Cuddy Grimaldi is the identical twin brother of Grim. Unlike his brother he was portrayed as cowardly, and unadventurous, and was an accountant by trade.

He and his brother fell out after Grim did not attend their mother's funeral, leaving him and their sister, Morag, to deal with their grief alone.

After Grim died, he went to take care of Grim's boat and cats. On a whim he decided, to try his hand at sailing, to have an adventure of his own.

He was picked up by Las Serpientes Que Caminan. After raiding the boat they found Grim's papers, and believed Cuddy to be his brother. They took him hostage, believing that they could get a ransom from Lara Croft.

Unable to get the money, Lara made her way to Mexico, to try and rescue Grim. She was captured and placed in the same cell as him, where he informed her that, he wasn't Grim, and in fact his brother.

Lara was saddened to realize that Grim hadn't survived, but nonetheless she was determined to rescue him anyway. They escape from the cell, and use Grim's boat as a distraction, setting it ablaze, Cuddy remarking that he'd never let the bandits have his brothers boat, with Lara remarking Grim would probably haunt him.

After escaping and returning to London, Lara managed to get Cuddy a job at the British Museum, and invited him for lunch the following Sunday.

Trivia Edit

  • "Cuddy" is a slang term for hidden, which may be a reference to the fact Lara did not know Grim had a brother let alone a twin.
    • It is also a Scottish slang term for "horse", which is a common term of endearment in Scotland and Ireland.
    • Cuddy is also used as a term for an attractive young woman, in Ireland.