Danny was a young man, who worked for Richard James Croft. While on an expedition, they encountered a cult who spoke of a man named Mathias. Croft wanted no part of it, though Danny pledged loyalty to their leader, Matsu.

He later defected, hoping to stop Himiko from ruling the world. He used Croft's daughter, Lara to draw them out, hypnotizing her friends into believing they had stolen relics from the island, though Lara's memories were too vivid for the hypnotism to be effective. He came to the aid of Lara in Dublin, when she and Joslin Reyes were having a drink, and had also captured Reyes' daughter Alisha, though he managed to infiltrate a team to attack the boat Lara was traveling on to reach Yamatai, where Lara stabbed him with a spear, not knowing it was him. He later saved Lara from drowning, and explained to her exactly who the group were.

However after Lara destroyed Mathias and killed Matsu, he held Lara at gunpoint and explained that she had to die, in order to stop the cult from ever trying to resurrect Himiko, and hypnotized Lara into Jumping off the cliff, though Lara managed to kill him with one of his own grenades.