can. I will draft laws, create a code for them to live by. And they will build for the Sun Queen while I search for the key.

Lara's Thoughts[]

Mathias has fashioned himself a cult of true believers. What better way to justify moral bankruptcy and violence?


21 January 1997

The Solarii, my warriors of the sun, they have grown strong in number. And I have discovered everything I require to move my plans forward. It is time for us to move inland.

We will build our city high up in the mountains, around the old palace. From there we can protect ourselves from the Oni guardians and I can access all points on the island swiftly. I must be prepared to capture anyone who comes to this place. I know now what I seek. The key to escaping this place... and perhaps much, much more. It may take years, but I will find her.

Lara's Thoughts[]

Mathias drove his Solarii to build all of this in the name of a long dead Japanese Queen... incredible.


5 June 2011

The years pass and I now hear her whispers in my sleep. It is the Sun Queen... she is urging me on. I see her magnificent face with every sunrise. Soon now...

My Solarii toil in her name, building a city from all that she has brought to the island, torturing and sacrificing in her name. Soon now... we will find the one. I long for escape, but not simply from this island. From all of this... the wrecks, bodies, and squalor. If I can bring my Queen back, it will all vanish in an instant.

And like the sun rising anew, she will bathe all the land and seas with her light, burning away everything. I will emerge from this scorched earth... reborn and pure.

Lara's Thoughts[]

This is the rambling of a truly lost madman. Mathias has committed his sanity to this cause and will stop at nothing to fulfill some twisted destiny of his own making.